Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 37-38 Recap

Episodes 37-38 Recap

Xiaonan and San Sheng’s sister are back safely from their day’s expedition. The kidnappers (sent by Chen Shen) did not act forcibly against them, but basically made them toil a day by pushing around cow carts or something like that. A bit off-topic, but I love the instrumental that plays at 7:50 in Episode 37. Xiaonan complains that her foot hurts, so Chen Shen sends her home and then carries her up the stairs. Aw.

When Bicheng finds out Meina died, she starts chastising Shanhai for killing her. “She was innocent,” Bicheng says. But Shanhai explains that it was either that or he and Bicheng might get killed, and then after Meina got tortured by the bureau, she’d be killed as well. Bicheng seems to realize the implications of the alternatives, and tears spring to her eyes. Seriously Bicheng, you’re an agent, and you still can’t comprehend the mission you and Shanhai were sent on? Shanhai goes to see Meina’s corpse that’s temporarily being stored in one of the office rooms. He holds her hand and begins crying, and all the while Bicheng watches from the crack of the open door.

Shanhai also tells Bicheng that he sent the car to a car fixing place owned by Boss Li last night, and tells her to tell the people there that the car had been in that area since 6pm, in order to give himself an alibi. He also tells Bicheng to spread news of the Guilin plan disappearing to Boss Li’s office, in order to produce more chaos from the inside. Meanwhile, Chen Shen tells Bian Tou not to tell anyone what he saw that night, since Bian Tou keeps wondering why the door to the documents was unlocked. Chen Shen insinuates that Zhongliang might be behind it, since the only ones who have keys are Meina and Zhongliang.

Bian Tou is literally like my favorite character in this series.

Meanwhile, Zhongliang tells Er Bao to investigate three things. 1) Where did Shanhai’s car go? And at what time? 2) Why was the power cord cut off in the office last night? 3) Where did San Sheng go during such an important time, and what was he doing? Er Bao finds out the following and reports back to Zhongliang that 1) At a car fixing place since 6pm, 2) apparently a rat chewed the cord off, but Zeng was also snooping around the floor at night, and 3) San Sheng really was out saving Xiaonan and his sister, with witnesses. Zhongliang comments that the rats really behave almost like agents themselves.

San Sheng goes to find the men he sent to follow Shanhai that night. The two men are dead (killed by Shanhai), and in an alley with no signs of blood spilling everywhere – evidently someone had come to clean up the scene. San Sheng mutters that Shanhai has cleared all evidence that he was at Meina’s place last night.

Zhongliang is arrested by Yin Zheng (the Japanese army commander) and Boss Li for his incompetence at losing the Guilin plan, and is sent to some sort of detention center. For the time being, people at the bureau are to follow Boss Li’s orders. Zhongliang actually doesn’t complain much (it’s not like he can rely deny the command), but Chen Shen actually steps up to try to save Zhongliang. He raises some rational reasons: Zhongliang knows the inner matters of the bureau best, and without him here, it would be hard to determine who stole the Guilin plan. Also, Zhongliang’s life isn’t worth as much as the Sparrow’s or Shu Di Huang’s, at least to Yin Zheng, so why bother taking him away? Yin Zheng points a sword at Chen Shen, who doesn’t flinch, and says that he’s brave to talk back, but Zhongliang is taken away regardless.

Chen Shen is worried since things don’t seem as simple as they appear – did Zhongliang really make such a silly mistake to be arrested by his superiors? Perhaps this is another trap set up by Zhongliang. However, Chen Shen pretty much confirms from this incident that at least one of the two copies of the Guilin plan is real, for otherwise Yin Zheng wouldn’t be so angry.

Turns out Chen Shen’s suspicions were right. This is a whole setup by Zhongliang to bait Sparrow and Shu Di Huang. However, Yin Zheng warns Zhongliang that really, if his 苦肉计 plan fails, then he will actually face some dire circumstances. Meanwhile, Boss Li decides to appoint Chen Shen as the interim leader in the bureau. In case Sparrow or Shu Di Huang are not caught during this time, Chen Shen will be blamed and might serve as sacrifice in Boss Li’s eyes. To Boss Li, this is an excellent opportunity to bring down his opponent Zhongliang.

