Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 46-47 Recap

Is it just me, or have the number of flashbacks been increasing in these latest episodes? Episode 47 is relatively slow, with Chen Shen struggling to figure out whether or not to marry Xiaonan.

The interrogation of Secretary Qian continues, and Chen Shen is brought in since Qian says Chen Shen was there to meet Dachun. Chen Shen then brings up a few seemingly logical points, like “Just because you saw me there doesn’t mean I was meeting him – you could say that for any person who was at the square at that time.” He continues that even if he was meeting Dachun, then why would he spare Qian’s life? Wouldn’t he kill him so that Qian wouldn’t be able to tell this story to Zhongliang? Zhongliang pauses the interrogation session there and says it will continue tomorrow, with San Sheng in charge of the questions.

Zhongliang talks to Chen Shen, mentioning how he was given a one day deadline by Ying Zuo to figure out who stole the Guilin plan. Meanwhile, Bicheng and Shanhai arrive safely to their home after their interrogation, and Shanhai tells Bicheng one of the core themes of this drama, “如果为了一个人连命都不要我们还有什么承受不了的”. (If for a person we can forsake our own life, then what else is there that we cannot withstand?) It is this same selfless attitude we have seen essentially all the main protagonists have. Bicheng begins to cry, and says that she owes Shanhai too much.

Xiaonan jokingly (except not really jokingly) tells Chen Shen he ought to train her how to be a spy. In her innocent demeanor, she asks him if he’s a communist or nationalist. Of course he responds by saying that the less she knows, the better. And as he ponders it a bit more, he tells Xiaonan she should leave him, and that in the future she won’t have as much luck as they did today – she will be in real danger. She disregards this statement, and asks “Does this mean you care for me on the same level of Bicheng?” Chen Shen gets frustrated since that’s not the point of his advice, and so he says “I’m saying you’re impeding my work!” And then he leaves Xiaonan sitting there in her room. I love the instrumental OST that plays in the background while Chen Shen talks to Xiaonan (hope it’s released one day!).

Secretary Qian is ultimately taken away to Mei Ji Guan. On the surface, it appears like case is closed. But on the interior, San Sheng and Zeng still suspect that something is off. Zeng investigated the hotel in more detail (where supposedly the meeting between Shu Di Huang and another nationalist was held) but the “owner” and his family have fled. Not to mention, the hotel has closed down. San Sheng tells Zeng to find the owner.

Shanhai admits to Chen Shen that sometimes he hates how every time he is in a crunch, Chen Shen always helps him. But he also says that the other day, when he placed Bicheng and Chen Shen’s hands together to run away, it was a difficult decision for him. It was symbolic for him giving Chen Shen an opportunity to love Bicheng – not to harm her by marrying Xiaonan instead.

San Sheng’s sister tells him to go visit Xiaonan and give her a jade bracelet, and he does so begrudgingly. Xiaonan doesn’t want to accept it but he practically forces it into her hands. When she declines a dinner invitation citing “Chen Shen will not be happy,” this seems to trigger a nerve in him and he tells her that for every day that she isn’t married to Chen Shen, he’ll keep trying to pursue her. Meanwhile, Chen Shen pulls Bicheng into his office and suddenly kisses her. A camera cut later they’re sitting on his bed – whoa, what happened in between? Bicheng tells him to marry Xiaonan since they owe her so much.

Chen Shen informs Bicheng and Shanhai that he’s detected San Sheng / Zeng investigating Tao Dachun lately. Dachun’s plans are to leave Shanghai soon because he has a new mission to kill some Japanese army leader. Bicheng suggests that tomorrow at the train station (where Dachun plans to leave from) they tell Dachun about him being followed. But Shanhai cannot go, since it’s his turn to be on duty at the bureau on Sunday. If he leaves, there will be great suspicion.



Xiaonan hides her face with a scarf and goes to find Dachun. Upon seeing him arrive at the station, she pretends to be tripped by him, spilling her basket of yarn. While she and Dachun lean down to pick up the yarn balls, she tells him in a low voice “I don’t know who you are, but I was told to tell you that you are being watched.” Dachun then sees Er Bao and a few other men indeed watching him. Both he and Xiaonan run away. Xiaonan is pursued by one of Zhongliang’s men in an alley, and though she manages to exercise some pretty neat fighting moves, she is also stabbed in the chest. Also, one of the dropped yarn balls is taken back to San Sheng at the bureau as evidence. San Sheng asks if the woman was Bicheng, but his inferiors say that the height and looks didn’t match. San Sheng is stumped.

