Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 61-62 Recap

Bian Tou BTS ahhhhhhhhhhhh my heart

Sparrow Episodes 61-62 Recap

Boss Li and Zhongliang decide to test Chen Shen and San Sheng in order to determine who is truly Sparrow. They have each suspect go and talk to Xiaonan one-on-one, and then secretly listen in to the conversations. (Is this a theme now?) But of course, Zhongliang doesn’t tell Chen Shen it’s a test. The excuse is that they ought to go talk to Xiaonan and find out more details about who might be her partner, and the one-on-one allows them space to do so.

Even until now Chen Shen finds it hard to believe that Xiaonan is his superior. The narrator says that even though Chen Shen has never fallen in love with her, he finally realized now that he had always thought of Xiaonan as the person he could trust most, and the person closest to him.

Chen Shen meets with Xiaonan in the cell and says “Such beautiful hands should be wearing accessories, not handcuffs.” He then uses morse code, tapping on her hand with his fingers, to tell her that there are listening devices implanted in the room. “Actually, I didn’t think it would be you to handcuff me,” Xiaonan says. Using morse code, Chen Shen continues that he’s hidden a bank key and book in San Sheng’s home. “The magazine contains some secrets of the organization. Find a way to have San Sheng go to the bank box. Make sure the Japanese think San Sheng is Sparrow.” Then out loud:

“Have you ever loved me?”

“On the day that you leave here, we will get married. I promise, if we lose even a minute before doing so, then my name is not Chen Shen.”

“Thank you. I love you, but I love my beliefs even more.”

Zhongliang and Boss Li decide that there’s nothing fishy with what Chen Shen said during the one-on-one, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything fishy in the future. Next they have San Sheng go talk to Xiaonan. But before then San Sheng alleges that Chen Shen is Sparrow, that since Xiaonan is convicted they must not believe any of her earlier testimonies (ie during the necklace incident).

“Even now I can’t believe you’re Doctor,” he whispers. Xiaonan then says something so, so sad: “Although I don’t consider you to be a good person, you are the only person who has been good to me.” Damn. San Sheng still harbors some feelings for Xiaonan and tells her that as long as she confesses that Chen Shen is Sparrow, then she can be free, and then can marry San Sheng. Xiaonan asks him if he would be able to give up glory and fame, and he says yes, as long as she says Sparrow is Chen Shen.

Xiaonan’s reply: “Tomorrow I’ll go tell Ying Zuo that you aren’t some communist, let alone Sparrow.”

^^ This is very tricky of Xiaonan, as evidenced by the background music, which suddenly became intense when she said that. It’s because her statement sort of insinuates that San Sheng is Sparrow, but that she is simply covering for him out of love.

Xiaonan has San Sheng lean in to listen to her whisper: “There’s some things I want to give to you that I’ve put in your house. The key to the bank box has been put in your house already. During my time in Shanghai, you and your sister have been the two people most good to me. Whether I live or die, have my present be a remembrance of me.” San Sheng fights back tears.

Boss Li actually had to leave the office early (reasons remain unknown) so he didn’t get to hear San Sheng’s one-on-one with Xiaonan. Zhongliang tells Er Bao to reconfigure the tape in a way that portrays San Sheng as Sparrow. Hm, is he trying to save Chen Shen by transferring all the blame onto San Sheng?

Chen Shen eats dinner at Zhongliang’s place (he realizes he shouldn’t go see Bicheng at this time because Zhongliang will be watching his every move) and when naive Bi Tai Tai mentions Xiaonan and how the two need to get married soon, Chen Shen chokes on a fish bone. Except it’s unclear whether or not his reaction is staged. Zhongliang comments that Chen Shen really does seem to love Xiaonan.

^^ What is Chen Shen planning? To use love as an excuse to save Xiaonan?

San Sheng goes home to find that his sister is missing, and wonders if it’s because he was held at the bureau for interrogation. He ends up going to the bank to open the box that Xiaonan told him to, because he’s curious and is willing to think that for once Xiaonan reciprocated his feelings.

