Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 59-60 Recap

Episodes 59-60 Recap

Chen Shen calls the nurse at the hospital (Hai Yan). He tells her not to ask him anything and to leave Shanghai at this very moment to an address he says. She tells him she understands.

Zhongliang calls Chen Shen into his office and begins low-key interrogating him about Xiaonan. “You’ve been with her so long, you didn’t notice anything?” Chen Shen says he was indeed a little suspicious during the Shanhai incident when she suddenly had to go to the hospital due to stomach pain, but he said it really looked like she was suffering. Zhongliang then immediately calls Er Bao and tells him to investigate the day when Xiaonan was in the hospital and to find any people she was talking to that day. So essentially, Chen Shen has already predicted this was going to happen and told the nurse to leave Shanghai already.

Ying Zuo assembles all key players into the meeting room: Chen Shen, San Sheng, Zhongliang, and Boss Li. He says he’s heard that Bi Tai Tai and Xiaonan are sworn sisters, and Zhongliang can only muster “My wife is so kind, and does not know how to judge character. I also have barely spent any time with Xiaonan.” Chen Shen and San Sheng are also asked similar questions, to which they can only say (quite honestly) that they’ve all been tricked by Xiaonan. Then Xiaonan is brought into the room. She drinks the wine that Ying Zuo pours for her without hesitation, and he remarks that she is brave — how did she know that he didn’t poison the drink? She answers wittingly that he wouldn’t dare to while he hasn’t got the information he needs yet.

He tells her to make a decision soon – to aid the bureau in unmasking the identity of Sparrow, and receive unparalleled glory, or to face a darkness more frightening than hell.

This next part (for a really long time) is Xiaonan’s explanation of what happened and how she was able to avoid suspicion for so long, building connections within the bureau. It is an amalgamation of truth and lies, and everyone in the room knows that, but the difficult part is picking out which parts are real and which are false.  Her confession, paraphrased:

“In the beginning, I was only using the excuse of pursuing Chen Shen in order to mask my identity. I was hoping to be able to obtain documents by staying close to Chen Shen, but it is regrettable that his heart was already taken. (The logic following that he would not love Xiaonan enough to give her the documents.) That’s right, it is Bicheng. By the grace of Chen Shen — oh, and Bi Tai Tai also — I was able to become neighbors with Bicheng. She was very willing to share documents with me, and together we used Chen Shen who unknowingly helped us accomplish much. It is too bad their identities (Bicheng and Shanhai’s) were exposed so quickly.”

She then mentions how she tried helping them, and San Sheng comments “So it was you who helped them at the hospital.” Xiaonan uses this opportunity to thank San Sheng as well, for being so responsive to her pains and bringing her to the hospital so quickly despite his ban on anyone leaving the bureau. She then talks about Bi Tai Tai and how she really shipped Xiaonan x Chen Shen, such that Xiaonan was able to use this sympathy to get closer to Zhongliang and increase connections to the bureau.

Xiaonan then switches the topic to Zhongliang. “Of course you wouldn’t be able to compete with Boss Li, who controls big stocks. But last month you had Chen Shen buy 鸦片 (what is this…) for 70% of the full price, and then you resold this to some company. But the company that sold the 鸦片 to him is not dumb, why would they do this? Of course I was in the middle of the talks negociating the two sides.” So Zhongliang, in order to express his thanks to the Doctor (Xiaonan), revealed secret information to her that the nationalists were planning to sell out some communist members. “Otherwise, I would have faced dire consequences at the cafe.”

Zhongliang says her story is becoming more lame. “As for Chen Shen,” she continues. “He perhaps knew that there was something off about me, but whatever he knows, Zhongliang would know. So perhaps he pretended as if he didn’t know anything instead. He used me as a cover for his romance with Bicheng instead.”

