Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 28-29 Recap

Episodes 28-29 Recap

We’re almost halfway through the series! 

Tang Shanhai and Bicheng put on another performance at the bureau. Shanhai gifts her a leaves necklace and flowers, and Bicheng pretends to be unsatisfied with the presents because she believes Shanhai to be unfaithful to her. He tries to reassure her that in the future, he won’t be privately meeting with Meina anymore. Meina hears the conversation, which is according to plan.

Shanhai goes and talks to Meina in private (lol what about the previous talk with Bicheng?) and he says that this was all meant to test how much Meina loved him. She believes the bs, the poor girl – she’s head-over-heels in love with him. She even suggests that they run away to Hong Kong, since she’s saved up some money. But as Shanhai replies that he couldn’t possibly let her do that, he eyes the ring of keys sitting right nearby the table they are talking at.

The earlier posed conversation between Shanhai and Bicheng was meant to appease any suspicions from the bureau (namely, San Sheng) that they were sleeping in separate beds simply because of relationship trouble with the whole Meina situation. But San Sheng doesn’t believe it, and even though Zeng says there’s not enough evidence to pinpoint the two as a fake couple, San Sheng says that Bi Zhongliang wants more than anyone else to confirm this.

San Sheng sends an anonymous letter to Zhongliang alerting him that Bicheng, Shanhai, and Chen Shen have teamed up as a group to counter the bureau’s power and connections to the Japanese. Zhongliang has a conversation with Chen Shen about this, who taunts “Then give me some money and send me away somewhere else”. Zhongliang says it’s so hard to tell if Chen Shen is naturally gifted at acting or if he’s being overly suspicious. Zhongliang also tells Chen Shen news regarding Sparrow, who has apparently started moving again. Also, the Japanese need help with one of their missions and Zhongliang wants Chen Shen to send two people from the bureau to help out.

San Sheng eats lunch with Xiaonan and his sister, and he asks Xiaonan not to mention anything about him working for the Japanese to his sister, since his sister’s husband and child were killed by them. Xiaonan upholds his request, and he says thank you. As she waves goodbye after lunch, he smiles, clearly smitten. Not so vice versa though, since Xiaonan goes to Zhongliang’s wife and tells her with tears how she and Chen Shen have broken up. Bi Tai Tai suggests that they go to the orphanage and meet Chen Shen’s adopted son, since that might change Chen Shen’s opinion of her.

Zhongliang receives a coded telegram that 军统 (military?) has sent a Shu Di Huang to the bureau to obtain the Guilin secret documents, and that the communists have sent a Sparrow to the bureau to also obtain these documents. It turns out earlier the letter Zhongliang received from San Sheng had hypothesized that Chen Shen was Sparrow and Shanhai was Shu Di Huang. Zhongliang dismissed it as a wild guess, but now that there’s this coded telegram from his superiors that seems to confirm what San Sheng had guessed, Zhongliang is now worried.

Zhongliang goes to talk to a Japanese army official who is his superior. The boss talks about how he is unhappy that lately so many things have been going badly at the bureau, including the possible presence of Sparrow and Shu Di Huang. Zhongliang says that he has a plan figured out though.

Also, Xiaonan goes to visit Pi Pi at the orphanage and Chen Shen looks on from afar.

Zhongliang’s plan turns out to be this: on a certain day he will tell Bicheng to go to his office to pick up the Guilin plan and transfer it to the documents office where Meina works. Meina will just so happen to be out of the bureau in a meeting at headquarters, and Shanhai will also be sent on a mission outside of the bureau that day. Essentially, Bicheng will be left without help to face this Guilin plan. Meanwhile, secret listening devices will be installed with help from San Sheng to listen in to her conversation. Should she spill the beans about the Guilin plan or be too excited, this will essentially confirm Zhongliang’s suspicions.