Chen Shen takes Xiaonan back home, where Bicheng treats her wounds. Xiaonan tells Bicheng that as long as Chen Shen is safe, she’s willing to do anything.

Once they’re alone, Bicheng tells Chen Shen that he needs to marry Xiaonan, it’s her last request to him. She backhugs him. (Interestingly, usually male protagonists initiate the backhugs in dramas.) But after debating between marrying or not marrying Xiaonan, he ultimately decides he cannot. At the orphanage, he tells Bicheng that in this life he has only loved one woman – her.



79 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 46-47 Recap

        • The comb is a gift from Shan Hai to her. Shan hai on the phone mentioned that Bi Cheng once said she did not like a necklace that was the same as others . So he gave her another special gift that is different from others.

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      • I was also worried when she stopped for the comb. I was like,”Girl, it’s a COMB! Chen Shen had called you panickly so you’d better leave now!”. Eventhough it was precious, but the enemies’ car was already down below *lol*

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      • One other thing. Do you guys realize that, she was wearing a skirt and a neat clothes when she stopped for the comb? But then, we saw her escaping using a long pants *LOL*. She changed her dress so quickly .. hahaha


            • yeah, she changed the skirt to long pants, and also change her shirt to a very ordinary shirt (very very different to her usual outfit).
              the shirt she is wearing when she escape is the same as the shirt in the hugging photo. 🙂

              but the scene when Chen Shen and Bi Cheng holding hands on the table, and Bi Cheng thanked him, Bi Cheng wears a really cool Burberry Trench coat. YEAY

              Chen Shen also mentioned to Bi Cheng he felt sorry to put her in such position..she is a girl, should let the men do the tough work (meaning him and Shan Hai) before holding her hand.

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  1. Guys ..Spoiler from end of episode 48 preview:
    after Shan Hai tortured , Bi Zhong Liang asked him whether he was Shu Di Huang. He answered he was not. So Bi Zhong Liang targeted Bi Cheng now. (Bi Cheng is Shu Di huang). And they were looking for her.

    We all won’t guess this : Apparently Chen Shen helped her all along – he was the one who hid Bi Cheng. There was a scene of both of them holding hands on the table and Bi Cheng thanked him..

    Bi Zhong Liang kinda already suspected Chen Shen hid Bi Cheng, but he wanted to wait a little bit more and set more traps for Chen Shen.
    This is so unexpected. Bi Cheng supposedly goes into hiding but Chen Shen was with her all this time……omg . How dangerous.

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  2. By the way Lucia. In the last gif of the recap .. Bi Cheng told Chen Shen. The man he loves so many years cannot be a …..( what is it)? Can u help me here? Hehehe thanks.


    • yeah I also like to check the preview at the end of every episodes ..

      Shan Hai’s capture might happen in episode 49 or episode 50 (most likely ep 50 though).
      epi 48 will be mostly talking / politics between San Sheng, Shan Hai ,Chen Shen / Zhong Liang.


  3. Wait, doesn’t Chen Shen propose to Xiaonan in tomorrow’s episodes? He had two fake out proposals to her, no? Dude seriously needs to stop with this, I already know I’ve boarded a sunk ship – playing with my emotions is just cruel.


  4. do you guys notice recently most episodes is too short i.e. only 30-35 minutes length per episode? (that already including 5-10 mins flashback from previous episode). considering we have 13 episodes left, I hope they increase the length per ep..

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    • Yeah the length of the episodes seems to be decreasing the further along the series we are. I think the drama should just stop reusing flashback scenes so much (sometimes they flashback to literally a scene that happened two minutes before?!) since there’s still a lot of plot to cover. My prediction is this:
      Next five episodes – Xiaonan + her capture
      The next two episodes – Shanhai + his capture, Bicheng running away
      Next three episodes – Chen Shen taking Guilin plan away, Zhongliang catching him, Bi Tai Tai not wanting Zhongliang to capture Chen Shen
      Next three episodes – Bicheng kills Zhongliang, Chen Shen and Bicheng reunite


      • Shan Hai’s capture and death will happen before Xiao Nan’s, cause Xiao Nan was still alive when Shan Hai was imprisoned and Bi Cheng went missing. She will be admitted to hospital (chronic stomach pain), and Chen Shen will feed her medicine during that time I guess.

        Glad the preview yesterday showed Chen Shen talking to Bi Cheng after her escape (meaning he found her).

