Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 44-45 Recap

This necklace plot is a bit far-fetched, but at least the plot is still engaging.

Also, before I start the recap, here are the viewership ratings for episode 45. So high! It even achieved higher ratings than Sing!China.

Bicheng is interrogated in the jail cell by Zhongliang. Ah Mao (the previous hotel worker) is brought in, and he is under orders to say that he saw Bicheng at Qiu Feng Gang last night. Obviously, this is false, but he feels like he must say this because his kid is otherwise kidnapped. “Are you sure you saw me?” Bicheng asks, and the man says he can’t be wrong, and that she was also walking with another man. Bicheng decides to be sassy and asks “Then what color dress was I wearing yesterday?” He says it was too dark for him to recall, but Bicheng returns “Didn’t you say you kept watching me? I was wearing a green-blue dress yesterday.” The poor dude can only feign remembering that, but then the punchline: “I was just lying. I wore black yesterday.” Dang Bicheng, you’re pretty good at this.

The witness is taken out of the room, and Zhongliang says that Bicheng is smarter than her innocent, rabbit-like looks.

Meanwhile, Chen Shen, who sits in the corner of the interrogation room behind Zhongliang, uses sign language to communicate with Bicheng. He tells her news that she has missed: One of the intermediate nationalist party agents has been caught, and the secret codes (remember the Chinese novels and the various characters one each page that correspond to Chinese words?) have been disseminated to Zhongliang. He then signs: “Tell me how to contact someone in your party to help.” All the while, Bicheng pretends to be bored with Zhongliang’s endless questions for her. And then she signs under the table  to go find Tao Dachun at a particular hotel room. Then Chen Shen signs “Your hair is getting long, I’ll cut it one day.”

The rapport is sweet and all, but lo and behold, one of Bian Tou’s friends / worker at the bureau (Ah Da) notices Chen Shen’s weird hand gestures. Zhongliang leaves the room temporarily before Boss Li is to arrive at the bureau, and Bicheng takes a big sigh of relief once he’s gone. Chen Shen goes to talk to Ah Da about the signing he saw and makes up a story that this was really Zhongliang’s command so that Bicheng would trust Chen Shen more and then hopefully give up the real story faster. Ah Da believes him and says he won’t tell anyone.

Chen Shen and Xiaonan go to find Dachun, but they are being followed by Secretary Qian. Qian somehow recognizes Dachun from way long ago in one of the episodes where the bureau was trying to catch Dachun, and points a gun at him saying “I’ve finally caught a big fish now.” But Chen Shen hits his back with a stick and Qian falls to the ground. He tells Dachun that Bicheng is in danger and they need to go rescue her.

Okay, now here’s where the episode starts getting wacky. San Sheng decides he needs to punish the hotel worker “witness”, and they return to the alley where the telegram-sending took place. San Sheng begins to beat the man (really cruel…) and all the movement causes a leaf to fly off of the sewer gate thing where Bicheng’s necklace is caught. San Sheng picks up the necklace and says he’s got the evidence now. But I think there’s something wrong with his deduction here:

  • Just because he sees the necklace that Bicheng happens to own doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hers. I mean, plenty of people have the same clothing.
  • Even if this was Bicheng’s necklace, how does he know she dropped it on the day of telegram-sending and not at some other time?
  • Come on. That fight scene and then the buildup to the found necklace is really a stretch of plot and requires some serious imagination to connect the plot points.

Once Boss Li arrives, all of them – Zhongliang, San Sheng, Chen Shen, Shanhai, and Bicheng go down to the interrogation room where Zhongliang reveals the oh-so-important evidence of the leaf necklace. Bicheng is adamant and says it’s not hers, and lies that she lent hers to someone else. They push for more details – to who? And Chen Shen signs “Li Xiaonan”. So that’s what Bicheng says, that she lent it to Xiaonan during Meina’s birthday celebration.

