Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 41-43 Recap

Sidenote: Alright y’all. I just went on a fast-forwarding marathon of the seven released episodes of Rookie Agent Rouge so far. I think the only thing keeping me watching is my love for Zhao Liying. The plot seems more shallow and underdeveloped than Sparrow’s, and it also has weaker cinematography and banal camera shots. The agent training is almost laughable and there appears to be more of a focus on romance (which is fine). I’ll keep watching for my bias… But basically here’s my main point: Sparrow is better. Lol.

Chen Shen and Bicheng are still in the process of escaping, and he brings her to a train station. The idea is for her to board the 11pm train headed to Nanjing, where she is to wait at most five days for further news of Shanhai / Chen Shen’s condition. Except San Sheng happens to show up at the station, so the two temporarily hide in a room. There Bicheng tells Chen Shen that – and he tries to cut her off, but she says she must say it now – she and Shanhai are a fake couple for work, and that she became an agent for Chen Shen. Oh my gosh. And I thought Bicheng couldn’t annoy me more. Things wrong with what she’s saying:

  • Chen Shen is freaking hurt, with an injury sustained from a bullet, and she hugs him.
  • How does her becoming a nationalist agent have to do with Chen Shen? If anything, why isn’t she on his side then?

Dat look of surprise though.

But alas, I forgive her, because heck I ship the OTP. They kiss (finally! after 41 episodes!). Turns out that was Bicheng’s goodbye speech (or so she thought), because she had the preparation to sacrifice her life in order to ensure Chen Shen’s safety. She walks out of the room and is voluntarily “caught” by San Sheng. Her excuse is that she’s going to see her relatives (on Boss Li’s side) who live in Nanjing. San Sheng doesn’t believe it, but tells her to return to the bureau.

While Bicheng distracts San Sheng, Chen Shen is able to escape through a vent in the wall. He’s badly injured though, and he walks towards Xiaonan’s place. Meanwhile he flashes back to when Zai Xiang also sacrificed her life for him. He feels a bitter pang in his chest, of sorrow as he realizes Bicheng is doing the same thing.


Zhongliang interrogates Bicheng, but she refuses to say anything until Boss Li returns to the bureau from Nanjing, for, as she puts it, Zhongliang appears to not be on good terms with him and may just be accusing her in order to get higher status than Boss Li. The one-on-one ends, and next Zhongliang interrogates Shanhai, who has just arrived. He says he was out buying medicine to help with Bicheng’s ability to have kids. He was about to leave the store when it started to rain, and hence he had to stay for a longer time. That is his alibi to show that he wasn’t at the scene of the telegram.

Zhongliang then has Bicheng and Shanhai wait together in the meeting room, alone. Zhongliang has secretly put recording devices in the room, and he listens in to their conversation. Somehow Shanhai notices. I don’t know how. But he puts a finger to his mouth to shush Bicheng when she walks in. The two proceed to pretend that they’re going to have kids one day, and how Bicheng wants a daughter, and how many kids they want, etc. Bicheng actually tears up at one point, aw.

Chen Shen’s injuries are treated by Xiaonan, and he comments that she is actually quite smart. But then Xiaonan faints from seeing blood. Chen Shen calls one of his friends / lackeys for him to set up a scene / alibi that can not only prove that Chen Shen wasn’t at the scene of the telegram but also that he was shot at the place. The idea is that Chen Shen and Xiaonan were staying at a hotel when suddenly a group of people infiltrated the place and shot Chen Shen.

San Sheng continues to investigate the scene of the crime, finding the telegraph (but no fingerprints to say who used it). One of the men has a dagger wound slashed across his neck, and Zhongliang recognizes the similarity to the way Chen Shen threw a pair of scissors at a man’s neck in order to save Zhongliang back in one of the early episodes. Another man was choked to death, pinned against a wall, and San Sheng says that only a man as tall as Chen Shen or Shanhai could have had the height necessary to pin the guy to the wall. A bullet hole through a wall as well as blood at the scene evidences that one of the three who were trying to escape after sending the telegram sustained a bullet injury. And San Sheng

Everyone who works at the bureau is checked for a gunshot wound, but everyone passes the health exam. The only one who hasn’t showed up yet is Chen Shen, and there is suspicion that perhaps he is 内鬼 or traitor to the bureau. Zhongliang recalls all the times Chen Shen saved him, and hopes it isn’t true, but at the same time, has to keep doing his job.

