Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 18-21 Recap

I figured I would try to squeeze in another recap right before I leave for college. I am most probably going to also recap up until Episode 21 (Sunday’s episode), so I’ll just add on those episodes to this recap once they are released on the Youtube channel. That’s also why today’s recap is shorter than usual. I realize I’m using the words “probably” and “maybe” a lot lately, but it’s only because I really don’t know how hectic my schedule is going to become.

Lu Ming is killed by one of Zhongliang’s men in the cell because he tackles the jail cell guard. Chen Shen holds a gun, but did not fire, as he still has a fear of shooting. Lu Ming looks at Chen Shen one last time, and curiously, with a smile. Oh my goodness, what if he purposely initiated the fight so that he would be killed? Is it to ensure that his family would be safe, according to Chen Shen’s promise?

Bicheng and Shanhai go home, and both are internally sighing of relief. They are safe at least for now. However, though Bicheng smiles in front of Shanhai, tears fill her eyes as she says that it must be a mistake for her to still be living right now. My gosh, Zhou Dongyu’s performance here is phenomenal. Shanhai comforts her and says that today he was prepared to sacrifice himself along with her.

The next day Chen Shen goes on a date takes a walk with Bicheng, where he says that he likes Bicheng’s optimistic spirit and her unwillingness to accept no for an answer. He then asks Bicheng to teach him sign language, since Pi Pi does not know how to speak and also is deaf.

Chen Shen talks to Bi Zhongliang, who is still frustrated about the whole Lu Ming situation. When Chen Shen asks if he still suspects Shanhai and Bicheng, Zhongliang replies that it’s not that he suspects them, but that he has never trusted them in the first place. He also says that Lu Ming mentioned before that his wife was captured by them, so this is another clue to investigate who exactly was his team member.

Chen Shen speaks with Shanhai and hands him the photo of Lu Ming and his family. Shanhai is about to burn the photo at home when Bicheng asks if she can take one last look at it. And as she reminisces the past, Shanhai decides not to burn it and gives it to Bicheng to safeguard. Oh dear. I can already tell this photo is going to cause trouble in the future.

Then Bicheng goes and drinks tea with Li Xiaonan, and they talk deep metaphors about life and how everyone is unique (Xiaonan doesn’t seem to have much self-confidence and describes herself as a vegetable when Bicheng says women are like flowers). Also, OTP moment between Bicheng and Shanhai when she refers to “our family” (咱们家).

Shanhai talks to Tao Dachun about the possibility of pushing the blame onto the other suspect in the Lu Ming incident – Yu Pangzi, the driver in charge of transporting the prisoners from one jail to the other. It turns out Pangzi is a heavy gambler who often loses, and Dachun lends him money to gamble on the condition that he repays him fivefold. Pangzi is unable to do so, so Dachun gives him one day, or he will have to repay with his life. However, Pangzi escapes, from both Dachun and from Zhongliang who is investigating him.

Zhongliang has Shanhai go and look for him, bringing along Er Bao and Chen Shen. He suspects that Shanhai might use this opportunity and kill Pangzi as a way to eliminate and put all blame onto the suspect. However, Shanhai does not know that all this is in Zhongliang’s considerations. Chen Shen wants to find a chance to tell Shanhai all this, but is impeded by Er Bao’s presence on the car. They arrive at the hotel where Pangzi is staying at, and Chen Shen thinks quick and shouts “Come out! If you come out right now there is still chance for you to live.” And when Shanhai kicks the door open, it appears that Pangzi has committed suicide, having hung himself. However, this is a method employed by Dachun / Shanhai to eliminate Pangzi. Chen Shen just helps make the scenario more believable.

Chen Shen and Xiaonan have dinner with Shanhai and Bicheng and the two men cook while the two women converse. Xiaonan points out her new leaf necklace that Chen Shen gave her as a birthday present, and Bicheng loves the necklace (in previous episodes she mentioned she likes leaves, not flowers).

Episode 20 is less plot-heavy and focuses more on the OTP. Bicheng skips the breakfast Shanhai made for her (aw) and rejects the leaf necklace Shanhai gives her (AW) and then eats breakfast with Chen Shen instead. Two important things are mentioned. First, Bicheng asks if Chen Shen is a communist. To which he obviously denies (except he doesn’t really directly deny it), because he doesn’t want to die.  Second, Bicheng asks if Chen Shen knows anything about secret documents related to the Japanese. Chen Shen says no on the outside, but really he is now suspicious that why would Shanhai want to know these documents’ contents as well? Although previously they worked together and helped each other out mutually, this may no longer be the case in the future.

