Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 24-25 Recap

Episodes 24-25 Recap

San Sheng interrogates the prisoners captured from Dachun’s team, but none of them reveal Shanhai or Bicheng’s identity. And really, it’s not like they can even if they wanted to, since the only person who knows the identities is Dachun, who managed to escape and is not captured.

Zhongliang talks to San Sheng and outwardly praises his accomplishments, even saying that possibly one day he will have to rely on San Sheng for earning income. He gives a glass of wine to San Sheng and says if he believes him to be an older brother, then please drink the toast. San Sheng does so, but the wine has been tainted by Zhongliang beforehand and San Sheng drinks it with a sour face. Zhongliang says he’s so sorry and drinks some himself as a punishment, so he says, and admits that usually it is habit to do this to the wine.

Chen Shen and Bicheng converse about the possibility of getting rid of San Sheng for revenge. The plan is for Shanhai to get close to and become fake allies with San Sheng, all the while convincing him that Zhongliang is secretly a communist. Shanhai is to tell San Sheng about the Qiuxia incident and how Zhongliang supposedly killed her so that his identity as a communist would not be exposed. This would trigger San Sheng to investigate the incident in greater detail, and while San Sheng goes through the documents to research, he would find the secret documents. This would benefit both Chen Shen and Shanhai. Shanhai is also to give San Sheng a lot of money to supplement how little pay Zhongliang is giving him as a way to gain friendship.

Next, Xiaonan comes to the bureau to give Chen Shen a midnight snack, and she waits for several hours while he plays mahjong with Zhongliang and others. But when Chen Shen comes out of the room, he tells her he already ate, and that she should go home. Xiaonan is disappointed and walks out the bureau, refusing the ride home offered by Bian Tou (on Chen Shen’s orders). But she later agrees to San Sheng’s offer to send her home on motorcycle, and Bian Tou watches all of this happen, including the smile on San Sheng’s face — he’s in love. Bicheng also notices from the house window that San Sheng has sent Xiaonan home.

San Sheng takes the bait and goes into the documents office where Liu Meina is in charge of overseeing to investigate the Qiuxia incident. While he’s there, Liu Meina temporarily leaves because Bicheng calls her over to categorize some documents. This is all a part of Chen Shen’s plan, and he also locks the door so that San Sheng cannot leave. Then, the bureau catches on fire, and people leave San Sheng there.

San Sheng tries to leave but when the door is opened by one of Er Bao’s lackeys, he is hit on the back of the head and faints. When he awakens, he is interrogated by Chen Shen in the jail cell. Chen Shen alleges that San Sheng set up this whole incident but then when he did not have time to complete the plan, gave himself the blackout in order to make it seem more believable that he is innocent.

San Sheng of course is furious and incredulous, and mutters under his breath that this must be Zhongliang’s doing. When Chen Shen leaves, Shanhai takes over, gun in hand. However, he releases all the bullets – this is all according to plan – and hands the gun to San Sheng. He takes off San Sheng’s handcuffs and tells him to pretend to have him be hostage, so that he can kill more time and wait for Boss Li to show up. Once Boss Li shows up, it will be easier to prove his innocence.

This is all according to plan to make San Sheng believe in Shanhai, and really they still think they have time to kill San Sheng anyway since there are no bullets and can use self-defense as an excuse to shoot San Sheng while “rescuing” Shanhai. However, San Sheng is smart and breaks a glass of water, holding one of the shards to Shanhai’s neck instead. Now the situation is different since the threat is real and is actually dangerous to Shanhai.

Thus, the plan practically dissolves as time really does lengthen. Interestingly, Boss Li does not show up. Instead, he has sent the Japanese to come instead, which is a sting to Zhongliang’s pride, since he had set up this attack against Boss Li himself. Eventually the situation is dismissed as a “misunderstanding”, but the Japanese army continues to investigates the situation.

Meanwhile, Zeng escaped during role call after the staged fire in order to alert Boss Li faster. His purpose is twofold. First, if San Sheng is killed, the bureau will also have no purpose for Zeng to live on. Second, this is a way to gain San Sheng’s trust – and respect.


29 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 24-25 Recap

  1. yeah i guess the killing method will be changed to stabbing
    Spoilerin the below video
    Chen Shen’s revenge for Xiao Nan at minute 2:34 – stabbing the psycho using scissors.

    minute 1.55 —> Xiao Nan’s dead and Chen Shen caresses her face.


    • At 1:55 I’m not sure if Xiaonan is dead since if she’s tortured to death, wouldn’t she be inside the bureau? idk though. And yeah it seems like you’re right, looks like Chen Shen uses scissors to stab San Sheng.


      • I am not too sure either .loll.. But my wild guess is she (the corpse) is going to be buried in the forest ? Cause I saw them burying someone and a man hugged Chen shen..(the one buried must be someone close to chen shen.. otherwise why would chen shen hug with man..i could be wrong hehehehee j


  2. Thank you for the recap, as always ^^ I saw a gif earlier where Xiaonan feeds San Sheng then Chen Shen comes out and he pours something to the bowl on Xiaonan’s hands, right in front of San Sheng. I just found it hilarious lol


      • Chen Shen pours a big bunch of salt into the bowl and then dragged Xiao Nan to his office and scolded her. Chen Shen told Xiao Nan he asked her to find a good man, but San Sheng is not one of them. Xiao Nan then said Chen Sheen needs to marry her if not she will marry someone else and that is not his problem. oh well..
        yes I bet he feels a litle bit jealous and also perhaps worry that Xiao Nan will suffer because San Sheng is a real bad guy. sigh so many Xiao Nan San Sheng interactions I am a bit unhappy cause we all know what will be the ending of their relationship 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  3. Noooooo! Don’t want Shan Hai to die ! It’s still so early into the drama 😦 Hopefully he lives …A bit longer…Great, I want this San Sheng dead 😦 But my heart was so torn when he sent Xiao Nan home …It really looked that he liked her and was pretty cute. Soon it’s gonna be Xiao Nan dead …Urgh…