Except joke’s on him and Zhongliang has been watching him all this time, so Er Bao arrests him and brings him back to the bureau as soon as he takes the “present” from the box. Which, by the way, is three gold bars. Ha.

Zhongliang begins interrogation and mentions that the three gold bars are probably for San Sheng to escape far away with. (Following the hypothesis that he is Sparrow.) San Sheng laughs incredulously – “Why would I run away when I’m doing just fine?” Zhongliang then lists how his sister had sold all her accessories on the black market the other day, how she went to find Xiaonan at the movie agency, how she ran away as soon as hearing the news about Xiaonan.

San Sheng says that this is very obviously a trap set up by Xiaonan in order to protect Chen Shen. He is ignored. Because thinking from Zhongliang’s / Boss Li’s perspective, they almost don’t care whether or not he’s Sparrow. Because if he is convicted, this can only be their victory and increase their stability in position at the bureau.

But here arises another problem. Xiaonan is going to face much torture before she finally confesses that San Sheng is Sparrow, because if she simply says it fast, then no one will believe her — it will seem like she set up this whole plot to hide Chen Shen’s identity in the first place. Xiaonan ends up facing really gruesome torture.

Chen Shen makes a phone call to presumably a member of the communist party and says “I’m Doctor Li’s assistant. Doctor wants me to ask you how you are doing currently. If possible she would like to see you sometime.”

Zhongliang and Boss Li bring the supposed evidence in front of San Sheng (the ball of yarn, the magazine that reveals hidden words by bringing it close to the light of fire). San Sheng says this is all a trap. Zhongliang plays the tape of his one-on-one with Xiaonan, which has been edited by Er Bao to make it quite incriminating.


150 thoughts on “Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 61-62 Recap

      • I have no idea what is wrong with LYF cooking noodle for Xiao Nan section?. I am a bit confused here hahaaa. .i don’t see anything wrong lol lol

        regarding the last part, Zhong Liang in the video said that he is watching Li Yi Feng feeds the dog, but he continues on eating regardless.
        He said he doesn’t know whether he should or should not eat the cake?. and they both laugh.


        • Perhaps he wasn’t supposed to put the noodle into the fray ? 😛 . . Anyway, yeah, watching them all laughing was funny. And LYF looked kinda scared of the dog, or was it just my imagination *lol*

          Argh, still many hours to epi 63. I need my dose of Sparrow to escape the stress of work *lol*


          • hehe I really really really love LYF laugh freely like that.
            in Sparrow he doesn’t laugh that often hehe…In OZ there are 3 more hours to go before the live TV hehe. waiting ..!!


            • Yeah, I didn’t see him laugh like that in other series too. He was a brat and quite naughty in Legend of Fragrance, but he didn;t laugh like that.

              Anyway I still have > 6 hours of waiting .. huhuhu. Can’t wait for the good stuffs!


  1. By the way for anyone who is curious of the 11th Golden EAgle TV Art Festival . due to this show Sparrow is absent for 3 days
    (Zhao Li Ying. Hu Ge is the winner of the award).

    PS : Lucia, Liu Hao Ran’s special appearance at 1:37:37 (i.e.1 1/2 hours) he is so tall!


  2. Hi girls!
    Just came back here again .. my handphone was broken, so I had to buy a new one 😦
    Lucia, thanks for the recaps of epi 61-62 ! Good luck on your exams! And good luck to Moonlight too!

    Anyway :
    “”They have each suspect go and talk to Xiaonan one-on-one, and then secretly listen in to the conversations”
    => you know what, if Chen Shen and San Sheng were suspected as Sparrow, then why did they let them meet Xiao Nan one by one ? Eventhough the conversations were bugged, but couldn’t they predict that Xiao Nan and the guys would use other means like Morse codes, hand signales, or perhaps writing on a paper?? Plus, Chen Shen already knew that the conversations were bugged *if he knew, then San Sheng should knew too*

    “But here arises another problem. Xiaonan is going to face much torture before she finally confesses that San Sheng is Sparrow, because if she simply says it fast, then no one will believe her ”
    => yeah .. Xiao Nan is very brave (or the writer is very cruel – crying ). And she is very smart too. I like how she dealt with San Sheng This girl is really cunning.