Dachun is about to meet up with Shanhai but is followed by San Xing (new character, and spoiler: a very bad person). What happens to Dachun is not revealed. At a dinner party that night, with the guests Bicheng, Shanhai, Zhongliang and his wife, Chen Shen, and Xiaonan, San Xing also joins later with a dramatic entrance. He says “Shanhai, from even before you entered the bureau, I had been looking forward to your arrival.” And there is no ounce of a smile on his face.

San Sheng (or San Xing) says he brings a small present to the table, and pulls out a list of people the bureau wants info on, who happen to be Shanhai’s men. Information is quite specific, really, and includes their nicknames. Awkward clapping commences starting from Boss Li, and the rest of the table follows. Shan Hai manages to plaster on a smile, though it’s obviously forced.

Bicheng once again acts on impulse and abruptly leaves the table to go warn one of the workers at the restaurant who is part of the same party to quickly leave, since she may be captured by Zhongliang’s men. This is actually a really bad idea, because now Zhongliang and Boss Li are alerted of Bicheng’s movements right after San Sheng has shown the list. However, Zhongliang’s assistants have all surrounded the place, making it impossible for anyone to leave. They also catch the lady worker trying to escape.

Also, the beginning of a possibly romantic relationship between San Sheng and Li Xiaonan, where San Sheng tells Chen Shen his future wife is pretty:

San Sheng launches an impromptu attack on people who are a part of Shanhai’s team. So here’s the thing: it seems like San Sheng doesn’t directly know that Shanhai is part of the same side, though it is revealed that San Sheng was originally on the same side as Shanhai. However, he decided to betray his group leader Zeng in order to, according to him, prove that leader Zeng is “dumb”. Well then. So San Sheng essentially sells out his team in exchange for the loyalty of Zhongliang and the bureau.

San Sheng captures 100 people from Shanhai’s team and they are sent to the bureau. Among them is leader Zeng, whom San Sheng tortures in order to get information on where one of the subdivisions of the party is located. Zeng does not reveal anything. However, though Zhongliang is pleased with San Sheng’s prolific progress, he has San Sheng stop the torture and Zeng is released… and we don’t see what happens to him.

Back at home, Shanhai is very shaken. For the first time ever, he doubts the purpose he was sent on the mission to achieve. He is also worried that if San Sheng manages to find out the location of the party’s subdivision, which includes Dachun’s whereabouts, then his identity along with Bicheng’s will be revealed. Bicheng tries to comfort him and says she will stay by his side. Chen Shen meets up with Xiaonan and he appears to also be shaken by the events of the night, though not as much. Before his eyes flash scenes of Qiuxia being shot, and he realizes he cannot keep Xiaonan near – it will only endanger her more. So he tells her he doesn’t love her, because he’s loved someone else before and knows that feeling. He leaves.


42 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 18-21 Recap

  1. Thank you for episode 21 recap ..
    By the way i watched ep 22 and 23 last night..too much political stuffs. I guess it will be the same for ep 24 to 25..
    In the ep 24 – 25 preview Chen Shen manage to put san sheng handcuffed in the prison but San Sheng found a way to escape by holding Shan Hai hostages (threaten to kill Shan Hai with a piece of broken glass if they dont let him go). Chen shen asked San Sheng to let the hostage be him instead of Shan Hai.
    This drama will be very very political from ep 24 onwards..siggghh
    I might want to skip the middle 😢😢


    • San Sheng just is such an irritating character. And also is it just me or does he have a sleep-inducing dub?

      I still think the best episodes were the beginning ones, but it’s still impressive that the drama has managed to retain the such high caliber of writing even up to episodes in the 20s. Feel free to skip the middle episodes, by the way – I will be recapping 😀 Although there will be delays since I am in school now.


      • agree. his dub is sleep inducing ..I really could not understand 80% of San Sheng’s speech (San Sheng speaks very prolonged weird and complicated sentence everytime)
        haha yay ! Thanks for continuing to recap the series 😀 😀 😀 hehe hopefully the show will already finish by the end of October 🙂


        • San Sheng’s dubbed voice doesn’t really suit his drama character, I feel like. It’s very drawn-out and boring, instead of having a calculative lilt to it. Yeah hopefully the show finishes by the end of October…


    • i think shan sheng is KMT and KMT is two side , Japanese puppet government and (KMT; jiang kai shek – I’m just guessing ) Military army work in nanjing and chongshing Working together i don’t understand about it. My language skills are poor , i think main side are KMT (two side; japaenese and agent of traditional KMT) and communist side

      tang shanhai is KMT ? or not . don’t think there are any another side.