      • spoiler alert ***
        BIG BIG BIG BIG spoiler spoiler spoiler from someone who has read the novel

        Xiaonan actually takes over the position of Chen Shen’s boss from Cai Xiang (She is Cai Xiang biological sister – so a relative of Chen Shen’s ) and she helps Chen Shen a lot in terms of telling him the secret code of the document etc etc. San Sheng asks Xiao Nan (who is now in prison) to reveal the informartion and stay with him – but Xiao Nan will not reveal any of the information and keep silent until the end – so San Sheng torture her to death. (stuff clothes into her stomach and drag all the inside stomach out . you psychoooo!!!!!)) Chen Shen heard all those and walk away, he will kill San Sheng the same way San Sheng kill Xiao Nan.


        • Wait a second – Xiaonan is Zai Xiang’s sister? I wonder if she knows what happened to Zai Xiang 😦 I think it’s so cruel what ended up happening to her. Maybe the drama will change plot slightly from the novel.


          • yes , the person who already read the novel said that, such a shocking revelation.
            actually a month ago I also read on some website previously stated that Li Xiao Ran is guest starring as Xiao Nan’s (Adi Kan’s) sister . I thought that was a typo – but it turns out to be true.

            I guess Xiao Nan already knows what happens to her sister, that’s why she took over her position as Chen Shen’s boss / handler without him knowing it.


            • I bet they won’t show the clothes stuffed into stomach thing hehe… it is national Television and millions of people watching , they probably just change it to stabbed to death or something :p :p :p :p :p :p


              • Let’s hope that Xiaonan’s death in the drama is as painless as possible. Was the stomach stuff really necessary though, coming from San Sheng? I mean, I thought he loved her! Sigh. He must have been driven crazy by her devotion to Chen Shen.


            • Wow that’s a plot twist. Definitely wasn’t expecting the two to be related. I had suspected Xiaonan was also an agent, but not one related to Qiuxia. No wonder Xiaonan and Qiuxia exchanged quick smiles before Qiuxia was transported to a different place.


              • No wonder in a trailer Xiao Nan was holding back tears when Pi Pi who is Qiu Xias son was holding up a drawing of a woman who looked liked Qiu Xia his mum. I mean she’s his Aunty after all but she can’t tell him for the sake of his safety at the orphanage 😦


                  • I know omg this is actually so depressing. Pi Pi loses his dad his mum aunty omg . Hopefully Chen Shen looks out for him 🙂 And I also read that apparently Chen Shen and Da Chun will kill San Sheng to avenge Shan Hai and Xiao Nan in the same way he did to xiao nan

                    Liked by 1 person

  4. thanks for the awesome recap 😀

    How I wish San Sheng was dead in this episode oh well.. there will be not enough plot for the next 35 episodes if he is dead now .

    he will cause many troubles for our main leads ..In the preview for the future San Sheng writes anonymous letter to Bi Zhong Liang and says Chen Shen is Sparrow and Shan Hai is “Shu Di Huang” and they are both working together to steal the Gui Lin Plan.. sighh he is such a trouble maker ..

    I also took a peep at last night’s episode (ep 26 and 27) there is the scene in the Tram where Chen shen holds Bi Cheng’s waist when Bi Cheng almost falls as the tram moving forward *** SQUEAL *** hehehe…. Chen Shen looks shy and awkward 😀


    • Btw BIG BIG thank you for the GIFs , I am fangirling over them. Chen Shen is drop dead gorgeous LOL

      sometmes it feels like Chen Shen is going to attend a fashion show though – he always changes his outfits every so often and all his outfits are so fashionable (just see the outfits he wears on the tram scene for example) . unlike others who wears suits or traditional wears every day


      • Oh no problem. The gifs and pictures are actually all credit to 电视剧麻雀 Weibo – I didn’t gif or screenshot any of the pictures.

        I think Chen Shen’s varying wardrobe was on purpose to reflect his outward playboy personality. To dress all nice for the girls. I still think Li Yifeng’s eyes are his secret weapon though – so gorgeous. 🙂


    • Oh I think I remember seeing a snippet of the tram scene in a trailer before! That’s cute.

      Why is San Sheng so smart lol. He figured out their identities so fast. But we’re not even halfway through the series… San Sheng probably will be in the series for at least another 10 episodes, I’m guessing.


      • yeahh i love the tram scene so much and I giggle at the cuteness lol
        but I doubt tonight episode have any cute scenes / romance hints – it will be all about the documents.

        by the way did you notice the Yo Yo tv exclusive channel release Sparrow at 12 pm china time every day…lol (2 pm australia time).
        Others show like Sing China and Running Man China release the show on youtube shortly after airing on tv., such a long wait for Sparrow


        • Yeah it’s probably going to be about San Sheng mostly.

          The Youtube channel is just slightly annoying for me in terms of when they release episodes because it’s around 9pm where I live when the eps come out. >.< And then I publish the recaps at around 12am if I am very productive, but I just wish I could finish writing earlier in the night.


      • yeah..Apparently *spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler* – Shan Hai will be “gone” first cause San Sheng somehow make Shan Hai gets the death penalty (not sure why or how), so San Sheng will remain much longer – perhaps until episode 50- 55 ..T___T


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