Alright y’all, I’m back to recapping *taking a break from studying lol*. So San Sheng goes to get Xiaonan to enter the interrogation room as well. While they walk there he asks her if she’s borrowed anything from Bicheng lately. Xiaonan thinks carefully though she feigns innocence and says “Yes, all the time!”. Then in the room when Zhongliang asks her about the necklace, she says it’s Bicheng’s, but she did indeed borrow it. “When?” Chen Shen, who’s gripping her hand, circles her ring finger a few times to signal the day when he proposed to her. Xiaonan pieces together the mystery and answers that she borrowed it on the day of the proposal, aka when Meina’s birthday took place. Zhongliang is stupefied. Shanhai and Bicheng (and Chen Shen) are relieved. Boss Li feels offended that Zhongliang would have suspected Bicheng. And San Sheng can’t believe his eyes.

Meanwhile, Chen Shen told Dachun to take Secretary Qian, who still hasn’t woken up after the hit, to a remote place. During this time Dachun hides the two fake Guilin plans in Qian’s house. He also uses the Shu Di Huang code name to send a telegram with a message that although he has obtained the two Guilin plans, he has figured out that they’re fake, and he’s going to try to get the real Guilin plan soon. News of the telegram being sent travels to the bureau, and to Zhongliang’s ears. Qian eventually wakes up and uses a sharp stone to cut the ropes that bind him. He escapes from the remote courtyard but when he arrives at the bureau, Zhongliang already begins to suspect him as Shu Di Huang since he was the only one not at the bureau during the time the telegram was sent this morning.

Bicheng and Shanhai are let off free, and when they reach the outside of the building, Bicheng stares at the sky and wonders that she thought she’d never see sky again. Chen Shen says that maybe he should cut her hair again, but Xiaonan doesn’t really like seeing her fiancee talk to his ex-girlfriend so she cuts him off and says to Bicheng that she hopes she’ll give lots of hong bao ($$$) at their wedding. Lol Xiaonan.

Qian is interrogated by Zhongliang and he insists that this morning he was following Chen Shen / Xiaonan while they were walking at a marketplace. However, he also saw Dachun and began to pursue him. But then all of a sudden he was hit from behind and fainted. “The ropes should still be there,” he adds. And now he’s back at the bureau. San Sheng checks if the ropes are still at the scene… but they aren’t. (Da Chun has already removed them.)

Boss Li doesn’t exactly buy the story and neither does Zhongliang, but they’re kind of in a dilemma. If Zhongliang doesn’t find the real Shu Di Huang soon, Ying Zuo (the Japanese general) will get really mad and probably fire ( / kill) Zhongliang. Zhongliang has already extended the grace of Ying Zuo by executing his relatively failed plot of pretending to be detained at the camp- he can’t afford any more mistakes now. So the next question is this: Will he choose to believe that Qian is Shu Di Huang, even if it’s not likely?


87 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 44-45 Recap

  1. minute 0.51 to 0.56 -> Shan Hai captured and shot.
    minute 2.13 to 2.16 -> Xiao Nan caught (to everybody’s shock)
    minute 2.30 –> BI Cheng cried like crazy and Chen Shen too (while putting his hand on her head) , I have a strong feeling it is Shan Hai’s death.


  2. Thank you for the recap despite your busy school life, hope everything is going well with your study.
    I like it that everyone here are so active, I enjoy reading the recap and all the comments ^^
    Anyway, kinda feel sorry for Bi Zhongliang, though I know he’s supposed to be the villain. He didn’t do it because of his belief, but only to survive~

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        • I’m also relieved but sad at the same time. I also have many projects at work and a course to be finished, but I’ve been enjoying the conversation and discussing here . You are all amazing, and thx a lot for translating, explaining, and accompanying me through out this series 🙂

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        • Rumour has it that the drama ending will be the exact opposite of novel ending.

          in the novel it is a sad one (Chen Shen and Bi Cheng separated, Chen Shen almost died and ruined his face (almost unrecognisable), Bi Cheng became senior agent in the headquarter and kill communists),

          However in the drama it will be a happy ending (Chen Shen converted Bi Cheng into communist) 🙂 hope the rumour is true.