        YEah i am so looking forward to Chen Shen’s and Bi Cheng’s focus back on their romance in the last 3 episodes of the drama.


        • “Shan Hai’s capture and death will happen before Xiao Nan’s, cause Xiao Nan was still alive when Shan Hai was imprisoned and Bi Cheng went missing”

          ^^ good point.

          Yeah I’m looking forward to the OTP development too (esp fireworks 😀 )


          • have you watched preview at the end of ep 47? there is a scene Chen Shen talking to Bi Cheng,. Bi Cheng asked whether Shan Hai was still alive and Chen Shen could rescue him?

            there will be a hugging scene 🙂 I saw a photo of them hugging and noticed the clothes that they both wear are the same as the photo. 😀

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      • Lucia did you notice it Zhou Dongyu is really shy when it comes to a kissing scene but this time it’s not or maybe ship them too much 😍😍😍😍


        • heehee I saw in this episode that she actually opened her mouth to kiss Chen Shen back (!!)

          So actually I’ve only seen another one of Dongyu’s kiss scenes (in the movie with Lee Junki) and I think the two kisses in Sparrow have more feeling. But yea in general Dongyu is shy whenever filming OTP scenes (like in a scene in the movie she filmed with Lin Gengxin he leans over to her side and there was a lot of BTS cuts because she kept giggling (too shy lol)


  5. Wow, what a speedy recap! Thanks Lucia! Btw, arent you supposed to have a quiz today?? Has it done yet?? Hopefully you were doing okay!

    Anyway, considering that we have less than 15 episodes left, I’m glad that the story is beginning to give the conclusion for this drama. I hope that everything is done well, since sometimes a drama gives a rush ending and left some things unclear.


    • Yep! It went alright. Thanks for asking 🙂

      Yes, I’m glad that this drama is starting to wrap up important ends to the story, though I wonder what exactly *has* happened so far. I mean, the taking Guilin plan scheme kinda failed, so it seems like Bicheng / Shanhai / Chen Shen all haven’t accomplished their missions yet…

      But I think we are approaching the end especially with Xiaonan perhaps, since she dropped a ball of yarn that was later taken to San Sheng… this will perhaps be the evidence he will use against her to interrogate her.

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      • Yay for doing alright for the quiz!

        Yeah, I expect more explanation regarding the plan. Chen Shen still has it, hasnt he? It’s what they were after since the bginning, so I hope the series wont forget that. It’s like THE ultimate mission os Sparrow.

        And yeah, I agree about Xiao Nan too. That yarn should be one of the clues for San Sheng


          • Wait..I thought that 1 of them is real?? I should rewatch that part ! If the real 1 is still in Zhongliang’s safe, then I guess that Zhongliang will discover Chen Shen’s secret while he is trying to steal it


            • Yeah originally I had thought that one of the copies was real, but apparently not (at least I’m pretty sure). I think I remember watching a part where Zhongliang told Chen Shen “I didn’t put the real plan in the safe, otherwise Ying Zuo woul kill me!”

              Yes, I think you are right in your guess. There’s so much drama over a few sheets of paper, lol.

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    • Btw, thanks for explaining the core theme of this drama :
      “(If for a person we can forsake our own life, then what else is there that we cannot withstand?)”

      No wonder. I’m a sucker for a series where the characters sacrifice themselves for the others .

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  6. thanks for the super excellent recap Lucia. ^^ ^^

    I feel like Shan Hai has really helped Chen shen a lot to make decisions regarding him and Bi Cheng. in the latter conversation, he helped convince Chen Shen that they may not be able to live tomorrow, so seize the opportunity and must make decision immediately.

    Then Shan Hai also makes his own love confessions to Bi Cheng (we all know he will get rejected), but still he did it, and hugged her..Maybe he has intuition that he won’t live much longer cause he is ready to battle with San Sheng.

    he’s such an interesting guy!!

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    • Thanks shannymelbournian for the explanation!

      I expect that things should go in a faster pace starting from epi 48 (although I personally didn’t mind the pace of epi 46-47). We still have several things to resolve. Chen Shen has decided that he couldn’t marry Xiao Nan and only loved Bicheng, so, next episodes should contain less pondering and more to action / execution. We still have many things left :

      — Shanhai’s, Xiao Nan’s, San Sheng’s fate
      — the secret plan
      — Zhongliang’s fate and his bromance with Chen Shen
      — the romance between Chen Shen-Bicheng

      I hope everything can be covered satisfyingly in 13 episodes. I’m kinda nervous here *lol*


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