Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 52-54 Recap

I’m still unsure about my posting schedule for next week because I have two important quizzes (that are still worth a significant amount of my grade) coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. But either way, I should be able to post all of the remaining recaps by the end of next week (like by October 14).

Bi Tai Tai hears the news about Shanhai and Bicheng allegedly being spies in the bureau. She preaches Christian values at Zhongliang and tells him to be merciful. Chen Shen then visits Xiaonan, who’s still recovering at the hospital. He stares at her until she comments that he’s been looking at her for seven minutes and some seconds straight now. He asks her if she wants to leave Shanghai. But just like Bicheng, Xiaonan refuses. She says she won’t blow his cover, if that’s what he’s worried about.

Zhongliang and Chen Shen begin interrogating Shanhai, who comments that Zhongliang is unlike the rest, who can only barely feel their way through a treacherous, rocky river under the ranks of Wang Wei and in the bureau. Shanhai continues his metaphor, that Zhongliang knows whether to stay on the left side or right side of the coastline. But regardless: “You need a boat to cross the river, and I have a ship that leads straight to Chongqing.” Translation: He has information regarding the nationalist party that Zhongliang will want to know, in exchange for his life being spared.

Chen Shen visits Bicheng once again, who is still in hiding. He confesses to her about Zaixiang being his sister-in-law, and Pi Pi being the only living relative he has left. (Oh just wait until he finds out about Xiaonan’s identity.) He tells Bicheng Shanhai should be safe, and she is visibly relieved. Chen Shen says that these types of jobs were meant for men to do in the first place, but Bicheng is oddly quiet. She then admits that whilst she was hiding in this room, doing nothing, she realized that she wasn’t completely doing her agent job just for Chen Shen. Her motivation was something stronger.

Chen Shen replies that he knows, and knew ever since the incident where Bicheng hesitated whether or not to give him the actual film of the Guilin plan. He says he knows why he fell in love with her at first sight when he was her teacher at the agent training complex. It was because from her eyes he could see a pure and strong light of faith. He says that faith is what brings more light into life, and is larger than simply love.

Bicheng also asks Chen Shen if he is Sparrow, but he says that he doesn’t know who Sparrow is.

Dachun tracks Chen Shen down and points a gun at him (wtf, he’s saved your life so many times now). Dachun is pissed and asks where Shanhai and Bicheng are. But Chen Shen manages to reverse the scenario and points the gun at Dachun instead, saying that Bicheng is safe somewhere and that Shanhai is currently in jail being interrogated. “How can I trust you that Bicheng is safe?” Chen Shen then says he has no choice but to trust him. Also, if he really wanted to kill him, why is he sparing his life right now?

After meeting with Boss Li and Chen Shen regarding whether or not to take up Shanhai’s offer of insider information into the nationalist party, Zhongliang decides to agree to the suggestion. Essentially, the story that Shanhai presents to him is this: Xu Bicheng is Shu Di Huang. The nationalist party will send a message to their house’s mailbox, and this message is to be exchanged with Shanhai’s life. However, the situation is slightly more complicated. In the message are names of two nationalist party members who are essentially sacrifices from Boss Dai (some sort of regional leader of the party I suppose) that the bureau can kill and offer to Mei Ji Guan as sort of penance for Zhongliang’s and Boss Li’s failures last time.

But there is a plot hole: Suppose Shanhai wasn’t Shu Di Huang. (He is, but for sake of argument) then why would the party want to save him? They technically should only care about Bicheng.

Bian Tou asks for money from Chen Shen, who guesses correctly that he and his girlfriend are about to get married. His girlfriend is pregnant and Bian Tou is running out of funds since he’s spent so much on preparing for their future home, etc. Chen Shen gives him a large sum of money (100 dollars). Bian Tou tears up and thanks him, saying he’ll follow him for the rest of his life, even if it means Chen Shen will become a barber. (I foresee Bian Tou dying in the future. I’ve got this premonition. Hopefully I’m wrong, because he’s actually my favorite character.)

