Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 65-66 Recap

Sparrow Episodes 65+66 Recap

ALSO BREAKING NEWS: Zhou Dongyu is rumored to get back together with her ex-boyfriend (the one who’s rich). The two were seen visiting Disneyland. She denied the rumors, but… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Before Xiaonan’s execution, she’s given the opportunity to participate in the Last Supper with Chen Shen. A plot hole arises though: how come Chen Shen knew his conversation with Xiaonan last time would be wiretapped, but he has no suspicion of that here?

Chen Shen drives Xiaonan to the site of execution, and Zhongliang’s car follows from a distance. Bicheng is watching all of this, and she makes a surprised expression when she sees Zhongliang. Okay Bicheng. Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this was going to happen.

Dachun plans to act on his own and do an exchange with San Sheng: he’ll return Cui Lan (San Sheng’s sister), and Xiaonan will be rescued. However, Bicheng tells him it’s irrational and will definitely not work, especially with Zhongliang closely monitoring the situation – it’s a trap. Dachun is convinced, but Cui Lan is shocked while eavesdropping to their conversation. She didn’t know San Sheng was actually a Chinese traitor, nor that he was planning on killing Xiaonan. She runs towards the location of the execution.

Bicheng runs after her, but is stopped by Dachun, who says that her going there will only bring more trouble. Another plot hole arises: after stopping Bicheng, Dachun could have run after Cui Lan to stop her from reaching the execution site– but he doesn’t.

Chen Shen carries Xiaonan from the car to a beautiful meadow. This is the same place where Shanhai was buried, and Xiaonan comments that she doesn’t have to worry about being lonely anymore, since Shanhai will continue to be her neighbor after she dies. She tells Chen Shen that he can assimilate Bicheng into the organization if she’s willing to go with him to Ying An, but after he gets the Guilin Plan. Then Xiaonan tells him to go pick some flowers for her.

Of course, as soon as Chen Shen leaves, the trouble starts. Cui Lan runs into the meadow, asking San Sheng if he really is working for the Japanese, and is he going to kill Xiaonan? San Sheng pleads his sister to leave, but she stays where she is, continuing to ask questions.

Zhongliang, who’s watching from above, commands an assassin to kill Cui Lan. He does. San Sheng can only watch in horror. After that, he pulls out a pistol and shoots Xiaonan. Both are smiling, but while San Sheng’s smile is filled with hatred and hurt, Xiaonan’s is one of hope and resignation.

The Japanese are also watching and are probably confused at the situation: San Sheng is supposedly loyal to them, and yet his sister demonstrates such devotion to Xiaonan and even didn’t seem to know that San Sheng was working for them.

Chen Shen is still picking flowers when he hears the gun shot, and he closes his eyes as he realizes what this must mean.

The next day at the bureau he mopes in his room over Xiaonan’s death (flashbacks ensue) while Bian Tou waits outside his room holding Xiaonan’s cactus plant that Chen Shen ordered him to bring. Except Zhongliang is suspicious (still!) and takes the plant back into his room, examining the pot, crushing the dirt, even attempting to touch the cactus for any signs that Chen Shen is a communist. He doesn’t find anything, but when he gives the plant to the intended recipient, Chen Shen says “You still suspect me even after she’s dead now?”

He’s visibly saddened and affected by her passing, while Zhongliang tells him to pretend he doesn’t care tomorrow because that’s the only way to survive.

Chen Shen, Zhongliang, and Boss Li sit with San Sheng at the bureau in a low-key interrogation. San Sheng is asked why he had a fight with his sister, and he answers she didn’t know he was working for the Japanese. Then why did he direct all the others away right before — “I didn’t direct Chen Shen away.” (Clever non-answer.) He says the failed rescue mission was probably a joint communist-nationalist effort, but since they were unable to kill San Sheng, decided to kill Cui Lan instead (which, where’s the logic in that?). Also, how did they deduce that the nationalists were helping the communists in this case? Drama logic.

Xiaonan left a letter at the orphanage for Chen Shen to read:

Chen Shen.

If there is a day when you read this letter, then I probably have left this world already. If there is anything in the world that is as important to me as my belief, I think it can only be you. I used to be so afraid, but finally the day has come for me to choose between my beliefs and you. Until at Mi Gao Mei I saw my sister, and you who was with her — yes, Zai Xiang is my biological sister, like a mother who raised me — we separated for so many years and finally saw each other again, yet I could only command you to give up on rescuing her, thankfully I later found out I have another relative Pi Pi, who is also related to you. So in the beginning our acquaintance was actually because we are family. To be able to be by your side, to quietly fight alongside you, to love you like I love my beliefs, selflessly, is the blessing of my life.

Also oops I think I’ve been getting the name of the place wrong all this time — it’s Yan An, not Ying An, I think. Anyway: Bicheng and Chen Shen honor Xiaonan and Shanhai’s sacrifices by burning incense. The two hug, and when Chen Shen asks her to keep fighting by his side, that she’s the only one he has left now, Bicheng agrees to go to Yan An with him.

San Sheng warns Zhongliang that Chen Shen is Sparrow, that he ought not deceive himself anymore. When Zhongliang asks him how come he fell in love with a communist then, San Sheng replies in a roundabout manner that look who the communist woman, who values her beliefs so strongly, who could never fall in love with San Sheng because he was a traitor, fell in love with: Chen Shen. That means that Chen Shen is communist. Also, he tells Zhongliang that Chen Shen has always seen him as a gun (or weapon).

Zhongliang personally cooks medicine for his wife (she got chili water sprayed in her eyes). She unwittingly reveals to Zhongliang that Chen Shen has been visiting Pi Pi a lot lately. San Sheng and Zhongliang begin to investigate — independently, that is — Pi Pi’s background.

