Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 35-36 Recap


Episode 35 is exciting (and sad…), and episode 36 is less plot-heavy and is more of a epilogue to the previous episode. Including the formation of an official frenemy, an angry Bicheng, and a strangely emotional Shanhai this time around.

Chen Shen’s still trying to crack open the safe. I’m amused, because he presses his ear very closely to the knobs, as if that’s going to help him think of the right combination. I mean, he has no idea what the code for the safe is, so why he even bothers trying is lost to me. It turns out this is just another plot convenience, since Meina comes shortly to the bureau at night to retrieve the codes. While Chen Shen hides in the shadows, Meina swiftly opens the safe and retrieves the two copies of the Guilin plan (the real one and the fake one).

As she’s about to leave the room, Chen Shen points a gun to her head and tells her that if she wants to leave the bureau alive, he’s going to have to report her appearance tonight to Zhongliang. The reason is twofold: 1) Chen Shen doesn’t want to die. If Meina leaves now, very easily the blame could be shifted onto Chen Shen for not reporting this to the boss. 2) If Chen Shen reports this, he can have a reason to go after Meina but really at the same time help her and Shanhai escape. Thus, Meina tells Chen Shen the place that she and Shanhai are headed towards.

After Chen Shen notifies Zhongliang by phone call of Meina’s mysterious outing to the bureau late at night, he then chases Meina / Shanhai down. Shanhai only wants to escape, but Chen Shen gives him a reason to give him the real Guilin plan: if he leaves now, Zhongliang will be very suspicious of Shanhai. Also, Bicheng will be in danger. Indeed, Zhongliang’s men have already called Bicheng’s home asking if Shanhai is at home, but she pretended the reception was bad and hung up. This only increased suspicion even more.

Shanhai asks if he is sparrow, but Chen Shen denies it. Shanhai gives him one of the Guilin plans, but Chen Shen shakes his head. He wants the other copy, which Meina holds in her lap. So Shanhai agrees to switch. However, Shanhai had already predicted Chen Shen would ask for the other copy, so it turns out the first plan he offered to give Chen Shen was indeed the real Guilin document. Now that it is switched, Shanhai has the real copy and Chen Shen has the fake one.

Shanhai and Meina proceed to “escape”, which really means Shanhai meeting up with Dachun and handing him the Guilin plan. Shanhai tells Dachun to send Meina to Hong Kong, and tells her he’ll meet her there – but this is a lie. He never really intended to leave with her. But Shanhai knows that he has to quickly get back to his home where Bicheng is in order to ensure their identities’ safety.

Suddenly, there is a surprise attack on the bridge where Dachun and Shanhai are negotiating the next steps. In the chaos of flying bullets (from Zhongliang’s men, who have orders to seal off all main roads), Meina is shot. She tearfully says that she was willing to throw away everything for a man she loves, and she doesn’t want to throw away him now. Shanhai tells her she will live, and that he won’t escape from her. Meina says that really, she knew all this time he was lying to her, but to die for the man she loves was enough. Dang.

Meina also tells Shanhai “If you really love me, then give me another bullet. I don’t want to die in Zhongliang’s hands, that is a fate worse than death.” So Shanhai obeys her last wish, but he really doesn’t want to do it.

Next, Secretary Qian from the bureau is sent by Zhongliang to go to Bicheng’s home just to check if Shanhai is home. If he isn’t, he’s got even greater suspicion for tonight’s events. Bicheng is worried, but she tries to stall for as much time as possible, making an excuse to Secretary Qian that Shanhai isn’t feeling well and cannot see anyone right now. But Qian goes into the bedroom anyways, regardless of Bicheng’s threat that she’ll tell Boss Li. It turns out that Bicheng’s stalling was useful, since it gave just enough time for Shanhai to come in through the back door and pretend to be sleeping. Meanwhile, since San Sheng is also gone rescuing Xiaonan / his sister, he also has great suspicion for tonight’s events since he doesn’t have a significant alibi yet.

Zhongliang then interrogates Shanhai the next day but he is able to make up an elaborate story that although he loved Meina, Meina actually loved a foreigner and only got nearer to him in order to learn Western customs and how to cook Western food. Er, that’s kind of random, but I guess he couldn’t think of anything else on the spot. Zhongliang brings in someone who is supposedly the plan-stealer’s agent, but it turns out to be someone Shanhai doesn’t know. The man is a fake, sent by Zhongliang to scare Shanhai into possibly confessing. Obviously Shanhai doesn’t, since he gives the elaborate story.


37 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 35-36 Recap

  1. btw spoiler for Xiao nan lovers:

    minute 2.06 to 2.07 she seems to be sitting by the tree without moving , and San Sheng was furious (not a good sign T____T)

    On the other hand, San Sheng found Bi Cheng’s necklace at the crime scene where the telegram was sent, maybe because of it BI Zhong Liang interrogated and intimidated her.


  2. I was wondering if the love confession will happen in episode 41 instead (friday night) since there is too much political talk tonight.. 😣😣😣 just keep my hopes down lol.

    Also. Very curious how will li xiao nan feel if she finds out that chen Shen and Bi Cheng are in a relationship ☺
    I hope the scene in trailer where Chen Shen will thank Shan Hai ” she said we can become good friends…Thank you brother” will happen soon? I like the bromance !


    • I hope the confession happens a little later, lol. Otherwise my OTP will be separated too fast, noo.

      I think Xiaonan already suspects that Chen Shen and Bicheng had some history together before… but do Chen Shen and Bicheng actually begin to date later on? I feel like there’s just the kiss scene, and a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque relationship in the future since they can’t be together.


