Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 50-51 Recap

Episodes 50-51 Recap

Last episode we all wondered how Xiaonan would be able to relay the message to the nationalists not to hold their meeting at the Da Fang Hotel. Episode 50 reveals all. Xiaonan is still in pain, but one of the doctors in charge of taking care of her is another friend of Chen Shen’s. (When she was quite sick last year and got kicked out of her apartment because she couldn’t afford to pay the bills, Chen Shen helped her out and even helped her get a job.) Xiaonan pleads her that Chen Shen needs help, so would she please go to Da Fang Hotel before 3pm and light a fire torch so that people know that the circumstances have changed and that there is impending danger? That is exactly what the doctor does.

San Sheng arrives to the scene just having missed the party. All the nationalists have already fled, and he can only return to the bureau empty-handed. The Japanese are pissed, because not only did they lose opportunity to capture the nationalists, even Shu Di Huang’s partner managed to escape. Zhongliang is quite giddy, but at the same time he has lost faith in Chen Shen. After the 3pm deadline is past, he returns home, bringing Chen Shen along.

He tells Chen Shen to enter his study room, and all of a sudden Zhongliang points a gun at him. He says Chen Shen has used Xiaonan this time, and he must have been the culprit last time in saving Bicheng from being arrested as the telegram-sender. “You must tell me who you are,” Zhongliang says. “Or I will have no choice but to hand you over to Ying Zuo.”

Chen Shen doesn’t directly answer Zhongliang’s allegations. Instead, he says that there’s no point in handing him over. Even if he does so, this will only showcase Zhongliang’s inability to do so earlier, highlighting his incompetency in the whole Guilin fiasco. Chen Shen then asks Zhongliang why he is so loyal to the Japanese. He says the Japanese are only using Zhongliang right now because he has value to be used. In the future, when he has lost the value, he will be tossed as well. “That’s why I am only loyal to myself,” Chen Shen says. Before leaving, he adds “On part of us being brothers, I hope this is the last time you point a gun at me.”

San Sheng goes to see Xiaonan after his big failed plan, and she asks him if she can see Chen Shen. San Sheng agrees stiffly, still barely managing composure, but once he leaves the hospital room he erupts in anger, releasing it upon his inferiors. He happens to see Chen Shen about to enter the hospital, and he alleges “You used Xiaonan, didn’t you?” Chen Shen says San Sheng ought to be a novel writer. San Sheng says to cut the crap, and that one day he will beat him. Wow, I think this mission to track down Shu Di Huang and Sparrow has become personal to San Sheng. Chen Shen feeds Xiaonan porridge.

Bicheng has successfully escaped to the location Chen Shen instructed her to head towards. Chen Shen goes to see her, and he suggests that she leave Shanghai as soon as possible. He asks “What if Shanhai sells you out?” Bicheng says she cannot leave Chen Shen, nor can she abandon Shanhai. “After all, if he sells me out, that would mean he would sell you out as well, and you aren’t leaving.” Good point, Bicheng. Getting sassier, aren’t you? Chen Shen says he can’t leave because he already promised someone (Zai Xiang) that he would become a rusted nail in deep in the heart of the enemy ranks. Then Chen Shen hugs her.

Meanwhile, San Sheng tortures Shanhai, whose excuse is that he was meeting a friend at the cafe when his hat got switched. San Sheng laughs at the made-up story. Shanhai was originally worried for Bicheng’s safety, that he might have endangered her, but San Sheng mentions “Once we capture Da Chun and Bicheng […] ” which implies that they haven’t captured her yet. Shanhai is relieved that she has managed to escape.

Boss Li sees Ying Zuo, who’s pissed. “This must be someone trying to frame us,” Boss Li says. “Many people at the bureau are jealous of me.” Ying Zuo raises an eyebrow, replying that it was San Sheng’s work that allowed Shanhai, allegedly Shu Di Huang, to be captured. Boss Li then goes to see San Sheng, and then slaps him. “Do you know what that slap was for? Before committing an action, one must know how to be a person.” Eh, the phrase sounds better in Chinese, 做事之前要知道怎么做人. San Sheng says sorry for disobeying bureau rules and directly contacting Mei Ji Guan without going through Boss Li. Boss Li leaves, but not before adding one more phrase “Do not become too ambitious.”

