Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 33-34 Recap

Episodes 33-34 Recap

So much recap at the start of the episodes… (not that I’m complaining, it just means less to recap lol).

San Sheng comes to Chen Shen’s office for an impromptu visit, and Chen Shen has to quickly swipe away the keys / mold dust off his desk before San Sheng notices. However, it seems like he does notice something is off. Anyway, San Sheng tells him that Xiaonan basically deserves better, and that he should stay away from her. Chen Shen says the best temperature of coffee is 85 degrees celsius, and passes a cup to San Sheng, who winces at the heat. Chen Shen says that people prefer that temperature, even if it is too hot. But if San Sheng doesn’t like coffee, then he should stay away. OOH that comeback.

Xiaonan and San Sheng’s older sister go visit one of San Sheng’s distant relatives. Chen Shen finds out about this news and has one of his lackeys follow them and fake kidnap them, and then to have someone report back to San Sheng about this. Then while San Sheng is out rescuing them, then he won’t be at the bureau, where Chen Shen needs to be alone in order to open the safe. Meanwhile, Dachun is back and visits Shanhai. Shanhai tells him to momentarily take cover at the hotel and not to move around until further directions.

Bicheng is teaching Pi Pi how to draw at the orphanage and Chen Shen joins them awhile later. Bicheng says that Pi Pi wants to learn how to draw his mother, for he is afraid that he might forget what she looks like soon.

Meina visits the safe without anyone watching her, and she even takes out the documents (the fake Guilin plan as well as the real Guilin plan). After hesitating for a second, she does not open either of them and puts them back into the safe. A flashback reveals Zhongliang telling her that he and her are the only two people that know the safe’s code, which is changed weekly. Wait, why does Zhongliang trust her? Doesn’t he suspect that Shanhai is trying to get information off of her?

Shanhai tells Bicheng he’s going to meet Meina tonight, and he says “There is a poisonous grass growing in my heart. Before I pull it out, can I hug it once?” And as he hugs Bicheng, his eyes fill with tears, and she pats his back. *I’m not crying, I’m not crying* As Shanhai exits the office, Bicheng watches his back and says “I’ll wait for you to come back.” Shanhai doesn’t look back. This is possibly symbolic? One of the last times they see each other, perhaps.

That night at the bureau Chen Shen waits for San Sheng to leave before starting the mission. San Sheng gets a phone call that Li Xiaonan and his older sister have disappeared, so he leaves hurriedly. However, he can guess that Chen Shen is behind this, so he tells Zeng to go to the bureau and keep an eye on Chen Shen. Meanwhile, Chen Shen cuts the power in the bureau and enters the documents office, using Meina’s keys. He is trying various combinations on the safe when Bian Tou notices Zeng snooping around the office entrance. Bian Tou tells Zeng to go away, but also notices the lock is unlocked on the documents office door, so he locks it. Chen Shen is now locked inside.

Meina and Shanhai spend the night together at a house she’s renting, and she pleads for them to escape the bureau and go to somewhere else like Hong Kong. It appears that her responsibility has become too heavy at the office, and she is also afraid that her smarts aren’t enough to keep up with the wolves at the bureau. After they sleep together, Shanhai secretly obtains the keys from Meina’s bag, except she’s actually not asleep and she points a gun at him. He then tells an elaborate lie about how yes, he is on a mission to get the Guilin plan, but he actually really does love her.

He imagines Meina’s face as Bicheng’s while he says that “Originally I was not planning on falling in love with you, so I tried to stay away. But after meeting you I felt for the first time that I could escape my duty in the party, and that one day I would escape with you to a faraway place.” My gosh, he really loves Bicheng a lot.

Meina eventually agrees to go to the bureau that night and open the safe for him and retrieve the Guilin plan. (And oh my gosh, aren’t there two copies of the Guilin plan? I wonder if Chen Shen’s going to end up getting the fake one on top and Meina’s going to get the real one on the bottom!!)


30 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 33-34 Recap

  1. by the way Lucia, if you have watched ep 36 , in the upcoming eps preview (at the end of ep 36) , did Shan Hai ask Bi Cheng to change some details in their copy of Guilin Plan (change some name / place/time) before Bi Cheng showed it to Chen Shen in the orphanage?
    can’t comprehend 100% of the conversation 🙂 🙂 Thanks

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    • Yeah. The plan mentioned a few future meeting times and locations for the Japanese army, which is important to know for both Chen Shen and Shanhai. Chen Shen guesses that Shanhai has the real copy of the Guilin plan and wants to see the plan. However, Shanhai and Chen Shen aren’t on the same side, so Shanhai doesn’t want Chen Shen to get all of the information. Thus, he has Bicheng change a few of the names of the places and times for the future meetings.