      • I guess they are dating discreetly after they kiss…(Behind Bi Zhongliang that is)
        there are a few snippets of their romance in the trailer hehe
        1. the hugging scene watching fireworks.
        2. Chen Shen played harmonica for Bi Cheng in the orphanage (the same harmonica he used to play for her in the past when they were dating). this is a good hint :p
        3. Bi Cheng hugging Chen Shen from behind
        I hope there are more romance though!! 🙂 🙂


    • It broke my heart when Meina smiled. She seemed to truly believe Shanhai had begun loving her at the very end. I think Shanhai now cares for her somewhat, perhaps not romantically, but at least now there is a degree of respect. (as compared to the past, where he was just pretending affection the whole time)


      • Yeah, that was so sad 😦 . And Zhang Ruo Yan’s acting was good. He really seemed heart-broken and sad, and he really really didn’t want to shoot her. I watched the uncut version and it showed Shanhai sitting in front of Meina’s body in sorrow. I guess he realized that he had just deceived and ruined the life of a foolish girl 😦

        Well,I’m glad that she died smiling


    • Zeng is a guy that San Sheng used to work for. They were on the nationalist side or something (I’m actually not too sure.) But anyway, San Sheng betrayed Zeng and basically revealed all the meeting locations to Zhongliang, as well as killing all of his teammates except Zeng. San Sheng did this in order to obtain Zhongliang’s loyalty.

      Zeng was originally tortured as well, but wanted to keep his life, so Zhongliang decided to spare his life, and in return Zeng now owes loyalty to San Sheng / the bureau. The boss-underling relationship between Zeng and San Sheng is now switched.

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  3. Also Bi cheng will reveal everything in episode 40 to Chen Shen (when they hide in an office cubicle while being chased by San sheng) .
    She said she and Shan Hai are fake wife and husband. (Chen shen did not see it coming at all; he was very very shocked). She also said All this time she only love chen Shen . After she left the school she wanted to find him but she couldnt etc …Bi Cheng thanked him and she was ready to go out as bait for San sheng.. (end of preview) 😢😢😢😢😢

    And i bet they will kiss after that. Omgggg


    • Actually kinda surprised that Chen Shen was surprised that they’re a fake couple, since he knows that Bicheng and Shanhai are working together as undercover agents… And Bi Cheng will become bait for San Sheng?? Dang.


      • Chen Shen face was like *O* the entire time.. Bi Cheng sneaked a piece of paper onto his pocket ( i am wondering what it is).. before she walked to the door looking like she wanted to cry (smiling yet holding back tears).. And said xie xie Chen Shen. His face is still like *O* but surely he will ask her to come back and they kiss 😘😘😘


  4. OMG GUYS THE KISS WILL HAPPEN either episode 39 or 40 (thursday night) @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+++
    They will need to send the guilin plan to shan hai’s boss. And so all the chasing will happen (the soldiers and the black suit people) . Shan hai is the bait and ask Chen Shen and Bi Cheng to send the plan. But Chen Shen got shot in the chest (not life threatening -though) omggggg


    • Whoa, the kiss is happening a lot earlier than I expected, lol. But if it happens so early… I wonder if they’ll be separated after that for the next 20 episodes while they’re working on separate missions. 😦


      • *LOL* .. he did ..

        Anyway, I’m gonna play detective again! I’m wondering how will Xiao Nan (Is it Xiao Nan or Xiao Ran? 😀 ) should show up and take care of him, since I’ve been wondering how Chen Shen will discover her secret. Or is she just gonna tell her secret just like that, someday somehow ?

        And, if I remembered the trailer correctly, Chen Shen seemed to be hurt twice :while wearing the black cool leather jacket and while using a suit. Could it be that he’s gonna be shot twice, or he was shot in his leather jacket then pretends to be fine, then goes to the office tomorrow while holding out his pain ?

        *LOL .. this is to amend the desperation of waiting new episodes that come in late!*


        • Chen Shen will find out about Li xiao nan’s true identity when she was already in prison. (I guess she will secretly communicating by finger..Before her death). ;( ;(

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          • Hi! Thanks for the explanation! Then again, I kinda skipped a lot of them, because I wanna be surprised on her secret revelation when the time comes *lol*. I love her character, although I ship Chen Shen-Bicheng (is that weird?). I just thought that she is an awesome one, since she even manages to deceive anyonve including Chen Shen (although he suspected her too sometimes). And she is very devoted on her love (and duty), to be by his side and helps/protects her.

            Still, thanks a lot! 🙂


      • I think the drama is actually doing pretty good in terms of viewership ratings in China. But in general Cdramas are not popular on the international level, compared to say, Kdramas or even Jdramas. Hence there may not be as much demand for new episodes to come out online, so the pace is a little slower. This is also why Cdramas tend to not be subtitled in English as often as other Asian dramas.

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        • I see. Yeah, I also usually watch Korean dramas. I usually watch Chinese drama for the traditional ones, except Love O2O, Whirlwind Girl, and this . Glad to hear that the rating is good in China. I noticed that the number of clicks on each episode in youtube is quite a lot too, and they are increasing every day. I hope that someone will give English subtitle for this, so that more international fans can watch it.


          • Yeah I used to watch mainly Kdramas as well 🙂 Yes, the number of views are increasing^^ I think Viki is subbing Sparrow, albeit at a slower rate. Maybe some other channel will sub the drama one day, that way more fans can enjoy it too ^_^


            • Viki subbed it until epi 5, then it had a copyright issues. They stopped updating the videos and subtitles, unless Viki bought the license. I’ve read comments that fans have been submitting their request, but viki still hasn’t buy it. We hope that Viki will buy it soon, so that the subbers can add the English subtitle

              Anyway, I used to watch a Korean drama with similar theme(a Korean disguised as a traitor and working for a Japanese), but Sparrow is a lot more complex. I guess that’s why I got attracted to Sparrow.


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