San Sheng searches Shanhai’s house and begins to suspect that Chen Shen called Bicheng right before people arrived there to capture her. He tells Ah Da to go look into phone records yesterday and see who was the last person who called Bicheng. They also find a letter in one of the drawers that is written from Bicheng to Shanhai. In it Bicheng confesses she is Shu Di Huang, and that she is sorry for not explaining earlier. She was never able to get over Meina and Shanhai’s relationship, but she found a guy called Da Chun who shared her same beliefs and values, so she decided to run away with him. Of course, this letter isn’t true — Chen Shen told Bicheng what to write.

Boss Li and Zhongliang decide to team up with each other for once, because this time San Sheng really harmed their pride and standing within the bureau. They decide to transfer Shanhai from Mei Ji Guan to Zhongliang’s bureau to be interrogated. It’s not as if they are overstepping their bounds either, since this is actually what the rules dictate. San Sheng is angry, but can’t do anything in the face of Ying Zuo’s authority and say in the matter. On the car ride back to the bureau Chen Shen secretly shows Shanhai the letter he had Bicheng write, just in case Shanhai is asked similar questions during interrogation.

Chen Shen gives Shanhai a chance to die in a fast manner, bringing him just within the gates of the jail outside, where Zhongliang’s dog is exercising quite viciously. His neck could be snapped within seconds by the dog, Chen Shen says. But Shanhai doesn’t open the gate awaiting his fast death. He says that the difference between dog and man is that man has dreams and ideals. Chen Shen then reassures him that he has a way to rescue him out of prison – so long as Shanhai has something to offer Zhongliang and Boss Li, he can barter for his life back.


69 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 50-51 Recap

  1. Arrggh, tomorrow I’m leaving early in the morning for an outing. I hope I can still have time to watch epi 53 *crying* ..

    Btw, Shannymelbournian, I’ve rewatch the trailer and epi 41 (TV version), the telegram sending. You were right :. Bicheng wore the same black outfit in those scenes, but her hair was tied in a bun in the telegram sending, while it was loose in the trailer. So it means that she is gonna be surrounded by several men in black outfit, GYAHH!!! And where is Chen Shen?? Is he gonna get shot at that time??


    • Yeah.. i am afraid that noone will come to save her. What if Chen Shen wanted to rescue Bi Cheng when she was cornered but he could not …(Maybe the scene where his car hit something massive and he fainted inside the car)

      Noooooo please don’t let her get caught by Bi Zhong Liang and San Sheng !!! 😢😢😢😢 noone can escape from those two men unscathed


      • ARgh! Hmm, yeah, there are a lot possibilities. Because the climax is the near, I think we should expect the worst thing happening to our OTP *crying*. Then again, I don’t think that Bicheng would be caught, because Chen Shen then will have no other option than to surrender himself. Right??? (hopefully – lol- ).


        • hehe I truly hope someone will show up and miraculously save her in time! Chen Shen’s identity is blown in Bi Zhong Liang’s house though, so probably Chen Shen not barter his life with Bi Cheng’s 🙂


          • I’ve been thinking that Chen Shen could contact Da Chun or Pi Dan beforehand, in order to save her. And, if he is shot too at that time, somebody should come to save him too.
            Haha .. the long waiting is torturing. It makes us devices a story of our own


  2. guys
    just finished ep 52. it was a super short ep(only like 30-33 mins??) oh dear..
    but best thing of the ep is Chen Shen holding Bi Cheng’s hand. Bi Cheng asked him whether he was sparrow. Chen Shen answered “i don’t know who is sparrow. noone told me about it”.
    but he told Bi Cheng that Cai xiang is his sister in law and Pi pi is his nephew, the only family he has left.
    Bi Cheng told Chen Shen “I am also your and Pi Pi’s family. In the future Chen house will have more kids”. Chen Shen smiled and said “u should remember these words that you said today”. they both smiled. so sweet

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder where they’re standing at though, there seems to be posters in front of them. But at least this means Chen Shen gets to see Bicheng after the accident :3

      So fireworks scene probably happens after this then.


