Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 48-49 Recap

Episodes 48-49 Recap

We’re almost in the 50s! By the way, next week I have quizzes on Tuesday and Wednesday, so there might be delays in recaps once again. But anyway: Below are the ratings for episode 49. Sparrow is once again in first place with a significant lead 🙂

Boss Li assigns San Sheng a new, secret mission whereby he is to assist the Japanese. Bicheng thinks it’s strange this new position isn’t assigned to Shanhai, given their family connections, but Shanhai brushes it off as nothing much. He points out that otherwise people would accuse Boss Li of favoring his relatives. Bicheng sighs that they are only going to face more trouble in the future. Shanhai thinks about this and decides he needs to go see Dachun to discuss possibility of killing San Sheng and Zeng. Especially with the failure of the Guilin plan, it’s not as if Shanhai has any other mission to accomplish in the meantime.



Zeng walks into an alley and suddenly a gun is pointed at his back – it’s Tao Dachun. He threatens Zeng that if he doesn’t kill San Sheng, then his son will be killed. Zeng gets on his knees on begs Dachun not to kill his son. The lesson here, folks, is not to walk in sketchy places. Zeng tells Dachun that this afternoon, San Sheng plans to meet someone at this open square. So Dachun goes there, barely disguising himself (I’m talking about a pair of sunglasses) and fires at San Sheng. I can’t even. San Sheng obviously ducks to safety, but Zeng is hit by one of the bullets and dies on impact. Well, that pretty much wins the award for most random death in this series so far. San Sheng manages to see that the attacker is Dachun, but as San Sheng’s men begin shooting back, Dachun flees — but not before leaving behind his umbrella, that has a special handle carved of wood.

San Sheng has a great memory and remembers the umbrella from way back when on the night where he killed all of Zeng’s inferiors, where Shanhai could only stare from the outside of the building clutching his umbrella in the rain — it’s the same umbrella. What is up with people’s photographic memories in this drama? San Sheng also sends Ah Qiang (one of the guys who works at the bureau) to go kill Zeng’s son. His reason is this: when Zeng’s son grows up, he’ll find San Sheng for revenge. Dang San Sheng is so cruel. But what he doesn’t realize is that Shanhai already anticipated this and sent someone to bring Zeng’s son to safety.

San Sheng hires an assassin for two gold bars (whoa I think these were two gold bars that Shanhai once gave him), who tells him that as long as they track down Dachun, they will be able to find Shu Di Huang. He also has a personal motive for killing Dachun – Dachun had murdered one of his good friends. San Sheng then goes to talk to Ying Zuo that Secretary Qian may not have been the true Shu Di Huang, but instead the cover for the real one.

Shanhai tells Bicheng that he plans to go meet the nationalist liaison man the next day, but she worries it will be dangerous and tells him not to go. He says he has to since Dachun can’t do it (he has to be in hiding due to almost being caught by San Sheng). Little does he know that San Sheng actually knows about his plan – the assassin he hired was originally on Shanhai’s side and knows Dachun’s original plans. And when I say “little does he know”, I mean that no one in the bureau knows San Sheng’s plan except for Ying Zuo, and that’s only because San Sheng told him.

San Sheng and Ying Zuo witness the exchange from a building above, using binoculars. They see Tang Shanhai and San Sheng in his excited state asks Ying Zuo whether they should catch him now. Ying Zuo says to wait a little more. They surmise that Shanhai and the liaison plan to “accidentally” switch hats, with the hats carrying messages in them. The message is supposed to contain information regarding the next meeting place of the nationalists. But Ying Zuo thinks of a clever idea for San Sheng to put his own message in a hat making up a meeting place – this way the bureau can further track the movements of the nationalist party.

So after Shanhai and the liaison make the switch, the liaison leaves the cafe and begins heading elsewhere. But San Sheng knocks over his bike in an “accident” and in that time is able to switch the liaison’s hat with his own, carrying the false message of where to meet. (First we got fake Guilin plans, now we’ve got fake meeting location messages.) After Shanhai returns to the bureau, San Sheng makes lunch plans with him – Shanhai agrees, though wondering why.

After Shanhai leaves the bureau to get ready to go to the lunch appointment, San Sheng announces to the bureau that he is temporarily sealing off the bureau’s gates until 3 pm, and no one is allowed to enter or leave during this time. He also says he will cut off the telephone cords to prevent any communication with the outside. He explains that he is about to find Shu Di Huang. Zhongliang listens to all of this and feels humiliated. San Sheng is actually a slight step late, since Chen Shen has already called Bicheng to escape right after San Sheng’s announcement. Thankfully she is able to make it out in time right before San Sheng’s men come to arrest her. She doesn’t bring much, just some money, other important agent stuff, and the comb Shanhai gifted her.