Dachun says he was the one who gave the message to Chen Shen in order to save Shanhai. Bicheng is suspicious exactly what type of message could possibly be exchanged for Shanhai’s life, and Dachun says the names of people – their real identities – in the message were actually communists, not nationalists. One goes by the code name “Doctor” and is in charge of many communication lines within the party. Another communist liaison Du Huan Le will be meeting Doctor today at a cafe, where the bureau / Zhongliang can arrest them. Dang, that’s a pretty underhanded move, using a different party’s people to save Shanhai. “How could you do this? They are innocent in this case!” Bicheng exclaims. Dachun says that one day they will be fighting communists, but Bicheng says that as of right now they are fighting the same cause, how could he do this?

Bicheng tries to call Chen Shen but he doesn’t pick up since he’s out of the office talking to Shanhai while he’s being temporarily released from jail (to go help out in arresting the people who are to meet at the cafe). Shanhai tells Chen Shen that if there’s a possibility that the people arrested are good people, then he doesn’t know what he is going to do.

Bicheng ends up showing up at the cafe right before the scheduled meeting is supposed to begin. Zhongliang has practically sent the entire bureau there awaiting the two communists (but they don’t know that they’re communists) to show up. He sends Shanhai to sit inside the cafe to wait for the two men there, and Chen Shen to the the outside of the cafe and patrol the area looking out for them. He and Er Bao watch from a high facing tower.

Zhongliang discusses things with Er Bao, including his suspicions regarding the message. Why would the nationalists agree so easily to hand over two of their men? They deduce that there are two possibilities. 1) The men are actually communist, not nationalist, so getting rid of them would actually just benefit the nationalists. 2) There were no men to begin with, and Shanhai is planning to run. (And actually Chen Shen has just began to realize that possibility 1 might be true.) Just then Zhongliang’s hired assassin (recall from early episodes the same assassin who killed Zai Xiang) shows up and Zhongliang tells him to shoot at Shanhai if he exhibits any unusual behavior.

Bicheng disguises herself as a waitress in the cafe and tells Shanhai that the two men are actually communists, and they can’t afford to harm innocent people here. She tells him to run away with her. But Shanhai stays sitting there. Meanwhile Xiaonan has just so happened (#xiaonansavestheday) to meet up with Bian Tou’s fiancee at the cafe, but they don’t go in just yet. Chen Shen walks over to Xiaonan, but while he’s doing so, notices Du Huan Le’s presence and warns him in a whisper that the situation has changed; leave immediately. He does so, but Er Bao begins to chase Huan Le. But Dachun appears to have changed his mind after Bicheng’s preaching at him. He will actually try to save the innocent communists. He drives his car ferociously and hits Er Bao quite hard, who falls to the ground. He unwittingly also injures Chen Shen (but he’s not hurt as bad). Xiaonan sees his blood and faints.

Amidst the chaos, Shanhai escapes through the back door of the cafe, where Bicheng is waiting. They begin to run away as fast as possible together, hand in hand. Chen Shen catches up to them and basically says how dumb they and the nationalist party are, and why does Bicheng have to show up now? Bicheng can only look dumbstruck while Shanhai defends her and tells Chen Shen not to insult her. Chen Shen tells Bicheng to run away while she hasn’t been seen yet, while he says he will try to save Shanhai.

Bicheng hides in a nearby tower while Shanhai stages a scenario where he points a gun at Chen Shen’s neck, essentially holding him hostage. Zhongliang, Bian Tou, and the others show up, all pointing their guns at Shanhai. Shanhai demands a car, though Zhongliang is almost amused and wonders what he can do right now in the face of death wanting a car. Meanwhile, he signals the assassin to shoot Shanhai. Just as the guy is about to shoot, Chen Shen notices and whispers this to Shanhai, who dodges away. However, in doing so, this gives opportunity for Zhongliang to shoot him in the chest. Shanhai falls to the ground, and Chen Shen, who is already exhausted from his sustained injury from Dachun’s car, also falls. Bicheng can only look on from afar, stifling tears.