      • Yeay.. if the photo is actually from the drama, I will be ecstatic .. that full-of-love gaze from Chen Shen ..omggg..😘😘..

        but I thought Chen Shen has no bandages on his head when they are watching fireworks? Maybe it will happen towards the last 2 episodes? Yeah I also noticed the poster on the door.. wondering where it is.


  3. At 40.27 Xiao Nan says since coming to Shanghai, she no longer remembers much of her parents but remembers much of her sister.

    Chen Shen then asks you have a sister?

    OMG Xiao Nan, tell him who your sister is.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Xiao Nan will tell him when she is in prison 😣😣😣😣. She kept her secret until the very end.. 😦

      I am not a big fan of xiao nan though , because she knows Chen Shen loves Bi Cheng, but xiao nan is not willing to let him go and insists to cling to him.


    • Welcome back Moonlight@ hope you are coping well with exams and assignments !

      Quick update : Shan Hai’s impending death is happening in the next few episodes and Chen Shen – Bi Cheng are officially together now. The last 9 eps is getting so intense 😄


      • Yay good to seem them together now 🙂 From the preview Bi Cheng seems less timid and full of determination now 🙂 Loving how the wardrobe seems to change with her change of character. (i.e. She lets her hair down now) Now go and avenge Shan Hai’s death! Yea I feel like the story pace is building up now. Can’t wait! Can you believe the drama is ending next week!

        Liked by 1 person

          • yeah .. shame the peach scarf fell into the river (while Bi Cheng was mourning Shan Hai’s death).
            But anyway Bi Cheng also look gorgeous in her other colour coat. (black coat and the dark brown coat). so cool..
            her fashion has upgraded to a whole new level after Shan Hai’s departure. LOL..


  4. @mbm_217 the preview is now available to watch in our country 🙂 I guess they unblock it an hour before the episodes released:(


    • Watching the preview again. I noticed Xiao Nan’s lower lips has a little bit of bruise when speaking to Bi i right?
      Maybe San Sheng hit her because she refused to kiss him / she tried to tackle him ..😣😣 omg.


        • Poor girl . Hope Chen Shen finds San sheng and hits him back.
          It also looks like Xiao Nan has moved to a hotel now. (The background looks like hotel) .
          Yeah the shoes and the trench coat are just gorgeous gorgeous !!! Bi Cheng is too pretty, no wonder Chen Shen is so in love with her. (Even after Shan Hai’s death Bi cheng seems to get prettier) 😍😍


      • OMG I’ve noticed too. San Sheng seems the type that if he doesn’t get what he want (ie Xiao Nan) he will resort to other abusive ways…Please Xiao Nan stay away from this psychopath T_T


      • Shan Ha got beaten up by San sheng in Mei Ji Guan, to force him to speak. But shan hai really cares for Bi Cheng a lot.

        He said to Chen shen.”please take care of her on behalf of me” at least 3x lol (when they both standing in front of the dog yard, when Chen Shen gave him last hair cut, and when he hugged Chen Shen before his burial).

        Liked by 1 person

        • Awww so sad does Bi Cheng find out how he dies? So so so sad 😦 It’s good that Chen Shen keeps his word to Shan Hai (His Xiong Di) but I feel so sad for Xiao Nan now :”(


          • Yea I am sure Chen Shen told her about the way Shan Hai died..(san sheng told shan hai he will send him to hell using his own hands).. i.e. bury alive
            Thats why she wanted to kill San Sheng using explosives


  5. On another note, i also notice Chen Shen shows a lot more affections towards Bi Cheng. He pulls her for a hug (in the gif above) 🙂
    and also, the holding hand on the table scenes, Chen Shen was the one who initiates it too, he grabs Bi Cheng hand first, and later Bi Cheng put her other hand on top of his. there has been a progress on the OTP scenes definitely!


    • Oh forgot to mention he hugged her too in the orphanage when he said ‘I, Chen Shen only love 1 woman in my entire life”. LOL


        • Hahaaaa. ^^ ^^t i ‘m 90% sure there will be no 3rd kiss. Lol..
          But there will be scene he backhugs her while watching fireworks from the bridge. Hehe..
          Hope there are more oTP Scenes again.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔😍😍


        • I want a happy ending, HAHAHA. And I hope the novel readers like the changes (if they choose a happy ending). I mean, Chen Shen-Bicheng have been through a lot and they’ve been waiting for so long to be together. I really want them to end well. Besides, with so many tragedies in the series, the viewers should feel better if the ending is happy.