    • San Sheng is on Zhongliang’s side.

      There are essentially three sides in this story.

      Team Zhongliang
      Team Shanhai – Bicheng
      Team Chen Shen

      The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that Chen Shen is a communist. Zhongliang is referred to as Chinese traitor and is helping the Japanese. I think Shanhai and Bicheng are a part of KMT, but I could be wrong. But I don’t think Zhongliang is a part of the KMT.


      • Yes it looks like boss Li wants Bi Zhong Liang dead.. in the preview he said something like eliminate Bi Zhong liang and all his gangs. San Sheng is working closely with boss Li and he did not even report any of his activity / tasks to zhong Liang . He will abhor Chen Shen because Chen Shen “arrested” him . Omg I feel worried for Chen Shen


        • Hm that’s interesting – from episode 21 it seemed like Zhong Liang really liked San Sheng but I suppose San Sheng ultimately owes his loyalty to Boss Li.

          Poor Chen Shen, I wonder if the explosion later on has to do with San Sheng…


          • from the spoiler I read (big spoiler ahead hehe)

            towards the end of the drama Chen Shen and Tao Da Chun work together and kills San Sheng because they want to revenge for Xiao Nan and Shan Hai’s death respectively (both are killed by San Sheng).
            i strongly feel the explosion will happen at the very last 15-20 minutes of the last episode so perhaps San Sheng already dead before that.

            Chen Shen’s explosions look like an unexpected and very bad accident , because the truck collided and he fainted inside the truck before it exploded… sighhhh.. why did the show in the MV , very sad T_____T


            • Ugh, if that happens in the last episode it’ll be so sad… But I’m surprised that Da Chun and Chen Shen will work together, since it seems like they have a rather tense relationship, given Da Chun’s past attempts to kill Chen Shen. I hope the last scene isn’t the explosion though, that would be a depressing ending.


              • I was really hoping Chen shen will come out unscathed from the truck explosion? (hoping the scriptwriter will make some miracle happen??) lol lol


                • It would be hard to apply makeup on to Yifeng’s face to look like the explosion really affected him, so maybe they’ll change the plot. Also basically all of the audience doesn’t want Chen Shen to get hurt in the drama, so maybe the scriptwriter will change the ending. Hopefully.


  2. by the way ep 21 is a depressing episode. After dinner – San Sheng bring all the goons to murder a large number of people inside white house and capture the leader (Chen Shen and Shan Hai also follows but they just sat down and watched), but it seems like the victims are related to Shan Hai cause he seems to be so shaken after they arrive home and even dropped the glass. (Shan Hai is a part of the group?) It is a bit confusing though..
    and the last 5 minutes of ep 21 is Chen Shen rejection of Xiao Nan , he seems very depressed and angry after witnessing the incident at the white house. even said to Xiao Nan we can never ever be together – forever.


    • Chen Shen probably rejects her in part because he’s afraid that her being too close to him will actually hurt her in the long run. And also his lingering feelings for Bicheng…

      San Sheng may prove to be a tricky enemy to Chen Shen and Shan Hai, and maybe moreso than Zhongliang.


  3. Just from your recap, San Sheng gives off bad vibes already… Oh, and poor Xiaonan, at least now I think there will be some romantic scenes between her and that bad guy, before he tortures her.


  4. Oh Goshhh San Sheng finally appeared in ep 20. And first mission seems to be killing DaChun .(stalking him in ep 19…,, and in the preview he will bring entire troop to Dachun’s place and kills the people there). OMG !!

    And also in the preview I also saw Chen Shen said to Xiao Nan he will not marry Xiao Nan.
    Xiao Nan ask why. he answer “because I don’t love you”
    she then asks whether he is in love with someone else now, Chen Shen answer “I’ve loved someone before… so I know my feeling to you isn’t love”. and walk out of Xiao nan;s house
    Poor girl., but really glad Chen Shen is honest to her about his feeling >_<
    This may either happen in episode 21 (Monday's episode) or ep 20? Hopefully episode 20 though..coz ep 20 is about the dinner together at the round table with San Sheng and they capture the female waitress (Da Chun's person).