Finally, Xiaonan addresses her “knowledge” about San Sheng: He was head-over-heels in love with her, so getting him to do her bidding was not difficult. She insinuates that San Sheng not being able to be the one to capture Doctor (Xiaonan) in time was really as a move to appeal to the Japanese. “Thankfully you weren’t the one to capture me, or you would have shot me in one go, to prevent me from saying the truth.”

Chen Shen asks Bian Tou for a very important favor. He essentially says that he needs to rescue Xiaonan, which is also a way to rescue himself as well. He also needs to notify Bicheng, but since him, Zhongliang, and San Sheng are being detained at the bureau for this night, he can’t leave and tell her the news. And they’re being held at the bureau temporarily just to check to see if Xiaonan’s claims against them were true.

Bian Tou is completely in shock after hearing Chen Shen’s semi-confession. He goes to see his wife and tells her everything. She encourages him to help Chen Shen this time – if he doesn’t help him now, then when? But Bian Tou is worried about his wife and future son – if something happens to him during the mission, what about his family? But he ultimately acquiesces to his wife’s desires and decides to help Chen Shen.

San Sheng suspects it was Ah Da who sold the news of Doctor’s meeting place to Zhongliang and points a gun to him. But Ah Da lies and says no. San Sheng tells him to just remember what happened to Zeng Shu.
Bian Tou has his wife go talk to Bicheng, bringing Chen Shen’s harmonica with her (this is to gain Bicheng’s trust). His wife tells her to put a key and some type of booklet (communist handbook??) in San Sheng’s home. An identical key is to be placed in Xiaonan’s home by Bian Tou. Apparently this key is to an insurance box Chen Shen has (so, a lot of money I guess). Bicheng is almost caught by San Sheng’s sister but she accomplishes her mission successfully; so does Bian Tou. After that Bicheng tells San Sheng’s sister that she’s Xiaonan and San Sheng’s friend — she has to run away right now because Xiaonan is in danger and San Sheng is trying to rescue her.

Boxes of evidence or possible evidence are transported from Xiaonan’s home to the bureau. Boss Li has Zhongliang look at the evidence and point out what is suspicious. Zhongliang picks up the bank safe key and says that usually there are two keys that come with the safe. All they need to do is to find the other one; it will probably be in the hands of Xioanan’s partner.


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84 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 59-60 Recap

  1. bfly says:

    a bit confused… Why did xiao nan rely the code to chen shen? Does xiao nan kNew that che shen was the sparrow? And another thing does chen shen knew that xiao nan is the sister of zai xiang


    • Does xiao nan kNew that che shen was the sparrow?
      => I guess others should know better than me, but I know that Xiao Nan is a communist just like Chen Shen, So, when she got caught, she delivered morse codes to Chen Shen. The details about that is still unknown, and we should see more about it based on the preview.
      ==> Regarding Sparrow, based on the spoilers and how Xiao Nan holds an important position in the Communist, then I think she should know who the Sparrow is (despite it is Chen Shen or not)

      And another thing does chen shen knew that xiao nan is the sister of zai xiang
      => It seems that he still doesn’t know until now.


  2. amaliapus says:

    Gone for a while and wow I missed a lot lol Y’all are so active. Thank you for the recap Lucia and everyone for the discussion, I enjoy reading them all.

    Anyway, I don’t really get the opium plot, is Zhongliang doing black market or something? I think I remember he mentioned about black market in the very early of the episodes. But is it relevant to the main story?

    Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia says:

      Yeah I think Zhongliang is doing black market, mostly because he wants more money / to surpass Boss Li in prestige. But I think it’s been more of a side plot than a main conflict in the story so far.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I also dont understant the story of Zhongliang. Was there any mention of him and the black market? When was that??

      So Zhongliang, in order to express his thanks to the Doctor (Xiaonan), revealed secret information to her that the nationalists were planning to sell out some communist members. ”
      -> when did Zhongliang contact the Doctor and give information about that??