Chen Shen gives Shanhai back his tie which he left at Meina’s house. In return, he asks that Shanhai show him his copy of the Guilin plan. Shanhai agrees, and the two set a time: Bicheng is to give the copy to Chen Shen tomorrow at the orphanage. Shanhai also asks another request: that he might be able to personally bury Meina. Then flashback time commences, basically comprising Meina-Shanhai OTP moments. Bicheng comforts him and tells him to not be sad anymore, to fight on. She says that Chen Shen once told her not to dwell on things on the past, since they cannot be changed.

Shanhai tells Bicheng about Chen Shen’s favor, which is to see their copy of the Guilin plan. // And actually, let me explain in-depth what the plan really is, since I haven’t done so in previous recaps. Essentially it is a plan detailing all these people from the bureau / the Chinese traitors side who plan on infiltrating the different groups in order to dismantle and debilitate the organizations from within. // Shanhai tells her she needs to change the words and places of future meetings. She does so.

At the orphanage she hands Chen Shen the fake, corrected plan, but he immediately smells the fresh ink and realizes it’s not the right copy. Bicheng then asks him one thing “If you had gotten the plan first, would you have shared it with Shanhai and me?” Chen Shen says yes, and that personally he believes that anyone countering the Japanese forces has a good spirit. Then Bicheng gives him film of pictures she took of the real plan. My gosh. Does she not realize what her mission was?

San Sheng captures a person from Shanhai’s organization who is holding a Chinese novel. The novel contains the code words that they use when sending telegrams. ie a specific Chinese character on a certain page corresponds to the page number that they send in the telegram or something.


57 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 37-38 Recap

  1. Guyss
    Just finished ep 41
    Bi Cheng’s confession was only like 5 mins (sigh)
    after they kiss Bicheng immediately ran to the door . Chen shen asked her to come back, but she still went out as a bait regardless.
    San Sheng found her at the train station and brought her to see Bi Zhong Liang. (more like capture her)

    Chen Shen managed to escape and went to Xiao Nan’s house to treat his wound.
    But the narration said Chen Shen saw the person he loves being captured and taken away by the enemy, he flashed back to Cai Xiang died protecting him. Bi Cheng also sacrificed herself to protect him. Chen Shen heart now felt a very deep despair.

    Bi Zhong Liang inside his office , told Bi Cheng “at theheadquarter even sunshine are desperate” , he could come back to the bureau because Bi Cheng is Shu Di Huang.
    Bi Cheng said she will not answer anything until Boss Li back from Nan Jing.
    Shan Hai also came back to the bureau not long after Bi Cheng. (thank god he’s safe)

    when they are together , their conversations are being tracked (Bi Zhong liang listening to conversation) so they made up stories about they quarreled and planning to have children. (Shan Hai bought loads of medicines for her), they told their parents in 3 years will have baby etc.Bi Cheng wants to have a girl , Shan Hai agreed.

    the end.

    preview for upcoming eps:

    in the interrogation room Chen Shen help Bi Cheng to answer Bi Zhong Liang’s questions about her being Shu Di Huang. (he used the sign language to help her answer) , but one of the bodyguards was behind the prison door could see Chen Shen . Chen Shen noticed him.

    All members of Bureau will be inspected whether they have been injured. Noone injured except the one and only Chen Shen (he came in late though). Bi Zhong Liang ask why are u injured. He kinda made up stories about her and XIao Nan got attacked while buying something? (I am not too clear lol). this will instigate Bi Zhong Liang’s suspicion of Chen Shen.


    • Also there’s another preview about they found evidence (i.e. leaf necklace) at the crime scene, Zhong Liang told Li Mo Chun (who came to the interrogation room) that her niece is a spy , Bi Cheng said she is not. .When asked about the necklace, Bi Cheng said she lent her to someone else – to Chen Shen’s fiancee. Xiao Nan looks at the necklace ..
      I hope she will help Bi Cheng out …. (remember San Sheng talked to her about Chen Shen and Bi Cheng romance and Chen Shen pretend to marry her just to protect Bi Cheng as seen in ep 41 preview)..