After Xiaonan wakes up (from fainting at the sight of blood), Chen Shen has her take him to the hospital. He also tells her to please cooperate with him and help act out something with him in front of Zhongliang later. At the hospital, Er Bao bursts in to the room and tells him to return the bureau right now. Zhongliang is there waiting, asking Chen Shen where he was last night, why he has a gunshot wound, and how he got the injury. Meanwhile Chen Shen doesn’t answer, and seeing that Zhongliang is back from Mei Ji Guan safe and sound, asks him instead “Why didn’t you trust me? Why did you trust Er Bao and San Sheng instead, and they both know that you weren’t really detained at the detention camp? I quit.”

Since Chen Shen doesn’t say anything, Zhongliang is about to bring him into the interrogation jail cell place, except right then (dat coincidence though) Bi Tai Tai and Xiaonan show up together. Bi Tai Tai immediately hugs Zhongliang and asks him why he didn’t tell her earlier that he was back safe, doesn’t he know that she was so worried? Xiaonan then tells Zhongliang that this is all a misunderstanding – Chen Shen isn’t the internal traitor.

Chen Shen had supposedly been given a paintbrush by an acquaintance that had a secret message in it – the actual meeting place for Shu Di Huang and one of the future nationalist leaders in Shanghai was actually to be held at a hotel. Chen Shen’s story is that he didn’t know the accuracy of this, thus he didn’t say it to anyone. But in order to check its veracity, he had Xiaonan accompany him to the hotel (since people suspect couples less) and it was during then that he was shot, as well as the meeting between Shu Di Huang and the leader.

Bi Tai Tai then announces to the whole bureau that Xiaonan and Chen Shen are now engaged, and the two also have a set wedding day that is coming soon. This piece of news shocks two people mostly – Bicheng obviously, who once again, can’t control her emotions on her face (seriously, how the heck is she an agent) and San Sheng, who can only grimace.

San Sheng later goes and talks to Xiaonan, asking “Were you really with Chen Shen that night? You do realize he’s using you in order to ensure Bicheng’s innocence in this case.” He grips Xiaonan’s arm a bit too hard, and Xiaonan blinks back tears. She then friendzones him and says “Why are you doing this? You are my greatest friend, and I can only hope that you would bless me and Chen Shen.” This statement brings a look of determination on San Sheng’s face, and it’s not as in him determined to forget Xiaonan, but him determined to prove the guilt of Chen Shen in this incident. He thinks to himself “Xiaonan is mine. Xiaonan can’t be Chen Shen’s.”

So what exactly changed Xiaonan’s mind? It’s not like Chen Shen said anything to her after the first failed proposal attempt…

Zhongliang then has San Sheng check to see if Chen Shen’s story matches up with the hotel’s account of the events. Since Chen Shen’s lackeys have already ensured that the hotel has been bought by their own men, there should be no problem in lining up details. The previous hotel owner was bought off and given a train ticket to some faraway place. San Sheng tests the bullet hole in the wall by shooting from the supposed angle the shooter shot from, and indeed it looks pretty legit. But San Sheng is still suspicious, so he decides to go visit the previous hotel owner. He and Zhongliang plan to frame Bicheng (in order to see how Chen Shen will react, since they deduce that Bicheng is his biggest weakness) by using this man. They threaten the man by kidnapping his son, and that his son’s safety can only be guaranteed if he says that Bicheng was at the hotel last night.


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137 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 41-43 Recap

  1. shannymelbournian says:

    from 0.33 to 0.35 – Bi Cheng asked Chen Shen “if you still love me , promise me you will marry xiao nan”. Chen Shen said “don’t say it”.

    But I saw later Bi Cheng sobbing crazily beside Shan Hai, I’m afraid Chen Shen agreed 😦


  2. coffeenlucia says:

    Sorry guys I cant respond to comments right now but will do so later. I plan on recapping 44 in a few hrs after classes, but will probably post 45 tmrw 😀 thanks for understanding

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem, Lucia .. you’ve written an announcement already. Don’t think about Sparrow and concentrate and your quiz. We hope you did well!

      Anyway, here is the link for epi 43, hihihihi 😀 . I tried to watch everything before work, because I have loads of projects too *lol* (but I couldn’t guarantee that I could stop myself from coming here *lol* ) :


    • mbm_217 says:

      Don’t worry just concentrate on your exam good luck. SPARROW got me hook me to PicturePerfect I coudn’t guarantee that I could stop myself coming here …..