      However, WHY does Shanhai ask Bicheng to do this?!!! I have a feeling Bicheng is not going to change anything, she loves Chen Shen so much.

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      • Oh i see, Thanks Lucia 🙂

        I have a feeling Bi Cheng will change the plan as Shan Hai instructed , but Chen Shen will notice Bi Cheng’s nervous behaviour in the orphanage. (lol we all know when Bi Cheng was nervous or something was wrong, it’s all written on her face ).

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          • Bi Cheng took the photos of the real Guilin Plan and gave the film to Chen Shen.. she said Shan Hai didnt know she did it. She loved Chen shen too much ^^ ^^ she also told Chen Shen now she finally knew his secret. Why he fainted when Cai xiang died and why he abandoned her in the forest when transferring Cai siang

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            • by the way just want to bump this post hehehe 😛 🙂 , since the post already “sank” earlier lol
              Bi Cheng showed so much love for Chen shen , Chen Shen will appreciate her more and more : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂

              Bi Cheng took the photos of the real Guilin Plan and gave the film to Chen Shen at the orphanage.. she told Chen Shen that Shan Hai didn’t know she did it.
              She loved Chen shen too much really^^ ^^ she also told Chen Shen now she finally knew his secret. Why he fainted when Cai xiang died and why he abandoned her in the forest when transferring Cai siang . Chen shen just remained silent ..

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              • Oops forgot to reply to your comment earlier, sorry! 😛

                I know that Bicheng’s action is supposed to be portrayed as loving and such, but I feel somewhat annoyed? I mean, Bicheng is an agent. She owes loyalty to her party. If she allows her feelings to sway her so much as to give intelligence information to the opposition… then I feel like she might as well shouldn’t be an agent in the first place.

                She is perceptive to a certain degree though, like how you mentioned she figured out why Chen Shen acted so strangely in the Qiuxia incident.

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                • hehe no worries ::D 😀 😀 😀
                  Yeah Shan Hai also told Bi Cheng she must not show the real guilin plan to a communist. but Bi Cheng seems to be concerned about Chen Shen’s safety (in case he turn up at the wrong place/ wrong time maybe?). Shan Hai retorted “is that what comes to your mind first ?”

                  Yeah Bi Cheng should be a good Tai Tai at home, she loves brewing tea, planting, drawing etc. even though now she choose Chen Shen but towards the end of the series Bi Cheng will choose her military party and abandon Chen Shen 😦

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  2. Thanks for the recaps!
    I love that we’ve already half-way through the drama. The plot seemed consistent so far. Although sometimes I felt that it’s a bit slow, but I think it’s just because there’s many things that has been happening, while we only have 2 TV episodes (which equal 1 uncut episode) a day.

    And, I’m also expecting Li Xiaoran’s part, because I really want to know how her secret is exposed in front of Chen Shen. Can’t wait to see his reaction


    • This drama is so strange in that I feel like a lot yet not a lot has happened at the same time. Somehow I feel like episodes could be tighter, with less filler, but at the same time there’s always some sort of action going on, which helps reduce my boredom.

      Yeah I also wonder how Chen Shen’s going to react to Xiaonan’s identity being revealed. Perhaps then he’ll really propose to her lolol (jk).

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      • Yeah, I have the same feeling, it’s strange. I guess, the acting of the actors helped me keep beeing interested to the show, like the scnenes of simple talks between Chen Shen-Zhongliang/his wife , the subtle love between Chen Shen – Pipi, Xiao Ran’s cuteness, etc2.
        And, other ‘distractions’ from boredom is handsome LYF and his fancy clothes *lol* . I love watching drama wardrobes in this kinda periode time. Bicheng and Xiao Ran’s clothes are quite pretty as well (love Bicheng’s white outer that she sore in epi 3/4, when she met ChenShen in a cafe). I once watched a video on youtube that discussed the wardrobe *lol*. Although I don’t understand what they were saying, but they showed that several Chen Shen’s outers are Burberry *lol* (either the brown one that he wore while interrogating Shihua or the one that he wore when he talked to that ruthless guy(forgot his name)) . The nice leather jackets (brown and black) were also mentioned, but I forgot the brand, as well as Bicheng’s fur long coat (that she wore the first time she appeared) -lol-.


