Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 63-64 Recap

Episodes 63-64 Recap

The ratings are getting higher!

Episode 63 begins with a recap of Xiaonan’s torture scenes, which are difficult to watch. San Sheng maniacally laughs but also grimaces from his own jail cell. We may recall from the previous episode that he’s being accused as Sparrow by Zhongliang; hence his incarceration. Flashback to when Er Bao plays the tape of Xiaonan and San Sheng’s one-on-one.

“I didn’t say it this way,” San Sheng defends.

“Zhongliang, you’re wrong. Xiaonan’s sacrifice is meant to cover Sparrow’s identity,” Boss Li says. But regardless: both seem to oddly agree to incarcerating San Sheng. Again, they don’t want San Sheng gaining too much power anyways.

San Sheng says he want to see Ying Zuo. His request is not granted, but instead the tape is played in front of Ying Zuo, who comments that the largest contribution the bureau has made lately was by San Sheng. “Was this your deduction or Zhongliang’s?” This is important to Ying Zuo because he realizes Zhongliang’s position sits uncomfortably with San Sheng’s rise in glory.

Ying Zuo correctly deduces that Xiaonan wants San Sheng to be convicted as Sparrow, which means she’s shielding the real Sparrow. He says it’s either Zhongliang or Chen Shen.

Chen Shen goes to see Xiaonan, but she hides her face from him, cowering in the corner. “I don’t want to see you,” she says. But he says he won’t be frightened by whatever he sees, so she turns around and walks towards the cell entrance. Chen Shen diverts his gaze, clearly affected. Xiaonan places her hands on his, which outwardly appears to be an intimate gesture, but she uses morse code to signal “Have they believed that San Sheng is Sparrow yet?

“As of now it seems Zhongliang and Boss Li believe he is. But in the end we need the Japanese to believe that he is.”

“From now on you only need to do one thing: To protect yourself.”

Zhongliang gets mad that Chen Shen went to go see Xiaonan. Mei Ji Guan hasn’t sent out any message sentencing San Sheng, and Chen Shen says he knows Xiaonan won’t be able to live any longer.

“I’m trying to save you!” Zhongliang says. But Chen Shen just wants him to not be so harsh on Xiaonan. He walks out of the room.

In a panic, Chen Shen (even though he’s being followed by Zhongliang’s men) goes to see Bicheng. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to save Xiaonan, just like how he was unable to do anything for Shanhai or Qiu Xia.

He also gives Xiaonan a ring in the cell. She says she wish she could wear it for eternity, never taking it off. When San Sheng comes to visit her, the mood is considerably different. He chokes her at one point, and then shouts at her that didn’t she know he had never cared so much for a girl before? “You are destined to be a loser,” she says.

He forcefully kisses her. And then is about to stuff a towel down her throat, but thankfully Bian Tou comes in the nick of time, pointing a gun at San Sheng. He’s unable to shoot, but San Sheng seems to recollect his senses somewhat and leaves. Meanwhile Chen Shen tells Bicheng he’s going to send Xiaonan on the last of her journey tomorrow.

San Sheng’s sister still believes that San Sheng is a communist spy undercover at the bureau, and all the while Bicheng is probably seething under her cool expressionless face. Dachun talks to her in private, saying it’s weird how Chen Shen isn’t actively trying to save his fiancee. “He must have feelings for you,” he concludes. Bicheng says she can understand Chen Shen, though. Anyways, I guess she and Dachun try to orchestrate a plan to save Xiaonan. San Sheng puts up posters of his missing sister around the marketplace and city, and Dachun calls him anonymously asking for an exchange.

Boss Li talks to Zhongliang about their upcoming plan: They will have San Sheng and Chen Shen oversee the process of sending Xiaonan to the execution site. If anything goes wrong during this process, they can narrow down Sparrow’s identity to whoever makes a move to save Xiaonan. Should they see any action like that, they have hired assassins to immediately kill.

*Chen Shen flashbacks to Xiaonan memories.*

As Zhongliang leaves his house the next morning to prepare for the sending of Xiaonan to execution, his wife gets chili water sprayed onto her face by a kid. This is probably part of plan to have Zhongliang not show up to the execution.

Chen Shen braids Xiaonan’s hair. Then they eat dinner.


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