    “Hm, is he trying to save Chen Shen by transferring all the blame onto San Sheng?”
    => Regarding Zhongliang, I believe that :
    – he was trying to bring San Sheng down, for his own sake
    – if San Sheng is considered as Sparrow, then it wasn’t just for his own benefit. If the Sparrow is actually Chen Shen (while San Sheng is the one who is officially considered as one), then it will make Chen Shen lowering his guard down. It’s just like how Zhongliang pretended to be arrested by the Japanese. He will wait until Chen Shen do something as the Sparrow, then catch him.

    Anyway, I stil don’t understand about the magazine. What do the hidden words mean ??

    Thanks a lot!


    • The second theory regarding Zhongliang might be true. Remember Zhongliang said in the 5min trailer “I have plotted this for a long time to draw a snake out of its hole.” Has he said that yet?


    • ” Eventhough the conversations were bugged, but couldn’t they predict that Xiao Nan and the guys would use other means like Morse codes, hand signales, or perhaps writing on a paper?? ”

      You bring up a good point. I think Zhongliang just couldn’t think of better methods, lol. Also I think it was just a plot convenience from the screenwriter to ironically actually help further the conflict along in a way to benefits the protagonists.

      “if San Sheng is considered as Sparrow, then it wasn’t just for his own benefit. If the Sparrow is actually Chen Shen (while San Sheng is the one who is officially considered as one), then it will make Chen Shen lowering his guard down. ”

      Very good point. I didn’t think of this 🙂

      “Anyway, I stil don’t understand about the magazine. What do the hidden words mean ??”

      tbh the words flashed by the screen too fast for me to see, but I think I saw the words 麻雀 (Sparrow). So basically it was probably a secret message meant for Chen Shen from his party, but then he decided to put the magazine in San Sheng’s home. But then one plot hole is that the message can only be seen if you put it by the fire… which means Chen Shen couldn’t have read the message before he demonstrated the fire thing in front of Zhongliang. So he didn’t know the importance of the message — if it was super important, it actually might have hurt his position more.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, Chen Shen secretly giving hand signals to Bicheng was still believable, since Zhongliang was there. Perhaps it could either a plot hole or Zhongliang didnt mind they were communicating secretly. After the conversation, he still couldnt trust Chen Shen. On the other hand, Xiao Nan whispered to San Shen in order not to be heard, but Er Bao still caught him opening the box. Perhaps what’s important was the end result?

        Thx for the explanation about the magazine! Hmm…is it possible that Chen Shen had seen the message before? If he found the info to be ‘not so important, then he could share it.


        • It looks like the magazine is not so important . I remember the scene Bi Cheng already put the fire on the paper in her house and read the message, . and Chen Shen did it again in the office in front of Bi Zhong Liang. so the message can emerge then later disappear again.

          Chen Shen plotted this so they can believe San Sheng is a communist. (Even though it doesn’t work in the end ) 😦

          Liked by 1 person

          • I see2 .. thanks! I can’t wait to see how the plot is unfolded, but I guess I’m gonna skip the torturing scenes *sigh*. The most heartbreaking scene in the preview was when Chen Shen wanted to see Xiao Nan, and Xiao Nan kinda tidying herself up, then she showed up looking like hell 😦 😦 😦 . Poor her .. Chen Shen must be heartbroken 😦 😦 😦


          • I know. The scene where Xiao Nan looking like hell , I am definitely not going to watch it 100%. It is so heartbreaking for all us viewers. Chen Shen must be feeling like he’s in hell too when he saw her closest relative in that condition 😦 😦 😦 :*

            I may skip episode 63 and 64 and 65. looking fwd to ep 66! hahaaaa


            • Nooo dont skip them! *lol* . I will skip the torturing scenes, but I cant wait to see Chen Shen rescuing Xiao Nan! Plus, Chen Shen vs San Sheng should be intense. It has gone personal now to Chen Shen, since San Sheng have hurt Shanhai and Xiao Nan.