Meanwhile, Chen Shen is in a bind since he can’t leave the bureau, but if Shanhai is caught as Shu Di Huang, this isn’t beneficial to him either since who knows when Sparrow’s identity will then be revealed. Coincidentally Xiaonan is hanging out with Chen Shen at the bureau during this time, and she thinks of a good way to get out in order to help Chen Shen: she drinks heavy green tea, which stimulates her chronic stomach illness. She doubles over in actual pain, but San Sheng holds Chen Shen back from sending her to the hospital. San Sheng brings her there instead. She is admitted to the emergency room but comes out relatively safe.

While Shanhai is out of the bureau, he is then arrested and taken to Mei Ji Guan to be interrogated by Ying Zuo himself.

Zhongliang suspects Chen Shen a little now, since he thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that Xiaonan had to be sent to the hospital now. He wonders if Chen Shen is trying to help Shanhai. But Zhongliang doesn’t say anything, since it’s not to his benefit. After all, if San Sheng’s plan goes 100% as expected and swiftly, then Zhongliang will likely be fired. He doesn’t want that. So instead he keeps quiet.


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92 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 48-49 Recap

  1. coffeenlucia says:

    OMIGOSH THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE. Here is BTS from the drama. Zhou Dongyu forgets her lines, and Li Yifeng says “me too”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The preview of epi 52 .. seemed to be different than the one posted by Shanny ?

    *Shanhaaaaaaaiiiii!!!! *crying*
    Bicheng, I like those high heels!


    • Mbm_217 says:

      I cannot open it I think it’s blocked on my country again


    • Shan says:

      Yeah it became blocked again 😦 sobs.
      If i remember correctly from last nite;

      -Shan hai’s hugging Chen Shen before his burial.
      BI Cheng standing at the bridge look super sad 😦

      -Xiao nan complained to Bi Cheng about San sheng came to her house every day and San Sheng wanted to harm chen shen, so Bi Cheng prepared explosions and threw it at San Sheng who is in front of xiao nan’s house (I bet she will fail though)
      – chen Shen saw explosives hidden under Bi Cheng bed and told her not to rush..He knew Bi Cheng wanted to kill San Sheng but she nust be patient.. 😦

      (The preview where san sheng kiss xiao nan is after both the episodes finished airing) . I am so scared for that. ;( ;( ;( ;(

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww .. it’s too bad that you guys couldn’t see it 😦 . Yeah, the preview is like what Shanny wrote, but it lacked the part of San Sheng trying to kiss Xiao Nan. Poor her 😦 . Chen Shen should’ve be with her every night, but he went to visit Bicheng *sigh — it’s difficult when you have 2 girls on your hands*

        Regarding the explosives, yeah .. I think she will fail too *lol* . She is still an amateur, from the she was hiding things from Chen Shen (girl, did you think you can really hide the explosives from Chen Shen?? Even if she managed to hide it under the bed, Chen Shen was a pro spy. He could still smell the gun powder).


        • ” from the she was hiding things ” => should be ” from the way she was hiding things ” .. sorry


        • shannymelbournian says:

          hehe.. I sort of understand why he visits Bi Cheng every night, since Bi Cheng is his girlfriend, she is in danger of being captured again.also Shan Hai told him (a few times) to take good care of Bi Cheng, on behalf of Shan Hai also) \

          I noticed Chen Shen even brings Bi Cheng dinner very often lol lol (he is such a loving boyfriend)

          Xiao Nan is more like a sister to Chen Shen, he has no romantic feeling for her.

          Yeah Bi Cheng is so amateur, she will fail at her first attempt to throw explosives.. lol .
          San Sheng will die in Chen Shen’s hand in the end..


          • Yeah, I just feel bad about Xiao Nan .. despite everything. She loves a guy who doesn’t love him back, and the guy who falls in love with her is a psycho. Although I still ship Chen Shen-Bicheng, but still .. poor Xiao Nan 😦

            Anyway, if Zhongliang suspects Chen Shen to hide Bicheng ( that is something that Zhongliang and San Sheng should think, because they could see her as someone he cared about), then why don’t he just order someone to follow Chen Shen, like what he did in the first episodes ? (or .. he will?)


      • Mbm_217 says:

        I really hate San Sheng he is a really mean person looking forward for the next ep I’m sure it’s a heartbreaking ep


        • Moonlight says:

          Same! At first I thought he was perhaps a nice character through his OTP scenes with Xiao Nan. But wow now I think he’s really awful and possessive in nature 😦


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