Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 10 Recap

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There is a different format in today’s episode, since the top five of each team have been decided. Today the Cross Battles commence. The basic rules are as follows:

  • Each teacher decides beforehand the order in which their top five singers perform.
  • The one chosen to go first on Team Jay Chou will battle the one chosen to go first on Team Wang Feng.
  • A panel of 51 judges (made up of people from the music industry and 10 from the media) vote on who they thought won, and according to majority rule, the singer with the most votes advances.
  • And etc. repeating this for all five singers.

Following this logic, a team that started with five singers could easily end up with just one or possibly even zero singers to advance. In order to remedy this concern, there is an additional rule:

  • Judges may choose to save one of the singers on their team that lost. The two saved singers then battle each other for a chance to move on.

Team Jay Chou starts off the night with an opening performance 恒星, a song that originally Wang Feng sang. I like this so much more than the song they sang in the special episode, because here their voices blend a lot more in synergistic fashion. Team Wang Feng sings one of Jay Chou’s songs 锅牛 and it’s pretty good too.

First battle: Xiang Yang (Nathan Hartono) vs. Karen Lam

Now this is going to be an interesting battle because both aren’t from China and have just minor issues with pronunciation (perhaps moreso with Xiang Yang). Xiang Yang sings 天台的月光. It’s an improvement from his top five performance. I don’t know if the judges will like it though, because he switches to English halfway through the song and he also beatboxes. But his voice has just got this tantalizing, seducing feel to it – kinda similar to Karen Lam’s first performance on Sing!China. Karen sings Writing’s on the Wall. Hm, so she chooses to go with a song in English? I think she’s off-tune on a few notes, but there is depth to her voice that is nonetheless appealing. I’d go with Nathan for this round.

Votes – 41:10 in Nathan’s favor.

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Second battle: Jiang Dun Hao vs. Ceng Min Jie

Ceng Min Jie sings 爱什么稀罕 and she’s got great stage presence, but I think her song could use more power particularly in the low notes. I like her vibrato. One of the judges mentions it’s not easy to switch from funk style music to shuffle, but she does it with grace. Jiang Dun Hao sings 离开北京 and the start of the song reminds me of the style Ji Kehao often sings in. I like his interpretation, which relays the sorrow well, but at the same time it’s difficult to point out any climax in the song, which isn’t exactly his fault. I would say Ceng Min Jie won this round.

Votes – 35:16 in Jiang Dun Hao’s favor.

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Third battle: Low-key duo vs. Zheng Jiawen

Low-key duo sings/raps 平凡之路. I am not a big fan of the girl’s voice – but her high notes are really good – and it’s difficult to hear the words in the rap, but it sounds technically advanced. I’m actually quite happy rap is slowly gaining traction in China. Zheng Jiawen sings Lost Stars. I don’t like his interpretation much and prefer the song he sang last time Goodbye My Lover. He doesn’t seem to build up to the chorus, but instead sings the verse a certain way and then without a gradual transition, sings the chorus. Eh, if I had to pick who won, I’d say low-key duo.

Votes – 38:13 in low-key duo’s favor.

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Fourth battle: Xu Geyang vs. Yu Tian

Whoa Yu Tian begins 搁浅 with this advanced piano solo and I’m in awe. His voice is pleasant to listen to and his transition from verse-to-verse is smooth. Some of the higher notes he sings in falsetto seem like a struggle but this is just a minor concern as his vibrato is so well-controlled and belted notes do not appear to have to have the same problem. Xu Geyang sings 横冲直撞 and again, although she does not have much vocal technique, I think that’s actually a strong point because she pours so much energy and heart into simply singing. The chorus is beautifully executed with that sort of gritty feel.

Votes – 35:16 in Xu Geyang’s favor. BUT Yu Tian is revived by Jay Chou.

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Fifth Battle: Pu Xiang vs. Liu Wen Tian

Pu Xiang sings Is This Love? His energy is so infectious and when the crowd is all hyped up. I still like the song he sang last time though. Liu Wen Tian sings 晚安北京. Haha, earlier tonight there was a 离开北京, and now there’s a 晚安北京. Gosh, Wen Tian’s performance is probably my favorite of the night. It’s almost as if his voice was made for this song. And that final high note!

Votes – 30:21, in Liu Wen Tian’s favor.



3 thoughts on “Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 10 Recap

  1. shannymelbournian

    Thanks for recapping Lucia

    Nathan Hartono ….fightingg!!

    I hope Nathan will be until the last round of the competition. His parents are Indonesians (just like me). even though he was born in Singapore. hehe.
    I am Indonesian too but I live in Australia since 2005 🙂



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