              And..I’m still curious whether Bian Tou will be loyal to Chen Shen or not..


            • Yeah the revenge is very personal for Chen Shen. That’s why in the 5 min trailer when Chen Shen’s killing San Sheng with the scissors, his face expression is like “San Sheng, GO DIE”
              very scary face.

              I believe Bian Tou will be loyal to Chen Shen until the end, (it is also likely he will die protecting Chen Shen). Chen Shen is the only person who helps him the most in the world 😉


    • U’re welcome guys.
      I really like the Bts here. So many funny scenes
      E.g when Shan Hai and Chen shen tried to close the back trunk of the car and it kinda stuck and they tried a few times..
      After they manage to close it, Chen Shen throw a piece of paper / tissue at the car.

      In the last few seconds of the vid when Chen Shen ducked down and his shirt went up a bit, the director said “stop stop…. Chen Shen your meat can be seen” lol.

      When acting the car chase scene with shan hai, Chen shen acting is so funny ..omgg.. so cuteee. They are not really driving 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks for ep 61 recap Lucia..

      I am somewhat glad that the narration mentioned he had never fallen in love with Xiao Nan.. so it means he is not a douche afterall 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • Perhaps the writer changed the novel and made Bicheng as the true love because, dunno, it’s hard to change Xiao Nan’s arc? I mean, it should be difficult to make her still alive after being tortured like that. And, I’d rather have a hero with a living heroine, instead of a deceased one *sigh*, It’s gonna be depressing if Xiao Nan is Chen Shen’s true love, then she died .


        • Yeah Bi Cheng in the novel never get together with Chen Shen after they meet again – they only dated in the past when they were at military school…(as chocobeans said).
          she is a very minor character..

          Yeah Xiao Nan is fated to die cause she is Doctor ..So it’s not likely she will be no 1 female lead.
          Plus Chen Shen treats her as the closest family since the beginning, it’s unlikely he will love her as a lover after > 3 years he regarded xiao nan as “xiong di / brother” and a sister.

          But I am glad in this drama Zai Xiang is not Chen Shen’s wife… thank god.. in the novel zai xiang is his wife and pipi is the son 😣😣😣


          • You know what, when watching how Chen Shen and his sister-in-law was that close, I thought that,”In other drama, they would be having an affair” *lol*. Luckily LYF looked much younger than LXR, so they looked more like sister-little brother.

            Regarding Xiao Nan-Bicheng, I wouldnt mind if the writer saved her instead. But, perhaps her story was already good and dramatic, so the writer chose to develop Bicheng instead (which should be easier since she was a minor character in the novel).

            Anyway, tonight is epi 63-64. Cant wait!


            • I know…same here!
              i really love the concept Chen Shen only loves 1 woman in his entire life.. 😀
              the novel is way too dark and too depressing ..not much romance at all , plus very sad and frustrating ending.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Yeahh. In the novel version, Chen Shen is single in the end. And carry on his mission helping communists while Bi Cheng becomes the enemy..


            • @Lucia, @Shanny, me too .. because Zai Xiang that I imagined was Li Xiao Ran *lol*. I also prefer the concept of Chen Shen loving 1 woman only. I think that the love story in the drama is already complex enough. The novel version was too depressing, unless if the writer made Xiao Nan survived and be with Chen Shen. Then again, Chen Shen was alone in the end while remembering his past girls .. , one was gone while the other died. And if he loved one of them, that was way too sad 😦 😦 😦


  3. no sparrow for 3 days…

    Here is link for Happy Camp ( chine game variety show) . The guest star include ZRY and the actor who played San Sheng (yin Zheng)


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