30 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 28-29 Recap

  1. Ohhh nooo 😦 Shan Hai ! Even though he and Bi Cheng are partners in crime I feel like he carries the team. He does so much more for her and looks out for her 😥


    • yeah. Shan Hai protects her so much and sacrifices himself . he must have really strong feeling for Bi Cheng. Poor Bi Cheng has to fight alone after Shan Hai is gone.

      by the way Quote from someone who has read the novel from Virtual Voyage
      “Even under intense torture, etc. Xiaonan didn’t let anything slip and was even secretly communicating by code to Chen Shen at the end to tell him all the info she knew”
      they stay true to the novel – apparently we can see the secret communication by finger in minute 5.35 in the above video.


      • Oh wow! I did not spot this at all! I had to replay several times to see this. Xiao Nan is such a strong character. T_T I’m glad they’re also sticking to the novel, even though we know what’s going to happen in the end, the drama makes it more exciting to watch 😀


    • There is also a snippet from the kiss video where Chen Shen tried to grab Bi Cheng’s arm but Shan Hai who stand in the middle pulled Bi Cheng away and looks like he asked Chen Shen to back off. (Shan Hai raised his hand at Chen Shen).
      The outfits they wear are the same outfits where the kiss happen -. I was wondering whether that scene happen before or after the kiss 😀 (hopefully AFTER) hehe.
      Anyway it gives us a good hint that the kiss happens when Shan Hai is still alive. YAY!


      • So sorry – my mistake re above post 🙂 🙂 hehe actually what happen was the opposite
        I browsed through youtube and found this video

        see minute 4.29 onwards – in this video it is Shan Hai who entrusts Bi Cheng to Chen Shen while both of them are being chased by the soldiers. He said to Chen Shen to take her away. the kiss will happen after that I believe 😛


        • Thanks for the video!
          Hmmm .. now I’m even more curious. I’m 99% believe that the scene is the predecessor of the one I posted before. Then again, here, Shanhai and Bicheng were chased by Chinese soldiers, while in the scene that I posted, Chen Shen protected Bicheng from men in black. Were there 2 parties chasing them ??


          • yes it looks like those two chasing scenes happen one after another……..sighhh..
            in the kissing video that got deleted , Bi Cheng and Chen Shen needs to complete some mission so some parties want to stop it, my guess is they have a mission to send a telegram or transmit something? (I don’t quite understand the mandarin part ?). I hope anyone with better understanding of chinese will shed a light. 🙂
            So sad the kissing video has been deleted ..


            • Ah, I see. That explains why there are 2 (or more) parties that after them. The first one (the soldiers) should be Zhongliang/Japanese underlings, while the other one should be …hmmm .. either Nationalist or Communist ..(not sure myself)


  2. aHHHHH..NOOOOOOO They remove the kiss videoooooo sobs sobs sobs sobs sobs sobs
    Moonlight you were so fortunate when you found the video – WE here are also very lucky we get the chance to see it


    • Oh my gosh it’s like a legit kiss too not like one of those awkward kisses in some dramas lol. ❤

      Zhou Dongyu is pretty shy when it comes to filming kiss scenes but looks like Yifeng took the lead well haha.


      • There quite some kisses in Lyf previous drama and movies. He is pretty experienced already lol

        There are a few kisses in Legend of Fragrance too (one of them being the Pretty aggresive one in ep 40 hahaha)
        Also there are two or three kiss scenes in the movie forever young (the other name is jasmine has blossomed)
        Some kiss in the movie with yang mi fall in love with star 😍😍😍
        I havent watched legend of ancient sword but i reckon there is some kisses as well?


        • I haven’t watch Legend of Fragrance that far yet, look forward to it lol Didn’t watch other movie/drama either but this one in fall in love with a star was pretty intense that I remember clearly haha


          • Haha really? It is that intense.. wowew.. I hv not watched the movie though just took a sneak peek at the ending 😄😄😄😄😄 the ending is too cute.. No wonder rumous swirling in the media that Lyf and yang mi had an affair during that time. Perhaps the kiss was too hot? Lol


            • Yeah I know there was a rumor but didn’t know where it came from. But I guess they have chemistry since Legend of Ancient Sword. Out of all the female leads partnered up with LYF I think Yangmi is the most suitable lol


      Dear kiss please happen soon ! #.# #.# #.#
      Thanks for sharing the clip xoxoxoxoxozo


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