      • Wow @shannymelbournian do you have Chinese Satellite TV?
        Wat wat only 5 minute confession? That is too short lol. Hopefully Boss Li also gives Bi Cheng a helping hand too but isn’t it odd that Bi Cheng is working against her uncle though? Aww poor Xiao Nan, really feel sorry for her because Chen Shen seems to be using her either for his mission purposes or protecting Bi Cheng 😦


        • yeah I have chinese satellite tv 🙂
          in the TV they show many more previews than the youtube .:p (at the end of every single episodes and after the show finished airing sometimes they show some more preview)

          yes after the confession they hug and kiss , then they didn’t talk anymore and she ran away. T____T
          Bi Zhong Liang told Bi Cheng if boss Li found out about her being Shu Di Huang , he will not offer to help her at all.
          Yeah Shan Hai and Bi Cheng are from military party and work against the headquarter ..even Boss Li does not know they are spies weird

          I truly hope Xiao Nan will soon find out the truth from Chen Shen directly (about his love for Bi Cheng), so she will give up chasing Chen Shen. I feel sad for Bi Cheng coz she is so shaken after she heard the engagement news. sigh .she gathered so much courage to confess her love and being accused as Shu Di Huang by Bi Zhong Liang (to protect the man she loves)


  2. from minute 0.03 to 0.29 —-> Chen Shen’s sign language to Bi Cheng while she was being interrogated by Bi Zhong Liang. so sweet. 🙂


  3. On the other hand I really do like Shan Hai… when he and Bi Cheng had dinner before sending the telegram, he encouraged Bi cheng to tell Chen shen about their fake marriage. Otherwise it is not fair for him and for both of them.
    And when Chen Shen revealed his engagement in front of the whole office, Shan Hai put his hand on Bi Cheng’s shoulders (who was distraught) and pat her.
    Sighh such a great man he is.. love his character so muchhh^^.


    • Shanhai’s love for Bicheng is quite possibly on the same level for Bicheng’s love for Chen Shen. Or at least Chen Shen’s love for Bicheng. Even when she only has feelings for Chen Shen, he can’t help but keep loving her… I really pity his character. If he had met Bicheng first, she may have actually fallen in love with her. At the orphanage when Bicheng handed Chen Shen the film she mentioned that he and Shanhai are very similar.


    • Thanks Lucia. Sparrow is a truly excellent show. It deserved number one spot.

      (Although i may skip watching the
      shan hai and xiao nan’s sad ending.. my poor heart will break).. .i will follow recap instead..😍


    • Thanks for the recaps and the viewer ratings!

      I’m just wondering why oh why other series mmediately licensed by Vikii, while Sparrow is not. I’ve checked vikii comments and people were complaining. They’ve submitted requests to viki, while there are more followers of Sparrow too *sigh*. That’s why I was curious about the viewership ratings, since I’ve noticed that the netizens respons on this series seemed to be very good.

      Btw, does anyone have the OST by SENS (including the instrumental version)? It is the Opening song. I love the OST by Will (K Will?? sorry, forgot :p) , and I love the one from SENS too. The instrumental version sounds so dramatic. It is used in almost every melancholic scenes in Sparrow *lol*, for example : when Bicheng-Chen Shen met and when Meina talked to Shanhai before she died (they were using other song after she died – lol ).


      • Yes!! Wooh!! Glad it’s number 1! Wow I thought Agent Rookie Rouge (Yan Zhi) would be up there in the rankings. It doesn’t seem to be… But personally I feel that Sparrow seems much better…Especially the soundracks/OSTS 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I read comments in the forum saying that Agent Rouge is less serious and more ‘idol-like’. I guess they should have targeted a different market than Sparrow. Based on those comments, they were mostly watching for the chemistry between the leads.

          Yeah..I like the OST. I hope they will release it after Sparrow is done


          • Aw really? That’s too bad. I haven’t actually tried it yet but was planning to do so later when I’m not so busy with school work. ZLY has chemistry with literally all of her co-stars though, so I can see why people are mostly watching for the chemistry 😛


            • Well, I haven’t watch it myself, so I was only wrote what they said *lol*. Who knows, perhaps you should think differently, since different people have different taste. Perhaps you should try to watch it youself and see whether it suits your taste or not 🙂


              • It definitely has an “idol feel”. I’ve watched some episodes of Agent Rookie Rouge and one scene had me scratching my head, where the character had to count over 100 petals thrown in the air under 10 seconds. But both dramas have their own good qualities. Agent Rookie Rouge seems to get more darker and with more gory I think with the way prisoners are tortured…


        • For the songs, I usually download them from youtube, then convert them into MP3. I noticed that there are already several Sparrow MV’s with the OST as the bg music. But, I haven’t found the the one by SENS and the instrumental versions.