  3. shannymelbournian says:

    I just checked preview at the end of episode 64 from YoYo channel. There is indeed very romantic moment between Chen Shen and Xiao Nan. he gave her a ring, and she said to her “this is the first time I buy girl a ring. you accept he ring, you also accept me”.
    Xiao Nan replied “this is the prettiest ring I have ever received”
    WOOOaaahhhhhhhh…. Chen Shen….how Bi Cheng would have felt if she knew you said that to Xiao Nan..
    @.@” @___@”
    I don’t quite like it really, it’s like a man with his feet on two boats sort of thing. OMGGGGG noooo


    • shannymelbournian says:

      I really hate a man with 2 girlfriends / 2 wives, and now Chen Shen turned into that kind of man.. sighhh big disappointment for Chen Shen – Bi Cheng shippers like me.


      • Eh? I actually dont mind him marry them both *lol – dont kill me,Shanny!!* .

        I havent watch the preview :D. Anyway, Xiao Nan will die anyway, right? So Chen Shen wont have 2 girls *lol*. Anyway, considering Bicheng, I think she will let Chen Shen do that, although she will be hurt. Bicheng knows how amazing Xiao Nan is, and she even let him to go to her.


      • shannymelbournian says:

        Very disappointing yet confusing. Yeah Bi Cheng is a type of girl who is more than willing for his boyfriend to marry another person -_-”
        Actually in the subsequent preview of ep 64, it is also shown Chen Shen holding Bi Cheng’s hand with both his hands (whatttt…).. saying that Xiao Nan has rescued him this time , but what if he fails to rescue Xiao Nan (just like he failed to do so with Zai xiang and Shan Hai)..

        Liked by 1 person

        • Chen Shen obviously didnt love Xiao Nan. He had thought about whom he loved for quite some times, and he answered firmly that he loved Bicheng. Then again, he must feel guilty so very much after knowing Xiao Nan’s sacrifice. I’m pretty sure that he did it (giving a ring to Xiao Nan) out of regrets and wanted to make Xiao Nan happy.


    • amaliapus says:

      omg my otp lol I guess Chen Shen started to realize that he might really love Xiaonan after finding out her secret, no? Or is it really a lie to deflect the suspicion when he told Zhongliang that he ended up loving her and wanted to rescue her?


      • shannymelbournian says:

        It is probably both.
        He must be so heartbroken after seeing Xiao Nan’s face is covered with bruises and bloods, hence will feel a bit of love towards her. Afterall Xiao Nan sacrificed herself to protect his identity. 😦
        also to marry Chen Shen is always Xiao Nan’s biggest wish, so Chen Shen perhaps wanted to fulfill her wish in case he fails to rescue her and she dies. 😦 😦 😦


    • Chocobeans says:

      As a Xiao Nan shipper, I’m not even happy about this… he needs to stop giving me fake out proposals, especially if he’s going to be all sentimental and hold Bi Cheng’s hand right afterwards. The messy love lines in this drama have been taking center stage in a spy drama (of 71 episodes!!!!) and all I can say is, typical Hu Nan TV, typical male screenwriter/author


    • I’ve finished watching epi 62 and watched the previews. OMG, poor Xiao Nan *cries*.
      Yeah, I agree with you all girls. Chen Shen would make Xiao Nan happy by giving her the ring. But by doing that, it’s as if he has given up hope to rescue her. Watching him holding Bicheng’s hand in desperation, it was obvious that he wanted to lend her strength for himself. Chen Shen .. if you love Bicheng, then don’t do this to Xiao Nan. You’re just hurting both girls.

      Still, I couldn’t get too mad ay Chen Shen because he looked so desperate and hopeless 😦 ..Yes, I can imagine how he felt, after his failures on Qiuxia and Shanhai. I got a bit mad at the writer instead . I hope Chen Shen won’t fail to rescue Xiao Nan, will he ?? At least he manages to get her away from the prison, right??

      Yeah, I want this Xiao Nan’s arc to be over soon. It is indeed the saddest part in the story, even sadder than Shanhai’s *crying* ..


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