Shanhai is locked up in jail again, and Chen Shen is sent to the hospital. Bicheng returns to her hiding place but faints. Chen Shen is at a loss for the first time since Zai Xiang’s sacrifice. He feels an utter sense of hopelessness at his own ability to save Shanhai. Bi Tai Tai comes to visit him and he asks her if one day he and Zhongliang get into a big fight, who will she help? She says she’ll help Chen Shen, since Zhongliang already owes him a life. Chen Shen then says Bi Tai Tai is like the only family he has left.

Shanhai tells Zhongliang he is Shu Di Huang, and all the time while he’s being interrogated, he just looks outside his jail window, at the light. He reminisces the times he and Bicheng spent together, and remarks to Chen Shen that perhaps his greatest takeaway from this mission was being able to live everyday life with Bicheng. Ultimately Shanhai is given the death penalty, which is at once a happy / sad event for Zhongliang. On one hand, he finally knows the identity of Shu Di Huang now and doesn’t have to deduce much further. On the other hand, this accomplishment will largely be attributed to San Sheng, and not to him. San Sheng’s rank will rise in the bureau, and Zhongliang will be less valued. San Sheng is awarded a big mansion from Ying Zuo and Zhongliang decides to suggest publishing San Sheng’s accomplishments in the newspaper. Outwardly it looks like he’s appreciative of San Sheng, but really this is so that the nationalists will get angry with revenge and then target him.

Also, Chen Shen gives Shanhai a haircut before he is to die.


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104 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 52-54 Recap

  1. HI guys!

    I thought I just copy pasted my questions here, sorryyyyy for asking too many questions :

    – When Chen Shen was in the hospital with Zhongliang, after he woke up, did he ask Zhongliang of why he didn’t tell him about the sniper for Shanhai ?
    – (The Narration mentioned Chen Shen , despite very worried , is unsure how to face Bi Cheng.) => why was Chen Shen unsure how to face Bicheng? Was it because he felt regretful about Shanhai sacrificing himself for communists’ members?
    – Why did Chen Shen ask to Bian Tou ? Btw, Chen Shen called him ‘little brother’, didn’t he?? Awwwwww I hope nothing’s going to happen to Bian Tou. I don’t want Chen Shen to loose another person who is closed to him

    Anyway, there’s another scene that I like, that is the conversation between Chen Shen and Zhongliang’s wife. Thanks Lucia for the recaps! Aww, so she said that she would be on Chen Shen’s side instead of Zhongliang? No wonder Chen Shen looked so touched. I felt so sad for Chen Shen (and all the main leads, actually). I could see that he felt so lonely and he seemed to be happy when someone said/showed that they genuinely cared about him (like how Bicheng said the she was his family too, and now Zhongliang’s wife). And I guess that he felt lost because of Shanhai’s death because, he more or less considered him as a brother too.

    I hope the story won’t kill of Bian Tou 😦 .. Chen Shen will be sad if he died. When Chen Shen was still unconscious in the hospital, Bian Tou stayed by his side (and complaining/nagging at him?? That was so sweet, like a parent/brother towards his family)

    *feeling so sad about Shanhai*


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Let me answer your first two questions first.
      – When Chen Shen was in the hospital with Zhongliang, after he woke up, did he ask Zhongliang of why he didn’t tell him about the sniper for Shanhai ?

      I don’t think Chen Shen asked about it. Zhongliang probably could have made an excuse that “Oh see Shanhai was threatening your life so I had prepared extra security just in case this type of scenario would happen.”

      – (The Narration mentioned Chen Shen , despite very worried , is unsure how to face Bi Cheng.) => why was Chen Shen unsure how to face Bicheng? Was it because he felt regretful about Shanhai sacrificing himself for communists’ members?

      He was unsure how to face her because in his previous meeting with her (during the rushed failed escape from the cafe) he had criticized her for basically not being smart and essentially causing their plans to fail (Chen Shen had already told the communist dude to leave, so Bicheng essentially didn’t need to intervene– Shanhai might have had a chance to live.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • shannymelbournian says:

        yepp..Lucia explained it too well 😀 😀
        Chen Shen was so rude to Bi Cheng when he saw her and Shan Hai in the alley.
        he said to Bi Cheng “why do you show up here?. do you have no brain?”. Shan Hai told him off and said Chen Shen should not insult Bi Cheng like that. very rude indeed.

