Resources for finding Cdrama news: Youtube edition

There is a growing number of blogs devoted to writing about C-entertainment news, such as Cdramadevotee (and Cnewsdevotee now!), Cfensi, A Virtual Voyage, among others. However, I feel like some Youtube channels are also great resources for acquiring Cdrama news, and is especially useful for providing visuals and audio along with writing.

Below are some of the Youtube channels I regularly check for news updates. Since I am considerably busier as I am now in college, I will not be able to post many Cdrama news, but I recommend checking these channels instead for insight – of course, as a supplement to the wonderful Cdrama blogosphere out there already.

  • timmy lin is a wonderful channel devoted to anything related to Zhao Liying. Includes: Rookie Agent Rouge BTS, Princess Agents BTS, Zhao Liying interviews, trailers.
  • China Voices posts gossip videos and is more oriented towards the actors’ lives than the dramas’ substance. Includes: dating news, dating rumors, scandals.
  • Oriental Projection is a great resource for upcoming dramas. Through this channel, I found out about some otherwise obscure series like Xuanyuan Sword Han Cloud. Includes: trailers, title song MVs, BTS for series like Love O2O.
  • 电影公社 Chinese Movie is my go-to outlet for finding out upcoming dramas and movies. Includes: LORD trailers, I am not Madame Bovary trailers — lots of trailers.
  • 福茂唱片 for the latest Cpop releases. Includes: drama OSTs, so it’s another way to find out about airing shows.

2 thoughts on “Resources for finding Cdrama news: Youtube edition

  1. Moonlight

    Thanks so much for these links! For someone like me who can only listen but not read Chinese this definitely helps me keep up to date with the latest C news 🙂



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