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          • shannymelbournian, I’ve managed to skip your comments about the ending , but I read the first sentence and that made me really happy already! 🙂 I hope that we will have a happy ending indeed, considering how much suffering Chen Shen-Bicheng have had, especially Chen Shen. Still, I’m affraid to put too much hope on this. I’ve been disappointed by many series, so I’ll just enjoy the battle of wits and the intensity. In general, Sparrow has a GOOD script and directing and everything. This is what I’ve been hoping from a series, since I’m tired of idol dramas that we usually have these days.

            And, someone just posted in other forum that Sparrow ranks 1 in Tudou. I’m glad that many people notices the quality of this show.

            Liked by 1 person

            • LOL. yeah.. the script writer is the real author . that’s why this is one of the brilliantly made drama this year. I don’t watch too many dramas.(I actually stayed away from Korea drama for a few years already).but This drama has really got me hooked even stayed up until 1 am to watch it live 😀


              • I also don’t watch too many dramas. I usually watch Korean, but only 2-3 dramas a year. I watched Sparrow only for LYF, because I’ve been expecting Chusen for long but ended up getting butchered and disappointed. I never expect to be hooked with Sparrow. If the ending is satisfying, then it will deffinitely be in my favourite show list (which contains only several Korean series).


  3. @lucia
    Yes San Sheng went to ying zhuo the japanese and they both stalked Shan Hai..
    they saw it was Shan hai who was about to meet up with the military leader (maybe Da Chun??).
    They also found letter from Da Chun in Shan hai’s is a dead end proof..

    Bi Cheng goes onto hiding. At one stage luckily Chen shen found her and asked her to leave shanghai.

    Later Shan Hai with Chen shen’s help will go find Bi Cheng (remember the scene she is wearing the cute brown hat and they run together holding hands). Shan Hai even gave her a pretty red rose …(aww)
    Shan Hai hid in the restaurant but Bi zhongliang and his goons found him and shot him. (Bringing him back to prison and hence the death penalty. Noooooooooooo)


    • Shanhai has such a cruel death. I wonder how the drama will proceed after that, since Bicheng will have to then go into hiding all the time. The plot might begin to focus on Bi Tai Tai / Bi Zhongliang’s relationship, since I think she becomes a nun or something.

      And I wonder if Chen Shen is the one who kills Bi Zhongliang (or if Zhongliang is even killed at all).


      • Yeah. the romance will take a backseat and the full on politics and actions will begin. 🙂 But after Xiao Nan and Shan Hai’s death – I believe Chen Shen will ask for Bi Cheng’s help to complete his mission though..

        by the way Bi Zhong Liang is killed by ..
        According to the novel Bi Cheng has deep deep hatred for Bi Zhong Liang and to revenge for Shan Hai’s cruel death, she uses explosives to kill him. (But I’m not sure in the drama it will change to using gun instead?) “:) 🙂
        Bi Zhong Liang is definitely dead 🙂

        in the upcoming episodes, there will be a lot of scenes where Bi Zhong Liang points gun at Chen Shen.. even when Shan Hai was captured, Bi Zhong Liang pointed gun at Chen Shen’s head 🙂


        • I feel like Zhongliang has never trusted Chen Shen fully after the Qiuxia incident. There has always been suspicion at the back of his mind. Which is too bad, because I always felt like Zhongliang could have been almost a father figure to him…


          • Zhong liang is not a good guy either. He is so sadistic and kills every communists he see. Remember he gave money to 1 communist and asked him to shoot other communists (which he did). And then shot that 1 person dead at last.
            Chen shen must be full of rage when he witnessed it. Qiu xia also told Chen shen in the car that bi Zhongliang will have her killed before they reach nanjing prison.


            • Yeah, Chen Shen probably can’t forgive Zhongliang for the Qiu Xia incident. And while I think Zhongliang is definitely a horrible person, I feel like he still has a bit of humanity left in him – he really doesn’t want to accept the fact that Chen Shen is Sparrow, and he at least treats Bi Tai Tai well.


