Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 55-56 Recap

Sparrow Episodes 55-56 Recap

San Sheng receives a big sum of money and a big mansion from Ying Zuo, and his older sister says now he just needs a wife. San Sheng’s lackey, who has been following Xiaonan, tells San Sheng Xiaonan doesn’t like him following her. San Sheng invites Xiaonan over for dinner sometime at their new house, and she says yes on the condition that he stop buying her presents and following her. He agrees.

As Bicheng remembers the rose Shanhai gave her just shortly before he was shot, she looks somber and Chen Shen offers to cut her hair. Shanhai told Chen Shen to relay to Bicheng these words: That he loves her. This is something he always forgot to say in front of her, he says. He also tells Chen Shen to take good care of her. Bicheng, upon hearing these words, starts crying. Zhou Dongyu is seriously so good at her crying acting.

Zhongliang’s men dig a hole in the ground, and Shanhai is buried alive. Damn. Right before, he tells Chen Shen to take good care of Bicheng for him. “Thanks, brother,” he adds. He hugs him. Then Shanhai gives parting words to San Sheng: “I may not be able to kill you, but you will get karma one day.” He also tells Zhongliang (while shaking his hands) “This man can kill me today, and he can kill you tomorrow.”

While he’s being buried, he gives a pretty eloquent speech “You may all be burying me today, but it is really you guys who are being buried. All these ‘accomplishments’ you have done at the bureau is a hole you have dug for yourself.” *Flashbacks commence basically summarizing his journey through the series.*

Shanhai sings 万里长城 the whole time while being covered in dirt. Even when only his head is visible now from the surface of the ground he still forces the words out. San Sheng taunts him to sing more, and he does. Then San Sheng gets mad and picks up a shovel, whacking him with it. (Shit. I’m crying so much.)

Chen Shen tells Bicheng she can’t completely focus on getting revenge for Shanhai. Just like how he has thought of getting revenge for Zai Xiang, but how she wanted him to focus on his mission as well. He advises her to go with him to Ying An, and that although from the Chongqing side (where headquarters is, I think?) they daily say they are fighting the Japanese, but they did not completely follow their words. Behind the scenes they killed their own brothers. (Okay… I think this is new plot?)

Xiaonan eats dinner with San Sheng and his sister, but quickly spoils the mood (lol) by giving back the family heirloom bracelet to them. She says she can’t accept his feelings and only looks at San Sheng as a friend. She also mentions she already has someone else in her heart. When she and San Sheng are alone, she asks him if he is willing to let go of pursuing a name and power, and to stop harming innocent people. He says she doesn’t understand – if he doesn’t do this, then how can he protect her? Xiaonan can only answer that it’s impossible for them to be together.

San Sheng’s sister sees the newspaper that he’s being awarded for being such a good Chinese traitor, and she gets mad at him. But he lies to her saying that he’s really a spy in the bureau and is investigating the bureau’s activities. That’s why, he continues, he couldn’t tell her earlier. She seems to believe the lie.

Bicheng, being in emotional distress, decides on a whim she needs to kill San Sheng. She makes explosives and throws them at him while he’s about to visit Xiaonan at her house. He manages to dodge them and chases after Bicheng. He sees her face and chuckles to himself that she can’t escape this time, since she’s at a dead end. But lo and behold Dachun comes right at that time to rescue Bicheng and manages to inflict a bullet wound in San Sheng’s shoulder. They run away. OH MY GOSH BICHENG WHY EVERY TIME.

Er Bao investigates the cafe incident and has found out that Bicheng was the waitress there. He reports this to Zhongliang, who deduces that Bicheng must have gone there suddenly to prevent Doctor / the other guy from being arrested — this means that the Doctor / the other guy really are important “big fish” to catch. Zhongliang tells Er Bao to sell this information to Ah Qiang (guy in bureau who sorta works for San Sheng now). The reason is that Zhongliang can’t exactly afford to make a mistake now, though San Sheng can since he’s so rich now / with standing. Plus Zhongliang can follow the progress of the incident better if San Sheng first investigates their identities.

Xiaonan visits Pi Pi at the orphanage and cries that his mother must really miss him.

Meanwhile San Sheng’s sister decides to sell the jade bracelet family heirloom. I don’t know why — she technically shouldn’t need money at this point given San Sheng’s recent reward from capturing Shanhai.

