Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 39-40 Recap

And we’re now 2/3 of the way through the series! (Thank God, because my school work has been piling up…)

Zhongliang’s plan is now under way, with his fake detention at the Japanese headquarters. With his presence, the idea is that the people who stole the Guilin plan will relax their guard and send a telegram to their party. When this happens, the specialized car that the Japanese have engineered, with a satellite type thing, will be able to tell where the telegram was sent and such. This would then hasten the capture of Shu Di Huang / Sparrow, if they stole it, as Zhongliang has predicted.

Chen Shen doesn’t like his new temporary role as interim bureau executive director. This is because given this position, he has the burden to catch the real people behind the stealing of the Guilin plan. He talks to Shanhai about this, and playfully throws out “Unless I reveal your secrets.” The two decide that there needs to be a scapegoat or person they can put the blame on, in order for them to remain safe but also ensure that Chen Shen has done his job well as interim director. They also decide to make Secretary Qian the scapegoat. Reason: Remember back in the Zhou Li incident where she and her husband ended up being killed? Bicheng was really upset and vowed to get revenge on Secretary Qian, who was the one in charge of torturing them.

Their plan is this: Chen Shen sends one of his friends / lackeys (not related to the bureau) to disguise as the brother of a guy that once saved Secretary Qian’s life. Qian has never seen the true brother in real life, so their scheme should be plausible. The guy visits Qian and asks for a large sum of money (“I want to get married,” he says as an excuse) in exchange for his insider information on Shu Di Huang. Qian is intrigued at this mention, since if he manages to capture Shu Di Huang, he will gain favor with Boss Li. And gaining favor with Boss Li is important at this point since the past shoulder he leaned on (aka Zhongliang) is now in jeopardy of losing his position / life.

Qian agrees to the exchange, giving the money. He finds out (fake) news that the nationalists are trying to build up their force in Shanghai soon in the future and their new commander here will be meeting with Shu Di Huang. This meeting place is set at 9pm at a certain place. Qian tells this information to Boss Li, who is suspicious of the reliability of the source. However, Boss Li calls in Chen Shen and tells him that they should proceed to try to intercept this meeting.

Zhongliang hasn’t been tortured, and has been living a pretty good life actually while at the detention center. However, his wife and Chen Shen decide to embark on an impromptu visit. Zhongliang hurriedly hides his suit jacket, messes up his hair, and hides his tea kettles and papers. Bi Tai Tai is emotional when visiting him and even suggests that after he is released, he should stop working for the Japanese – she only wants a peaceful life. Then Chen Shen talks to Zhongliang one-on-one and mentions that there’s rumors that tonight there will be an exchange between Shu Di Huang and the upcoming nationalist leader of Shanghai.

Night falls, and the special technological cars that can detect electrical signals from within 3 miles of the car’s radius are now in session as well. Although Chen Shen is aware of the cars’ presence, Shanhai and Bicheng don’t know about this and are actually about to send a telegram to Chongqing headquarters regarding the Guilin plan. Also at dinner Shanhai mentions to Bicheng that one day they should tell Chen Shen they’re actually a fake couple. Bicheng can only look shocked, and then a small smile of gratitude. Alright seriously, I’m beginning to be irked with her character. Show some love for Shanhai, girl!

Anyways, San Sheng is sent by Zhongliang to go capture the telegram senders by surrounding the nearby area. The bureau’s men as well as some soldiers from the Japanese army come to help out. It proves difficult for Shanhai and Bicheng to try to escape the boundaries, but somehow Chen Shen shows up in time to rescue them. He says he’ll stay behind to counter the forces while Shanhai and Bicheng run away, but Bicheng, being the Chen Shen lover she is, says that he can’t even fire a gun, he ought not stay. So instead Shanhai says he’ll stay. Even though, while he was holding Bicheng’s hand running, he discovered that he was not truly prepared to sacrifice himself – he still wanted to see the one he loved safe and sound.

In the process of escaping the scene, Chen Shen gets shot in the arm while trying to push Bicheng away from the trajectory of the bullet, but it’s not too serious. He tells Bicheng to leave Shanghai as soon as possible, but she says she’s not going anywhere.



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14 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 39-40 Recap

  1. shannymelbournian says:

    by the way Lucia
    Can you please translate what Chen Shen said in video below ?

    Bi Cheng said she loved Chen Shen that’s why she let him go. (basically points out to separation towards the end of the series) , and the letter.


  2. coffeenlucia says:

    While y’all are waiting for the next recap (which will be published late this night, sorry), here are some Sparrow BTS gifs:


  3. shannymelbournian says:

    HEre episode 41 Lucia!! Hurry and watch 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Many thanksss for the awesome recap!!!


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Thanks for the link! I’m surprised it came out so fast – usually I begin watching eps 9pm PST when they’re uploaded to Youtube. I’ll watch the episode after dinner. 😀


      • Shannymelbournian says:

        Those vietnam-subbed video came out sooo much faster than yoyo tv in youtube. I hope the channel wont get deleted… hehe..


        • shannymelbournian says:

          by the way just a fun fact… cause I watched the show in the big screen TV I could actually see San Sheng, Zheng and Chen Shen are sweating crazily, so much sweats !!! (poor 3 guys , maybe because too much running LOL LOL).
          It should be winter over there right, cause I could see the girls wearing coats ..


          • coffeenlucia says:

            Aw really? They work so hard ^^ It might not be winter, since I know in some Cdramas even if it’s summer they will have the girls wear thick coats if the scene is supposed to be set in winter or if it’s to fit a particular fashion scheme.


            • shannymelbournian says:

              haha yeah. it started shooting around july 2015 (probably shooting for 4 months). OMGGGG it must be hot weather there and they are wearing jackets plus running. poor guys.s..


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