        But Chen Shen also felt guilty towards Bi Cheng that Shan Hai was shot and captured (he will be sacrificed and receive death penalty”.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks, Shanny!

          Watching Chen Shen still running panickly after being hit by a car, I could see that he was quite shocked by the sudden development. Bicheng tried to tell him, didn’t she ? But he didn’t pick up her phone (I forgot that this was a Republican drama, so I wondered why she didn’t call his cell phone -lol- ). Bicheng was a beginner, but a pro like Chen Shen could see far ahead and he realized how bad the situation had become for Shanhai. I believe that Shanhai realized it too, but he still defended Bicheng *aww, Shanhai…Looked like that he was willing to sacrifice his own life for Bicheng, while Chen Shen tried hard to safe him*. Well, those 2 actually meant well, to save Shanhai and everyone . It was just Shanhai’s fate to die *sigh*..


      • Thanks a lot, Lucia! Really appreciate it!

        Zhongliang was really smart. He didn’t seem to believe that Chen Shen was really held hostage by Shanhai (I wouldn’t believe it too, if I were him). He smiled cynically while watching them. Then again, he looked really surprised and panick when Chen Shen collapsed. Kudos to Zhang Lu Yi for his splendid acting!

        “Chen Shen had already told the communist dude to leave, so Bicheng essentially didn’t need to intervene– Shanhai might have had a chance to live” => Ouch .. that should hurt Bicheng pretty bad. Then again, I can’t blame Bicheng this time. Chen Shen didn’t say this to Bicheng, right? (I didn’t remember him saying this to Bicheng before). So, you can’t expect Bicheng to just stay still without doing anything.


        • coffeenlucia says:

          Yeah, I think you’re right — Zhongliang knows Chen Shen and Shanhai are perhaps friends. Even when Shanhai was about to die he gave Chen Shen a hug in front of everyone.

          Yeah I guess we can’t really blame Bicheng in this case… but still she has this idealistic attitude every single time that just kind of tears at me because it never seems to work…

          Liked by 1 person

          • I guess that this was Chen Shen’s last resort to save Shanhai. He must’ve realized that the scenario was too suspicious (since Zhongliang and San Sheng knew that they were quite close). If Shanhai managed to get away, then Chen Shen should know that those 2 would target him (more) next.

            Yeah, I appreciate Bicheng for becoming more brave. Even now, I couldn’t blame her fully. Still, it was so sad because Shanhai had to die.

            Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia says:

      – Why did Chen Shen ask to Bian Tou ? Btw, Chen Shen called him ‘little brother’, didn’t he?? Awwwwww I hope nothing’s going to happen to Bian Tou. I don’t want Chen Shen to loose another person who is closed to him

      So some context before their conversation. During the cafe incident, Bian Tou and Chen Shen were chasing Shanhai together, and Shanhai shot in the trajectory of Bian Tou (narrowly missing him). Bian Tou could have died. Later Chen Shen asked Bian Tou if he’s afraid of death. Bian Tou says yes. And Chen Shen says “Then what about when you were chasing after Shanhai for me?” Bian Tou says he didn’t think that far, and that he’ll follow Tou (Chen Shen) where-ever he goes, even if that means becoming a barber’s assistant.

      Essentially…. I think this is a premonition for Bian Tou’s death. *I CRI * Bian Tou is literally my favorite character in this drama and I don’t want him to die T_________T

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks again Lucia!
        Oh noooooo … no no no , don’t make him die please! He is like a not-so-smart loyal underling. Since the early episodes, he always be the first one who got panicked when Chen Shen was held hostage / injure, someone who always worried about his safety. He was the one who got mad when Xiao Nan got close to San Sheng, and he was also the one who was very happy when Chen Shen decided to propose Xiao Nan.

        Yeah, I don’t want him to die too (T_______T)

        Liked by 1 person

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