Also Zhongliang tells Chen Shen that Sparrow has been very active lately and has stolen 18 important documents from the bureau. It seems impossible to him that this is the work of one person, however, so he suspects that Sparrow has underlings. Uh oh, so the whole Sparrow identity arc is probably coming up soon, huh?


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65 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 55-56 Recap

  1. Btw, did anyone find Chen Shen’s forehead bandage a bit inconsistent? *lol* Sometimes he didn’t wear it (and his forehead was clean), but then he wore it again all the time *lol* .


    • shannymelbournian says:

      I know. such a funny blooper

      when he gave Bi Cheng the haircut he didnt have bandages on (I was like ohhhh the scar recovered really fast), and when he got angry at her because of the explosives he had clean forehead and no bandage. Why bother to put it back on for the hand holding scenes and dinner scene?


      • “Why bother to put it back on for the hand holding scenes and dinner scene?” => yeah .. plus the whole scene with Zhongliang. Now I’m wondering whether he pretended that he was still hurt in front of Zhongliang (and everyone at work).


  2. Btw, did Bicheng tell Xiao Nan that Qiuxia was his sister-in-law and Pipi was his nephew ? I was quite surprised that Xiao Nan didn’t know about this all this time.


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Yeah I thought Xiaonan knew too, but apparently not?? I was confused during that part in the episode too. Because if Xiaonan is Doctor… that should mean she knows all the inner workings of the party, including news of Zai Xiang’s sacrifice…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I guess the organization didn’t tell everything to everyone. Everyone only gets a part of an information, like how Chen Shen didn’t know who the Sparrow was. I think that this is for the benefit of maintaining the secret, in case they got caught and was tortured.

        Anyway, Chen Shen-Qiuxia’s relationship was like a personal one. I guess that Xiaonan was only told about things related to the organization. Qiuxia was the one who was supposed to tell her that, but apparently, she didn’t


    • shannymelbournian says:

      YEah the plot seems so dumb that Xiao Nan did not know Chen Shen’s sister in law is Cai Xiang.
      Did Cai xiang not tell her that she married Chen Shen’s brother? LOL
      or maybe Xiao Nan just pretended she didnt

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t think that she pretended *lol*. I just thought that Qiuxia was a ‘real’ agent, then she even kept secrets from her own family *lol*. Just like how she didn’t tell everything to Chen Shen, she did the same thing toward Xiao Nan.


  3. coffeenlucia says:

    Meanwhile San Sheng’s sister is kinda sketch. I wonder why she’s selling the family heirloom jade bracelet… o.O? Because technically right now she’s rich + has a mansion, she shouldn’t need money…


    • shannymelbournian says:

      Yeah I am so confused too when she tried to sold the bracelet. what is exactly in her mind? 😦 sighhhhh


    • If San Sheng’s sister hated the Japanese, then she wouldn’t want to use San Sheng’s money (from being a Chinese traitor). Perhaps she was smart enough or not to figure out that San Sheng was lying to him (I mean, if San Sheng was smart, then the sister should at least smart too). But if she didn’t , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… *thinking* ..


      • Wait, I just re-watch some scenes and realized that Bian Tou was following her. Hmm .. why did Chen Shen order him to follow her? Wasn’t it to find out San Sheng’s weaknesses?

        And, Zhongliang was trying to kill San Sheng. Yay, kill him!


        • shannymelbournian says:

          that is a Good point. perhaps the sister don’t want to use the money cause it’s from the japanese, so she is trying to earn her own money.

          Yeah they are trying to find San Sheng’s weakness so they stalk the older sister.

          Ying zhuo said to San Sheng if he keeps up his great performance , he will one day be promoted to occupy Bi Zhong Liang’s position. That’s why Bi zhong Liang feels threatened by him.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks! Yeah, bring on the war between Zhongliang+Chen Shen vs San Sheng *lol*

            Regarding San Sheng’s sister, there are many possibilities. Perhaps she has someone(an organization?) that she needs to help secretly, and Chen Shen-Zhongliang will use that to bring San Sheng down. Anyway, it’s good that Zhongliang-Chen Shen are working together to defeat him .. before they start killing each other in the end *sigh*


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