  4. AAHHHHH . guyss

    ep 40 ends with Shan Hai escapes from the soldier whilst Chen Shen (obviously bleeding) and Bi Cheng in a car. (Chen Shen is driving the car wants to bring her escape). They will end up in the office cubicle
    I guess kiss will happen in either ep 41 (friday) or 42.(saturday) 😦 :(:(
    but it has been shown in the preview : they will definitely kiss

    Next preview is looking really bad :

    Chen Shen asked Li Xiao Nan to do some “acting in movie”. They will get engaged soon.(WHAT). Bi Tai Tai informed it to the entire office (Bi Cheng wanted to cry) and Chen Shen said yes that is true they are engaged.
    Chen Shen why do you have to play a “movie” like that after you and Bi Cheng kiss. OMG #_#

    Su San Sheng (jealous and very very very angry) tells Bi Zhong Liang that Chen Shen and Bi Cheng have romance going on, Bi Cheng must be the spy.
    Bi Zhong Liang agreed, their target is now Bi Cheng. she must be the shu di huang / accomplice. they will bring her down.

    San Sheng begs Xiaonan badly to not marry Chen Shen as he has something with Bi Cheng.. Xiao Nan brushes him off and disregards it.
    San Sheng hatred to Chen Shen has multiplied , he swear he will make Chen Shen life miserable.

    The story is a bit disappointing 😦


      • U’re welcome 🙂 . The wait is too long.. 😦
        There is actually a sneak peak of the kissing at the end of ep 40 preview ..

        Btw i have figured out what piece of paper that bi cheng sneaked to chen shens pocket. It is a train ticket. Chen shen brought her to train station to leave the town shanghai (not Shan Hai). But bi Cheng is adamant to stay and she will not leave shanghai. She can watch the person she loves the most, she is very happy. She undertook the undercover agent mission because of Chen Shen..

        Could it be Chen Shen (fake his engagement to li xiao nan is to make bi Cheng upset and leave the bureau and Shanghai 😣

        Even though that Bi Cheng is in danger and bi Zhong Liang makes her the main suspect.. but chen shen is too cruel if he really pushed her away / rejected her like that..


        • “Could it be Chen Shen (fake his engagement to li xiao nan is to make bi Cheng upset and leave the bureau and Shanghai 😣”

          OMIGOSH NOOOOO. I always dislike it when male leads who sucuumb to noble idiocy. Ugh, that’s really aggravating. As if his engagement is going to make Bicheng leave. .__.


          • I really really hope the author dont pull another noble idiocy act.. hopefully he would be right away honest to her about the fake engagement .
            Afterall he had kissed her with burning passion. 😄😄


        • I searched for a preview of epi 41 in youtube, and it showed the scene when Chen Shen told people that he was enganged to Xiao Nan. At the same video, I also saw the scene when:


          Xiao Nan treated his wound (I was right, yay!) . Chen Shen saw her having a medicine bottle, like the ones in the hospital

          Could it be that he was enganged with her because he was suspected of her and wanted to investigate her more ? I mean, why should an artist has that kind of medicine ?

          — END of SPOILER

          Okay, I gotta stop looking for spoilers and guessing about Xiao Nan *lol*. I’m gonna stop here 😀


  5. Thanks for the recap 🙂
    I like Bian Tou as well, lot at when he litters in Chen Shen’s office with sunflower seeds

    Anyway, I’m not sure but it seems like there’s new MV released? Saw the news on weibo but can’t find on youtube yet


  6. Yay thanks for the recap! Hopefully we get more OTP moments from our characters 🙂 The political scenes always have me on edge but really excited for tonight’s telegram episodes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Many thanks for the awesome recap Lucia 😘
    Hopefully tonight ep 39 n 40 will be satisfactory

    I actually feel Li Xiao Nan starts to have hope in her relationship with Chen Shen..chen shen is kind to her again.. but chen Shen and Bi cheng relations will progress after the telegram night. Hopefully she wont be too sad


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