Sing!China 中国新歌声 Episode 11 Recap

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Last week’s episode featured Team Jay Chou against Team Wang Feng. This week the two remaining teams battle it out: Team Harlem Yu vs. Team Na Ying. For a brief recap of the rules behind the cross battles, please see the episode 10 recap.

Team Na Ying performs an opening mashup consisting of Harlem’s songs and it actually sounds pretty good. Then Team Harlem sings Na Ying’s 白天不懂夜的黑 and it also sounds great, especially with Ji Kehao’s solo in the beginning.

First battle: Wang Chuang (Team Harlem) vs. Li Peiling (Team Na Ying)

I thought this pairing was interesting because both singers have very pure, angelic voices. Li Peiling goes first and sings “Fight Song” which is interesting since that’s the song that plays after someone wins a battle on Sing China just as part of the program. The verses are sang perfectly, but I feel like the chorus could be more powerful. Regardless, an amazing performance. Then Wang Chuang sings 逃亡. One of the 51 judges mentions that Wang Chuang seems a little nervous today. Li Peiling says “I love you” to her mom.

Votes – 38:13 in Li Peiling’s favor.

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Second battle: Yang Meina (Team Harlem) vs. Yang Bo (Team Na Ying)

Yang Bo sings Jay Chou’s 枫. We recall how in a previous episode Yang Bo had underperformed but there was mention that he had originally wanted to sing 枫. Well, now he is able to sing it. I think it’s a good performance, but just lacks buildup or variety. It’s a slightly boring interpretation. Meina sings 黄豆, a song in the funk style. I love her style presence and how she genuinely looks like she’s having fun. And her powerful voice is lovely. Wang Feng gives some advice to Yang Bo that in the future he might have more courage to sing with more power. And he says that no matter facing her team or other team’s members, she is a powerful opponent. Meina says that Harlem taught her how to improve her singing and says she doesn’t have regrets.

Votes – 35:16 in Yang Meina’s favor.

Image result for 汪晨蕊《友情岁月》《中国新歌声》第11期 SING!CHINA EP.11 20160923 [浙江卫视官方超清1080P] 1,

Third battle: Ji Kehao (Team Harlem) vs. Vinida (Team Na Ying)

Nooo I love both of these singers, why are they going against each other? Sniff. Vinida sings and raps 不潮不用花钱. Her rap is just so easy to listen to, even if she’s slightly off-beat sometimes. Ji Kehao sings 静心等, a jazzy song. I mean, how do you even compare these two singers; they’re singing such different songs and they’re both sound so good! And of course there’s Ji Kehao’s signature sheep bleating sound at the end, haha. Love it.

Votes – 32:19 in Ji Kehao’s favor. Wow, talk about surprising. I would have expected Vinida to win (although personally I preferred Ji Kehao’s song a little more). Anyway, Vinida is saved by Na Ying.

Fourth battle: Zhao Xiaoxi (Team Harlem) vs. Wang Chenrui (Team Na Ying)

Wang Chenrui sings 友情岁月. She sings in Cantonese, and the song sounds beautiful. I can imagine this song as a drama OST, it’s so sorrowful. She also demonstrates a good grasp of vocal technique. Xiaoxi sings Pharrell Williams’ Happy, but it’s remixed in a Bollywood fashion. And after an interlude, it becomes a R&B song. Interesting – it demonstrates his mastery over singing in different styles. Also, I love his stage presence. Indeed he does seem happy. Of course, his lovely and signature falsetto notes are demonstrated.

Votes – 34:17 in Wang Chenrui’s favor. Wow, gotta say I’m a bit surprised. Zhao Xiaoxi, you will be missed. Oh wait – Harlem saves him, so he’s to battle Vinida later.

Image result for 汪晨蕊《友情岁月》《中国新歌声》第11期 SING!CHINA EP.11 20160923 [浙江卫视官方超清1080P] 1,

Fifth battle: Yao Xi vs. Su Lisheng (Team Naying)

Su Lisheng sings 流着泪说分手. His slightly scratchy voice suits the song nicely, and I like his interpretation. I got goosebumps when he sang the chorus the last time, being amazed at his powerful belting voice. Probably my favorite performance of the night so far. The sadness really communicates well through his rendition. Yao Xi sings 醉拳. It originally begins as a 中国风 song but then turns into R&B. Gosh, I love her voice. It’s so playful and smooth. Hard to say who sings better when again, both sing such different songs.

Votes – 26:25, in Su Lisheng’s favor. Ah, so close.

“Saved” battle (give me a break I have no idea how else to call this): Zhao Xiao Xi vs. Vinida

Xiao Xi sings 不敢停止想你. Oh my gosh. I love it. He should have just sang this song instead of Happy. It’s so much better, and showcases his falsetto well. Fav. Then Vinida raps 焚心似火. It’s good, but I think I prefer Xiao Xi’s performance this time around. But I applaud Vinida for her commitment to hip hop, especially Chinese hip hop, since I don’t think it’s mainstream in China yet. I have a feeling Vinida will become a famous rapper there one day. The votes are so close that literally until the last row voted, Vinida was leading Xiao Xi.

Votes – 27:24, in Zhao Xiao Xi’s favor.

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