  3. Hi, Guys!

    I’ve watched epi 44 (and half of 45?). Could someone explain to me :


    1. Did Bicheng say that the necklace belonged to Xiao Nan ? What did Xiao Nan say about the necklace ? Did she say that it was Meina’s ? And how did it end up there? (based on her story)
    2. Did Chen Shen ask his underling to create a letter for Zhongliang? What kind of letter was that?


    Thanks a lot!


    • Shannymelbournian says:

      1. The necklace Bi cheng said she lent to Xiao Bi zhong liang asked her when did she lend it to xiao nan. Chen shen suggested liu meina’s birthday. So Shan hai using his foot told Bi Cheng ..
      Xiao nan also answer the same , Bi Cheng borrowed it on the night Chen Shen propose.
      So Bi Cheng is cleared of all accusations and released shortly.

      2. The letter is regarding the meeting of shu di huang and dao dachun (the only person not in the bureau during that time of meeting is secretary qian) they want to frame secretary qian as shu dihuang. And hide the guilin plan photo in his house. So he got caught. As the Shu Di Huang

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks a lot, Shanny! I’ve watched epi 45 until the end, and I also realized that they framed the secretary and put the Guilin plan in his drawer, but I couldn’t figure out the detail. Chen Shen is really cunning, if he really means it.

        Regarding the sign language, I was so tense while watching it *lol*. They changed ‘languages’ from a sign language to morse codes (I think? That is when Chen Shen knocked the wall several times and when Shanhai used his foot). Then again, I’ve been wondering whether it was possible or not, because Zhongliang was eyeing her *lol – I guess this scene showed that Bicheng was not as stupid as what some people say, because she could understand all the codes quickly*. Still, despite being logic or not, I enjoyed that scenes.

        With Xiao Nan, I think that Chen Shen held her palm and gave her some kind of sign, so that she could give the same answer as Bicheng, didn’t he ? Then again, how’s that explaining why the necklace was left in the crime scene?

        Thanks a lot for explaining!


        • shannymelbournian says:

          Chen Shen gave her code by rubbing Xiao Nan;’s ring finger as they were holding hands, so Xiao Nan knew Chen shen meant the proposal day.
          BI Cheng told them that the one at the crime scene was not her necklace at all. Her necklace is with Xiao Nan. 🙂

          OOOHH btw I am soooooo excited for Chen Shen’s love confession to Bi Cheng which will happen tonight ep 46 or 47!!! (YEAYYYYYYYYYYYY)

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ahhh I see ..thanks! I thought that he wrote Chinese letters on her palm. Anyway, shouldn’t he suspect her by now, since Xiao Nan was proven to be smart ? Come on, Chen Shen .. Perhaps he was too infatuated by Bichen, so he forgot to observe Xiao Nan *lol*

            What, a love confession ?? I thought that I saw a trailer of epi 46, but it looked like the story was all about politics?? WAA, now I’m excited too! No, you don’t have to tell me .. I’ll wait for tonight!! It’s about time for him to make a confession!


            • Shannymelbournian says:

              In either ep 46 or 47 there will be confessions from chen shen and a kiss ! The preview was not in the episode… soooooooooo looking fwd .. ^^ ^^ but need to wait until midnight over there .. sighh..


              • Wah .. I can’t wait to see his confession! I was puzzled myself because now we are over episode 45, but how come the love story becomes stagnant again ? Can’t wait for tonight’s episodes!


  4. Lucia, good luck on your quiz!

    Btw, I found this link guys :

    I’m watching it now and WAAAAA .. *SPOILER : *

    Chen Shen has been giving talking to Bicheng with his sign language, and I’m so afraid because the guard is watching!! ARRRGHHH!!! *



    • Shannymelbournian says:

      The guard only saw the cutting hair part fortunately ..(Chen Shen said after you are released from here I will give u a haircut).
      Chen Shen asked him to be silent. The guard still curious ended up asking his friend what did the sign language mean. His friend answer *cutting hair* .

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I finally noticed that too ( the part when he asked his friend), phew. Luckily the guard seemed to be dumb. I was so afraid that he would tell San Sheng, because San Sheng would not be deceived that easily.

        Thanks a lot!