    • thanks for the preview of upcoming eps! 🙂

      Gosh I feel bad for Xiao Nan… to hear that the guy you love doesn’t love you must be harsh. I’m glad that Chen Shen is honest too, but almost wish he didn’t wait so long to tell her – aren’t they engaged?

      btw ep 19 part of recap is published now 😀


    • Noooo…San Sheng’s arrival means Shan Hai’s and Xiao Nan’s death are going to be soon 😦 In the previews San Sheng seems like this scary psychopath 😔


    • I’m glad he finally told her…I think soon Xiao Nan will probably find out that the person Chen Shen still loves is Bi Cheng 😥 The fact that it’s someone she knows well and is a close acquaintance, oh dear that’s gonna strike her hard 😦 …(One episode she was asking Bi Cheng tips on how to make Chen Shen like her more)


      • I think it’s particularly heartbreaking for Xiaonan because she actually likes Bicheng. Usually second female leads in dramas dislike or are jealous of the female leads, but in this case she’s just so kind and even admires Bicheng for her knowledge and wisdom. Sigh. And to think that she won’t have a satisfying ending, let alone a satisfying romantic ending, in this story.


      • Chen Shen actually already told Xiao Nan that he likes Bi Chen in ep 20 “I reckon I like her”.which Xiao Nan shrugged it off and said he didnt have a chance Bi Chen is married sort of thing. So Chen Shen was unhappy.


        • When he said “Maybe I do like her” I think he said in a half-joking tone, so maybe Xiaonan took it as a joke… or maybe she wanted to take it as a joke. Chen Shen’s in a difficult position because it’s not like he can really confess to liking a married woman, the poor dude. I wonder if at the dinner Zhongliang’s going to be like “We’re celebrating your engagement!!”


          • hehe hopefully Zhong Liang mind is too occupied with the arrival of San Sheng andEr Bao capturing Da Chun’s people so no time to mention Chen Shen’s engagement LOL.

            By the way when Bi Tai tai (Zhong Liang’s wife) asked Bi Cheng in Chen Shen’s office regarding yi suo bu er thing (one say no two) what does it mean? I don’t quite get the phrase. hehe. :p :p


            • Bi Tai Tai says “在家里是你说一不二对吧” which directly translates to “At home you say one thing, and there cannot be done another way, right?” Essentially Bi Tai Tai is trying to make conversation with Bi Cheng by praising her, saying that she is probably taking care of the house, doing house matters, etc. but Bi Cheng actually says she doesn’t know how to. But Bi Tai Tai persists on and says that surely she is in charge of everyone, and knows how to take control.


  5. I just finished episode 19 on Hu Nan. 😀
    by the way there is 1 interesting thing happening in tonight’s episode LOL
    Li Xiao Nan tells Chen Shen that she kinda likes one girl now, very pretty , clever etc Chen Shen can immediately reminisces about Bi Cheng . And Xiao Nan asked him if she learns a lot from that girl would Chen Shen like her, Xiao Nan asked Chen Shen whether she wants to know who that girl is.
    Chen Shen cut her off and said have you finished eating , let’s go you a bday present.
    Guess what Chen Shen bought for Xiao Nan – a necklace with leaf shape
    Bi Chen saw the necklace when they are having lunch together at Shan Hai’s house, she said the necklace is so pretty , looks like a leaf.
    Xiao Nan said it is a bday present from Chen Shen. Bi Chen is shocked

    Chen Shen on the other hand is looking at Bi Chen and her laughter from the kitchen (hehe)..

    Obviously Chen Shen knows Bi Cheng likes leaves, but end up buying it for his girlfriend instead
    He still has lingering feeling for Bi Cheng!

    Gah need to wait until tomorrow 9 30 pm for ep 20


    • Aw that sounds so cute 🙂 But if I was Xiaonan and found out that Bicheng likes leaves, I might not be as happy with the present, lol.

      I wonder if Chen Shen noticed anything off when Shanhai gave flowers to Bicheng (and not something like leaves).


      • Oh well i hope Chen shen will find out about Bi Cheng feeling. already episode 20 !!

        loollll.. perhaps Chen Shen wasn’t that suspicious as yet, cause it would be so weird to give leaves for anniversary day hehe…

        By the way Su San Sheng will appear in either episode 20 or episode 21. so get prepared for the brutal killer appearance hehe….
        i really don’t like him….i like Chen Shen1000 times more than that Su San Sheng guy..@.@…and to think Su Shan Sheng will be in the next 40 episode..arrghhh..,


  6. thanks for the recap. I really love your recaps 😀 friday saturday and sunday only 1 episode each night , feels like a long wait.. oh well but I get to sleep at 10 30 pm instead of 12 midnight 😀 😀 lol


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