  4. Epi 47

    Well! Now I confused.


    Why did Chen Shen want to be enganged with Xiao Nan in the first place? I thought it was because of the noble idiocy?? But if it was, why did he confessed to Bicheng ?? He is clearly still in love with her.

    *scratching my own head* ..

    Gahh, these 2 episodes really make me sad



    • It all started from Meina”s bday party fake proposal.. since Xiao nan didnt reject it straightaway, she said she will keep the ring until one day Chen shen is willing coming to her.
      so Bi Tai Tai asked xiao nan again for the follow up..(on the telegram night) what was her answer for the proposal. She finally said yes on the telegram night. Chen Shen cannot figure out a way to reject so he just accepted it .. but he did ask bi tai tai to postpone the engagement day though.. said he was not ready yet.
      later Xiao Nan got stabbed because of him, he delt extremely hurt and guilty.

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      • Shan Hai in the office asked Chen Shen whether Bi cheng decided to end it with Chen Shen.
        Chen Shen replied Bi cheng was actually the same with chen shen himself, they could not bear to see other people hurt so they better hurt themselves. Shan Hai said thanks for the opportunity, he will treat Bi Cheng well…shan Hai kinda said make the best of it while you are still able to see the sunlight.
        Chen Shen replied If they could live until the end, they will have a good fight and see who wins and loses.

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        • …” Bi cheng was actually the same with chen shen himself, they could not bear to see other people hurt so they better hurt themselves.” .. => this is SO true *sigh* … That’s why their love story is stagnant, because think about others first *double sigh*


          • hehe. I reckon Xiao Nan is much too obsessive to my liking. Everytime Chen Shen wanted to said something “Actually I…” Xiao nan will stop him and ask him not to say it. As long as Chen Shen is there by her side she is okay with it.

            also, When Bicheng asked Xiaonan :what if you and Chen Shen cannot be together, Xiao Nan answered Bi Cheng if Chen Shen doesnt come home 1 day she will not marry 1 day. IF Chen shen doesnt come back forever, I have no meaning to live anymore..
            Oh obsessive..:(

            so When Bicheng told Chen Shen you could not dump Xiao nan , Chen Shen replied was “But what about you.? you don’t mind being dumped?” implying he wont be able to dump Bicheng too.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh I see.

              Yeah, I dislike that kinda 2nd female lead. Then again, in this case, I can’t fully blame Xiao Nan, because Chen Shen was the one who proposed first (although he did it because of the circumstances). I just feel bad for the three of them .. but at least, I’m glad that Chen Shen is firm with his love towards Bicheng.

              Btw, I see that everyone here ship Chen Shen-Bicheng. Then again, I notice that there are a lot of people that are annoyed by her *lol*.


              • I am one of the people annoyed with Bicheng lol. I just cannot comprehend how she managed to become an agent. But since she’s acted by Zhou Dongyu (one of my fav actresses) I kinda forgave her lol. And she is quite adorable^^

                I still like Xiaonan; she’s helped out Chen Shen so many times. Without her, he’d probably be dead by now. She’s selfless with her love, just as Bicheng is, or Qiuxia was, or Chen Shen is (or actually, any major character in this drama minus San Sheng and Zhongliang)

                Liked by 1 person

                • Yeah, and I understand why you girls are annoyed *lol* . Anyway, I love Xiao Nan too, but I still ship Chen Shen-Xiao Nan. And you are right, almost all of the major characters in this drama are selfless with their loves. Perhaps that is one of the attraction of this drama for me too (besides the battle of wits, and the ost, and the directing, etc etc). And, that makes it difficult for everyone because, they keep on letting go the ones they love and let themselves suffer themselves. I’m a sucker for this kinda sacrifices *sniffs*

                  Now, I’m preparing myself for a sad ending .. although I’m still hoping for a happy end


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