Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 26-27 Recap

Sparrow Episodes 26-27 Recap

In order to thank Shanhai for “saving” him last time, San Sheng invites him for dinner that night. Of course, San Sheng is still suspicious of Shanhai, and the latter knows this as well. Shanhai declines the invitation, because tonight he has other plans. Bicheng thinks of a strategy: he will invite Meina out for dinner, and when opportunity arises, take her keys that open the locked door to the secret documents. Chen Shen wonders if this plan is okay with Bicheng, and she’s totally fine with it. As in, eerily happy. Like what the heck, I haven’t seen Bicheng laugh this much for a few episodes??

San Sheng is a fool in love and he goes to visit Xiaonan’s rehearsal for a drama. Bian Tou is also there eating lunch with his girlfriend, who is also Xiaonan’s friend. San Sheng brings flowers for Xiaonan and she accepts them, but then Bian Tou mentions how San Sheng caused this whole confusion of an incident the other day and made Chen Shen’s arm lose so much blood. Xiaonan then becomes angry and hits San Sheng with the flowers, the thorns striking his face. But alas, when San Sheng is back home, there’s not a hint of anger on his face. Instead, just loving adoration for Xiaonan. Dammit, when I know what’s going to happen in the future, it’s really impeding my willingness to ship the OTP.

Shanhai eats out with Meina, and he says how Bicheng neglects him and only likes Chen Shen, and Meina feels bad, so she puts her hand on top of his and says that if Bicheng won’t take him, then she will. Just then – as planned – Bicheng and Chen Shen show up, and they fake shock and anger. Bicheng and Shanhai talk outside the restaurant, arguing – again, according to plan – and Meina rushes out, trying to correct the situation by saying it’s a misunderstanding. She adds that why does it matter if she likes him, if he only has eyes for Bicheng anyway? During this interlude where Meina is not sitting in the restaurant, Chen Shen searches through the bag she left there to see if the documents office key is there. It isn’t.

Thus, in order to retrieve the key, Shanhai sends Meina home. Bicheng goes with Chen Shen. Meina asks him “If I met you before Bicheng did, would you have liked me then?” He doesn’t answer, and instead he hugs her, feeling for the key. Then he kisses her, and it is then that he is able to get the key from her coat pocket. Mission accomplished, and yet from Shanhai’s eyes, you can see that he’s been touched by Meina. Oh gosh, I think he’s beginning to like her. Or at least pity her, since if you think about it, Meina’s unreciprocated feelings for Shanhai is basically the same situation as Shanhai’s unreciprocated feelings for Bicheng. But as soon as Meina leaves the car, I laugh because the OST suddenly switches from a romantic one to an action one – literally within a second, and Shanhai hides the key-imprinted box.

The next part is like a Kdrama. You’ve got the stereotypical female lead tripping on the sidewalk. So Chen Shen decides they should go by streetcar instead. Except there Bicheng trips as well, so he has to support her by putting an arm around her waist, and all the while sappy OST plays in the background. It’s cheesy, but it’s kind of cute, since they’re both so flustered and clearly still in love with each other. Aw.

Shanhai is a bit sad when Bicheng doesn’t feel jealous at all that he kissed Meina. She even asks him how her acting performance was tonight, and her smile is the final blow. The next day Shanhai has Bicheng go into town to make a key that fits the key-imprinted box, and Chen Shen is also to try out the key in the door to see if it works.

San Sheng sends a burglar friend to investigate Shanhai and Bicheng’s house while they’re sleeping. Two things are discovered: 1) A calligraphy pen and watch of Shanhai’s, and 2) the couple is sleeping in separate rooms. This alerts San Sheng that they are probably in a fake marriage and only agreed to do so to make their spying mission a little less plausible to a suspecting audience.


The art of Chen Shen’s sitting position:



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16 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 26-27 Recap

  1. Late in the making, but your recaps are a LIFE-SAVER! Also the commentary is kind of funny too. Poor Meina.


  2. Just wanna say that your recaps have been really a help for me all this time, since I don’t understand Chinese.Thanks a lot!

    Anyway, yeah, this episode is the sweetest :p . It’s funny that almost all of the main characters have their romances playing here (although Shanhai only used Meina), while devising strategy and their next moves.


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Aw thanks for reading. It makes me so happy whenever someone says that my recaps help 😀

      I also thought these episodes were a little less plot-heavy and had more time to build up OTP plotlines. The romances do kind of mirror each other, yeah. I kinda feel bad for Shanhai – his puppy eyes when Bicheng ignores him just crush me.


      • Actually, I’ve been reading the recaps since quite some times, but I just didn’t post anything 😀 . I admit that I watched this for LYF at first, but then I got hooked with the story and other casts. I hope the story stays good (although became too heavy sometimes). I wanna know who the real Sparrow is and I hope Shanhai and Zhongliang won’t die too soon *lol – I love them too*

        Anyway, just wana share my favourite OST + MV. I’ve noticed that the OST has been posted here a while ago, but the MV is different 😀 . I’ve been crazy about this song and envy all this time *lol*


        • shannymelbournian says:

          the real sparrow is Li Yi Feng. but I saw in the advertisement there is another sparrow (not li yi feng)- noone know who it is. lol some suggest it is Er Bao? but don’t know for real though


          • I’ve always tended to believe that LYF is the real sparrow, from the way Shihua was trying hard to protect him. Then again, some people pointed out that there was a possibility that he was not (that is : he mentioned Sparrow as a 3rd party, instead of referring to himself). I also consider possibility of more than 1 Sparrow. Is it confirmed that Chen Shen is the Sparrow and there’s more than 1 Sparrow ?? Interesting.


            • coffeenlucia says:

              I am confused too but since Qiuxia has mentioned, regarding Sparrow, that “they’re everywhere”. Which makes me think that perhaps there are several undercover communist agents that go by that code name?

              But if there’s only one sparrow, then I think it’s probably Chen Shen, since Qiuxia also said before that she left for a long time in order to ensure his identity would not be revealed.


              • shannymelbournian says:

                I am also 99% sure Chen Shen is a Sparrow. the sister in law died and protecting his identity until the end. Xiao Nan will also do the same thing and defiant until she dies.

                The website that I said it spoiled Li Xiao Ran as Adi Kan’s sister – has also stated Chen Shen goes by code name Sparrow to infiltrate Bi Zhong Liang’s organisation (though I don’t know where is the website now…cant find it anymore lol lol)

                Hopefully there is no plot twist and there is no sparrow number 2 in Bi Zhong Liang’s organisation .


              • Yeah, that’s why I’m curious on who the Sparrow really is. I tend to believe that Chen Shen is the one, but there are just too many possibilities. Huhuhu .. so curious!


  3. Moonlight says:

    Thanks for the recap!


  4. shannymelbournian says:

    thanks for the excellent episode recap… Sweetest episode so far !!!! Love it love it.


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I actually felt so bad for Shan Hai when Bicheng couldn’t even fake jealousy or concern. The poor dude gets shunned by her all the time. But Bicheng and Chen Shen were cute on the tram – I loved how Chen Shen stole a peek at her face when she wasn’t looking.


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