        • shannymelbournian says:

          San Sheng is unbelievably super super smart too, he will ask his underlings to go find Chen Shen’s accomplice (he refers to them as the “death cavity”). There is this scene where the men found Pi Dan (the moustache men), so the men chased Pi Dan and Pi Dan escaped.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ah I see. San Sheng is determined to bring down Chen Shen, unlike Zhong Liang. Although Zhongliang is smart, he is not focusing on Chen Shen alone, plus he still cares about him. I like the scene in epi 45 when he visited Chen Shen (who still looked sick). He looked sorry after watching Chen Shen’s coldness, and he even poured him some tea. Their bromances were killing me.. On the other hand, San Sheng must have racked his brain in order to find Chen Shen’s weaknesses and to beat him.

            Anyway, I’ve guessed that something would happen to Chen Shen’s underlings (I even guessed that they would die, but NO, I hope that they would just be attacked and still survive). Then again, I thought that this will happen later near the end of the series. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen


            • shannymelbournian says:

              by the way @Picture Perfect, if anything is to happen to Chen Shen’s people (e.g. if someone really die), my guess is it will be his sidekick Bian Tou . Cause we see a scene where they bury someone and Shan Hai gave Chen Shen a hug.
              It must be someone working in the bureau who is very very close to Chen Shen.
              on the other hand I hope Pi Dan the moustache guy will be safe until the end ..:) he seems so loyal


              • Ah,I couldn’t guess who hug Chen Shen in the trailer. Was it Shanhai ?

                Anyway, my guess is not Bian Tou, but it was that 3 people (Pi Dan and friends .. the group who helped him releasing his sister-in-law in the train case on epi 4-5). But, that was just a wild guess. Usually in other dramas, a hero’s family / headquarters would be attacked and destroyed by the enemies *lol*. That’s what made me making that guess


                • shannymelbournian says:

                  The person who hugged Chen Shen was Shan Hai. It has been revealed in one of the trailer…
                  By the way, has the scene where they hug happened already? 😦 If not, why do I have the feeling it will be Shan Hai’s “last day?” ?(


                  • If it was Shanhai, then I think that it should be his ‘last day’ too. He and Chen Shen wasn’t that close, so why would he hug him ? Unless, if they were doing some kind of trick that we dont know.

                    Arrgh, I’m going out of town on Sunday morning-Monday, so I’m gonna late watching the Monday night’s episode. I hope Shanhai won’t be leaving at that time (>_<)


  5. shannymelbournian says:

    Lucia. good luck for ur quiz! fighting!

    In the meantime, major spoilers below(They show so much spoilers in the TV ads – not in the episode itself). ***SPOILER ALERT*** for those curious about the super super slow progress of the relationship (including me)

    1)after thing settle down a bit,. Chen shen pulled Bi Cheng to his office and kissed her!!!!!!!. Said why didnt she tell him sooner. He only loves 1 woman all this time. (that would be the start of their relationship). There is also a scene In orphanage when they are dating, he asked her to Wait until one day when they can openly reveal their relationship, he begs Bi Cheng to do 1 thing : to take good care of herself.

    2) In the “Wo ai ni” video that i discussed witrh Lucia few days ago ,Bi Cheng said “I love you , so this time i let go of your hand”.

    basically Bi Cheng ask Chen Shen for a break up, she said Li Xiao nan saved her life, if Chen Shen still loves Bi Cheng, Please promise her that Chen Shen will marry Xiao Nan.
    Bi Cheng was crying emotionally and hugging Chen Shen from behind.

    3). Shan Hai confessed he regret handing Bi Cheng to Chen Shen, if he could turn back time he would not do it., ask whether Can Bi Cheng accept his feeling ? Bi Cheng rejected him straightaway and said “it is so difficult to let go of Chen Shen” and said she couldnt. Shan Hai tears and hugs her, to her shock.

    4) Li Xiao Nan in disguise save Dao Da Chun in time (he almost got caught by San Sheng’s men),but she got stabbed by the men. Luckily she could escape although with injury. (This may be she goes to hospital, and Chen Shen feeding her medicine).

    Hope this clears up our curiousity a bit.
    My 8 month old bub decide to sleep past midnight so I stayed up late and watched ep 44 and 45 🙂


    • Mbm_217 says:

      Thank you 😍😍😍😍


      • Shannymelbournian says:

        Welcome. ^^
        I just cant believe Bi Cheng is the one who pulled the noble idiocy stunt and ask her boyfriend to marry another woman. Omg..noo
        . she said Xiao Nan is such a nice lady.. and if xiao nan didnt save her she would be dead already. (Xiao nan even gave Chen Shen a nice warm scarf that she knitted).. i hope Chen Shen will not say “yes I will marry her”. 😢😢😢😢😢😢 I will go crazyyy


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