        • I love all the outfits as well. I think I like Xiaonan’s wardrobe most out of all the girls’ (love her yellow dress) but Chen Shen’s style is also my favorite. IMO he fits this time period’s clothing a lot more than the ancient wuxia dramas’ outfits. (Also maybe because I just like seeing him with short hair instead of long hair.) His leather jackets are divine. Seriously.

          And Shanhai was *made* for the suits he wears. He is so hot.

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          • I like LYF in both styles (this time periode vs traditional ones). I think that his wardrobe and hair style in Chusen is even better compared with the ones in old series, Ancient Sword Legends. If only Chusen followed the novel *sigh*. They butchered the story and characters so bad that I couldn’t make myself to continue watching.

            Yeah, love the wardrobe. I love Chen Shen’s brown outer (the one he wore while interrogating Shihua). I think it can be used by girls too *lol – at least for me*. The second one is the brown leather jacket. I love how they combined it with a blue tie in epi 3/4. Then, they dressed up Xiao Ran with a blue dress that matched his tie. And I love how the characters have matching dress/clothes.

            Yup , love Xiao Ran’s dresses too, so feminine.


          • Almost forgot, Zhang Ruo Yan is charismatic too. I’ve only seen him in Wuxin and here, but he has the charisma and the acting chops. Too bad, his outfits are mostly suits *lol*. Perhaps it’s because he was supposed to be more serious than Chen Shen, so they dress him formally 😀


  3. thanks for the recap. 🙂 🙂

    Btw did you notice in the preview it was Chen Shen who leaked Meina and Shan Hai’s whereabouts to Bi Zhong Liang.

    Shan Hai will be interrogated and Zhong Liang accused him being Meina’s accomplice.
    hope Shan Hai and Chen Shen are on good terms after that. (Chen Shen make their escape plan to Hong Kong failed and also cause Meina’s death)


    • Oh wow… I guess that’s what Chen Shen meant when in past episodes he said that he’ll find a way for Shanhai to repay all the times Chen Shen helped him. It’s so sad that Meina has to die. The poor girl only wanted love…


      • I know 😦 The foreshadowing when she said “I used to think I was smart now I think I’m not so smart.. and everyone in the bureau would hurt someone small like me”


    • hehe this isn’t their last meet up. Shan Hai and Bi Cheng will have many scenes where they are running while holding hands in the future episodes. Shan Hai will protect her more than ever:) and Chen Shen will come and help them out too (in his cool black leather jacket)


      • Oh yeah now that you mention it I do remember seeing Bicheng looking like *o* when she and Shanhai were holding hands while running. But if Meina is shot I wonder how Zhongliang is going to allow Shanhai to come back to the bureau.


    • Yay Recap!
      Ohh and also he didn’t share to Shan Hai that he had already gotten a copy of Meina’s keys. I guess in the end his mission is much more important .


      • I guess Chen Shen just want to steer clear of any suspicions towards him (protect his identity is more important), so he told Zhong Liang about it. By the way he also asked for one copy of the Guilin Plan from Shan Hai (so it ends up each of them keep a copy) . Shan Hai knew he was the sparrow and he had been lying to him and Bi Cheng all this time. But anyway Chen Shen found Shan Hai’s tie in MEina’s room and helped him to hide the tie when he and Zhong Liang investigated the room. Chen Shen also helped Shan Hai during the interrogation part.
        Shan Hai will later thank him for it. (he owed Chen Shen once again)

        Poor Zhong Liang – because the GuiLin plan went missing , Ying Zhuo the japanese arrested him. sigh


        • Chen Shen asked Shan Hai to repay his ‘debt’ by showing him Shan Hai’s copy of Gui Lin’s plan. Shan hai will agree to it, I saw preview scene of Chen Shen and Bi Cheng sat in the orphanage and took a detailed look at both Guilin Plan.
          Shan Hai already told Bi Cheng that Chen Shen was a liar and using them and Chen Shen didn’t mention to them he got a copy of MEina’s keys beforehand , etc etc ,
          Bi Cheng reply was “so he is a communist ?” . She seems ok with it lol


          • Yea it is a bit annoying. the episodes air on Hunan TV at 19.40 each night , but only available at youtube at around 12 pm the next day. so there are more than 12 hours wait. 😦
            and time goes by very very slowly when we are waiting for something lol .

            Unlike other show like Sing China , Happy camp which are readily available at youtube approx 2-3 hours after the show aired on Tv.


            • Yeah, I wonder why. I thought that the rating was not bad, wasn’t it ? I’m just guessing .. since I can see that thousands of viewers have been watching each new episodes after being uploaded for about 1-2 days. If the show is popular, then shouldn’t they uploaded it quicker ?


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