Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 57-58 Recap

We miss you Shanhai…

San Sheng’s sister shows him the money (a few gold bars) she got from selling all the accessories that San Sheng has given her through the years. She tells him to quit his job as a spy (he’s not really a spy in the bureau, he told her a lie since her family was killed by the Japanese) and that they should just run far away with this money. She desires a peaceful family life. Also San Sheng asks Xiaonan out on a date to see a dog race thing. He tells her how fascinating he finds it that there is no factor of background or connections, but merely their own ability, that gives them the victory. What use is victory, Xiaonan muses, if you aren’t happy in the end? San Sheng replies that he isn’t happy losing either.

San Sheng begins to interrogate Du Huan Le, the communist member who was about to be arrested in the cafe incident but then was forewarned by Chen Shen not to enter the cafe. He gives Huan Le two options to decide from by tomorrow: yummy meat (dunno how to translate 红烧肉 lol) or more torture. Meanwhile, Ah Qiang sees a bit of this interrogation and transfer the news to Er Bao, who then relays this info to Zhongliang.

In a drunken state, San Sheng also visits Xiaonan and tries to kiss her, but she slaps him in time. “Do you believe me that if you told Chen Shen right now you wanted to break up with him, he wouldn’t say one word of ‘don’t leave’?” Xiaonan fights back tears and says it isn’t true, but she doesn’t seem to have much confidence. After saying “I despise you,” Xiaonan shuts the door on San Sheng.

Chen Shen goes to see Xiaonan at night, but not before sending Bicheng back home and kissing her lightly on the forehead. Xiaonan has been waiting for a long time, having set up the dinner table a few hours before. The special occassion is a one-year anniversary since the first day she met Chen Shen. He had asked her for a dance at the dance hall. (And she pays such close attention to detail, even setting Chen Shen’s favorite non-alcoholic drink on the table as well.) She gives a long break-up speech, and it’s just… sad. She mentions how she thought she would be able to stand waiting for him, but after Shanhai’s death, she’s not so sure anymore. She’s tried to be like Bicheng, but cannot emulate her fully — “But even if I have a million problems, at least I have one good quality — I love you with my spirit (灵魂). To throw away everything to love you“. She also gives an analogy of how she was like a plant without solid roots, but now she has found the right soil to grow in (Chen Shen). She asks him what she is to him, and he answers “My closest relative.”

^^ Dramatic irony: Oh the truth behind those words he doesn’t know.

Du Huan Le eventually succumbs to the pressure of torture and reveals two things.* One, he is a communist party member. So he’s not nationalist. Two, since he was unable to meet with Doctor because of the whole cafe fiasco, the meeting was rescheduled to today at a different location. While San Sheng has just gotten this information, Ah Qiang also reports this to Er Bao (who gives him money for the report). Zhongliang tells Chen Shen to start moving. All of this comes as a big surprise to him, but he can’t do anything too extravagant to save Doctor or else Zhongliang will get suspicious. He knows Zhongliang is sending people to keep an eye on him during this mission.

Chen Shen gets to the scene before San Sheng does, since Zhongliang has sent an assassin to kill San Sheng (it fails, San Sheng survives, but he’s delayed anyway). The assassin escapes. Chen Shen is surprised to find that Doctor is really Xiaonan. She swallows the message right before they got there. Everyone is shocked. Even San Sheng who walks in a few minutes later can scarcely believe his eyes.

Chen Shen feels the same sense of hopelessness and not knowing what to do in order to save Xiaonan as he did with Zai Xiang and Shanhai. He has no choice to handcuff her, but during that time she uses morse code, tapping on his hand, to communicate this: she has swallowed the message, and there is an important phone number that was in that message that she then transfers to him.

Also, Chen Shen realizes how Xiaonan had helped Chen Shen hide his bag that had the ship tickets to run away during the whole Zai Xiang incident.

*Forgot to add in the recap earlier – San Sheng tells Du Huan Le his life story basically. How as a little kid he was very poor, and one day he saw a rich dude throw food scraps of 红烧肉 (meat) at the dogs to eat. So when no one was looking he knocked out the dog and then took the food. Except that the master of the dog saw and then hit San Sheng’s legs. So from then on San Sheng learned a lesson: in order to get the meat, one must suffer a difficult journey. In the same way, he tells Huan Le can earn the meat by giving up his information on Doctor.


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87 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 57-58 Recap

  1. shannymelbournian says:


    I re-copy paste the video here. in the other post the video is a bit shortened 🙂
    in minute 2.06 or 2.07 u need to pause the video 🙂 🙂 🙂 when San Sheng shooting, at the bottom left corner there is a woman in white dress lying beside a tree.


    • dramalamb says:

      Omg I have not seen that video! Xiao Nan is wearing a different dress in the forest scene then to the one she was captured in. Maybe this is after the torture scene I was describing earlier, because at 1:14 where Chen Shen is carrying her, she has a scar on her cheek and her hands appear to be handcuffed. They appear to be walking through the gate mentioned earlier, perhaps to our aforementioned forest. Also at 3:57, Chen Shen caresses her cheek though I can’t tell if she’s at the end of her death or just sitting there. But your scene at 2:07 then shows her with her head down, so that might be it– her final breath?