          Anyway, Chen Shen-Xiao Nan shippers prefer them to stay single *LOL*. For me, it’s better to make them switch partners (to be Chen Shen-Xiao Nan and Bicheng-Shanhai) then to make them all single


    • I kinda forgot that part .. hmm .. should rewatch the episodes again.
      Anyway, I thought that Chen Shen was going to contact Pi Dan to help him hiding Bicheng, but he didn’t,. Perhaps he didn’t want to drag those people if something went wrong, while still protecting his girlfriend. I’m just wondering .. since we saw that he is gonna be shot again in the trailer, then there should be someone helping him.


  6. Thanks a lot for the recaps, Lucia! \(^o^)/

    Ha, Chen Shen got a pretty doctor as a friend! It’s indeed difficult to beat him, isn’t it ? Considering that he has been spying for > 3 years in the area and made a lot of contacts 😀 .

    I love it that Zhongliang and San Sheng could read his moves, but couldn’t do anything. San Sheng just didn’t want to hurt Xiao Nan, while Zhongliang was still dunno what to do. I love it that the story didn’t make them dumb or pretending to be ignorant since, it was obvious that Chen Shen was the one who told the Nationalists using Xiao Nan. And I love how Zhongliang confronted Chen Shen. It was a sign that he already figured out everything, but still cared about Chen Shen. Love the bromance

    I also wondered whether they could track the phone record or not *LOL*. Yay for San Sheng to figure that out! Although he is very evil, but I like it that we have smart villains as the opponent 😀

    And I love how Bicheng insisted to stay. Yes, Bicheng is getting smarter and braver . She has been learning a lot


    • Thank you for the amazing recap Lucia!

      Yeah Zhong Liang seems to be ok with Chen Shen helping the Nationalists.
      But wait until he caught Chen Shen stealing Gui Lin Plan near the end of the series – he will try to kill Chen Shen. omg..

      REgarding San Sheng tracking phone records, Chen Shen already asked Pi Dan to go to the telephone company and erase the phone call from Chen Shen, so when San Sheng checked the record – the last phone call made to Bi Cheng was from Shan Hai in the morning.

      by the way I also remember Luna mention in the MV trailer about Bi Cheng surrounded by a lot of men wearing black suits (She didn’t tie her hair up – wearing black coat). this scene has not happened before, I suspect Bi Cheng will be captured if Chen Shen doesnt come on time. (OH NOOOOO)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eh? How could somebody erase a phone call record?? Is he working for one or having a connection in the phone company??

        “Bi Cheng surrounded by a lot of men wearing black suits (She didn’t tie her hair up – wearing black coat)” => oh, I thought that this happened on that sending telegram case. It should be when Chen Shen came with that cool leather jacket and brought Bicheng along with him. The black-suited men were San Sheng’s underlings


        • Haha yeah plot hole.. how Pi dan help to erase phone record, maybe bribe someone in phone company ^^ ^^

          No the Bi cheng surrounded scene didnt happen during telegram nite &^^. When Chen Shen pushed her away and he dodged the bullet – she tied her hair in a bun. (She didnt wear her hair out)
          And quickly after that Chen Shen drove away in the car..San Sheng and the men missed out on them..

          Liked by 1 person

          • *LOL* .. Yeah, most likely he bribes an employee who’s working there, like how they bought that hotel owner (Chen Shen is quite rich, isn’t he? 😀 ) . Or, perhaps someone in the phone company is a Communist too, or owes him his life like that doctor did *LOL*

            “hen Chen Shen pushed her away and he dodged the bullet – she tied her hair in a bun. (She didnt wear her hair out)” => didn’t her hair get loose because she was pushed to the wall ? Hmm .. I gotta rewatch that part. Basically, I’m glad if there’s gonna be more action . And Chen Shen should wear that black leather jacket again *LOL* (it’s like his night uniform when fighting crimes)


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