      Hahah maybe I should stop speculating and just go with the flow as I did in previous recaps but the fate of Li Xiao Nan is so heartwrenching for me, so much that it has made me watch only the scene of her arrest and moment with Pi Pi and I haven’t even sat down to watch the entire series properly. No time >.< so I thank Lucia very very much for writing these recaps. Mwah!


      • shannymelbournian says:

        Ah it is a different dress..hehe good eyes 🙂 :)!
        yes she got beaten up and tortured so badly in the prison (so heartbreaking)..perhaps she changed to a different white dress before Chen Shen carried her through the gate for her final day.

        When Chen Shen caressed her cheek it seems she is already not breathing 😦 😦 😦 (she will be delighted if she was still alive)
        Yep, the 2.07 seems to be the final scene we see her. 😦


    • dramalamb says:

      I forgot to mention does Bi Tai Tai get shot?! It looks like her at 3:48. 😦


      • shannymelbournian says:

        u were right. it looked like Bi Tai Tai (perhaps San sheng shot Bi Tai Tai to pay back Bi zhong Liang)
        but we know at least she survives and becomes a nun hehe.


    • Xiao Nan was being interrogated .. she was like telling everything ( she lied, I bet ). I just love that everyone looked surprised. Perhaps she said it as if she was using Chen Sheng / San Sheng all along (coz San Sheng looked mad, while Chen Shen was sad. Perhaps Chen Shen realized that she lied) ?


    • Ep 60 :

      Ahhh .. I knew it, Bian Tou is worrisome, it was a risky move to tell him about Bicheng.
      Can he be trusted ?? Now I’m thinking that he can either be the one who sacrifices for Chen Shen OR the one who will blow up his cover.


      • Correction : blow his cover, sorry *LOL*


      • Okayyy, no torture scenes today! 😀

        Here is a short recaps from me,mostly based on guessing *lol* :

        – Chen Shen told Bian Tou (who asked his gf) to give Bicheng his harmonica (I guess it’s a sign for Bicheng that the message was indeed from him). I think Chen Shen wanted to create fake evidence in San Sheng’s and Xiao Nan’s house.. perhaps so that people would think that he was Sparrow? -> nice move, Chen Shen .. if I’m guessing correctly *lol – I didn’t understand what they were saying*

        – Yay, Bicheng in action! I was going to praise her a lot, but she was clumsy again *lol* .. Okay, but forgiveable. She’s still good 😀

        – Btw .. I’m wondering what document that Bicheng read, which was given from Chen Shen. Was that a communist document ?? When did Chen Shen get it, since he couldn’t get out of the office ? Orr .. was that the false Guilin Plan ?? * so he kept it in his office all this time???*.. Curious ..

        – the Bureau investigated San Sheng’s house, yay! *my guess was correct*. Now I’m waiting until they investigate Chen Shen’s office (will they?)


      • shannymelbournian says:

        Thanks for the link for ep 59 and 60 Luna!

        Yeah Chen Shen is super super smart, he could think of planting evidence at Xiao Nan’s house and San Sheng’s house to frame San Sheng.. so clever!!!! 😀 😀

        Xiao Nan also framed him later in one on one interview – Xiao Nan told San Sheng she had something to give him, and the key is already inside his house. So San Sheng went to the location of the safety deposit box and when he opened the box – Er Bao caught him there.

        no wonder he turned psychopath – Xiao Nan framed him like that 😦

        the document looks like some sort of communist document. By the way, Moonlight mentioned that Chen Shen’s cover is blown after he murdered San sheng.
        so I guess it’s not Bian Tou that cause his Tou identity to be exposed… Hope Bian tou will be safe until the end of the series !

        Liked by 1 person

    • Preview of epi 61 :

      San Sheng is handcuffed, yay!
      I can only say that Chen Shen is really smart and cunning, even more than Zhongliang or San Sheng.
      And, yeah .. he finally contacted the phone no that was given from Xiao Nan

      Okay, I’m gonna sleep again .. still have time *lol*


      • shannymelbournian says:

        This is going to be soo interesting,, who is the communist on the other side of the phone, and what will be his mission for Chen shen ..
        so curious


        • We are nearing the end, so the mission should not be complicated. I can only think that it should be related to Guilin Plan or to eliminate the Chinese traitor, or ..perhaps assasinate some Japanese important figure or steal a document(there’s a scene when Chen Shen was wearing a glasses and dancing, should be with Bicheng. Why would he wear a glasses unless he was undercover?)

          Regarding the communist on the other side, I’m guessing that he/she is a new character. Perhaps he is Xiao Nan’s superior? (now that she is caught, she should inform Chen Shen the no of her superior/another person-in-charge).


          • shannymelbournian says:

            Yeah maybe u’re right,:) the other person must be the new information handler.

            it’s probably related to the scene Chen Shen in disguise wearing glasses scene. such a shame we couldnt see the girl’s face . lol

            If it is really Bi Cheng,- maybe that’s what they meant by Chen Shen “converting” her into communist. (he asked her to help out with his communist missions)

            by the way do you see the preview of Chen shen’s one on one interview with Xiao Nan? is it just me or he looks not so great there? (not as handsome as usual Chen Shen hahaa) maybe his hair ?)


  2. Piction says:

    When does Sparrow broadcast? Like on which days? And on what time?


  3. Moonlight says:

    Thanks for the recap 🙂


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