Ah Qiang finds out that lately the communists have a “Go home” plan where communist children are to be sent to Yan An. He suggests that maybe Pi Pi is a part of this plan. So San Sheng decides to kidnap Pi Pi.


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63 Responses to Sparrow 麻雀 Episodes 65-66 Recap

  1. Btw, I have a question regarding Xiao Nan’s letter :

    ” I used to be so afraid, but finally the day has come for me to choose between my beliefs and you. Until at Mi Gao Mei I saw my sister, and you who was with her — yes, Zai Xiang is my biological sister, like a mother who raised me — we separated for so many years and finally saw each other again, yet I could only command you to give up on rescuing her, thankfully ”

    – does this mean that Xiao Nan approached Chen Shen without knowing that he was an agent? Did she just find out about him-Quixia when she saw them together in epi 1??
    – when did Xiao Nan order Chen Shen to give up on rescuing Quixia?


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure but I think Mi Gao Mei was the first time Chen Shen and Xiaonan had met in person, because Xiaonan held an anniversary dinner once asking him “Do you remember the day when we met in Mi Gao Mei and you asked me for a dance?”

      Xiaonan ordered Chen Shen to give up on the rescue mission early on in the series, maybe episode 3 or 4. Then she was still under code name Doctor, but Chen Shen didn’t know that Doctor was Xiaonan. Chen Shen had actually gone against orders anyway and tried rescuing Qiuxia, which ended up failing.

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      • Yeah, I think they met there for the 1st time. So the series begun and ended there, and Xiao Nan-Chen Shen met for the 1st time too there. Somehow, I felt that the writer intended Xiao Nan to be the main love for Chen Shen in the novel. But he seemed to like depressing things .. *sigh*. The novel ending was too sad and tragic

        Anyway, I didnt remember Xiao Nan/Doctor ordering Chen Shen to stop rescuing Qiuxia. Hmmm..I’d better rewatch epi 3-4 someday, I’m curious.

        Thanks, Lucia!

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  2. Just realized that the recaps were up. Thanks a lot, Lucia!.

    Regarding this :

    “A plot hole arises though: how come Chen Shen knew his conversation with Xiaonan last time would be wiretapped, but he has no suspicion of that here?” –> perhaps becoz they didnt care anymore? It was Xiao Nan’s last moments, and even if there was something secret that they needed to say, they could use morse codes or said it later (Xiao Nan just talked about Bichen while she was being carried by Chen Shen, so nobody could listen)

    Regarding how San Sheng etc could guess that the Nationalist was working with Communist -> I think it was bcoz they’ve predicted that Bicheng was hid by Chen Shen. They also suspected that Shanhai was working with Chen Shen, so they made that assumption.

    And regarding why Dachun didnt stop San Sheng’s sister, perhaos becoz she was San Sheng’s sister. Dachun didnt care what was going to happen to her, but he cared about what happened to Bicheng


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I like your explanation for how San Sheng could guess that the nationalists had teamed up with communists. 🙂

      I still think the bureau (if they were doing their job) would probably have wanted to wiretap the last conversation, precisely because Chen Shen was not anticipating it at all (but it seems like wiretapping in this drama only happens to benefit the protagonists).

      I think Dachun ended up caring what would happen to San Sheng’s sister, who was innocent in this whole matter, after Bicheng talked him through the situation. But the plot had to be made in a way so that the sister would end up going to the execution site anyways? Dachun did say “I understand” to Bicheng, which makes me think he gained some empathy for the sister.

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      • “(but it seems like wiretapping in this drama only happens to benefit the protagonists).” => yeah *lol*. Everytime they did it, it ended up useless.

        Regarding Dachun, perhaps he also thought that nothing bad would happen to San Sheng’s sister. Bicheng would be caught instantly if she left, but not San Sheng’s sister. Personally, I never thought that the japanese/Zhongliang would kill her, just becoz she was forbiding San Sheng to kill Xiao Nan *I mean..not that she could forbid Zhongliang anyway*. I was pretty shocked when she was shot, so uexpected.

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  3. shannymelbournian says:

    WOAAAH @Lucia
    thank you for episode 65 and 66 recap !!!!
    Hope your news report is doing well?


  4. coffeenlucia says:

    Really sorry guys, but I have a draft deadline today that I haven’t started writing. Will need to do that right now.

    I can’t post recap today / watch the episodes.

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  5. mbm_217 says:

    hello i’m back i been sick so looking forward to watched the eps ^^^^^^^^^^__________^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  6. Shannymelbournian says:

    Btw i”m thinking the scene where Chen Shen (in disguise) wears this round glasses and dancing with a girl will happen in the last 20 minutes of episode 71. It is after they steal the Guilin plan and they take actions to go to the locations / time specified ..and continue their missions as communist spy to battle japanese.. j truly hope the girl is Bi Cheng.. 😣


    • mbm_217 says:

      i have to wait the ep 47 and 48 tonight cause the link in youtube i can’t find it anymore can some body give a link if their is …………………


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Why do I get the feeling the girl isn’t going to be Bicheng…? Unless he managed to convert her from being nationalist to communist. Which, idk if the drama has enough time to cover since there is still so much that needs to be shown (i.e. Bi Tai Tai becoming a nun, Chen Shen’s accident)


      • shannymelbournian says:

        Hi Lucia,

        yeah I am also worried here, what if they decide to separate?

        in the below video minute 49.07 to 49.30 , Chen Shen mentioned he introduced Bi Cheng to join the communist troops ?
        cause I hear the word “jie shao” and “jin ru” and communist words..
        (Can you please confirm if I hear correctly) thanks ^^ ^^ ^^
        If that is correct it means Bi Cheng might become communist too in the ending?

        also in episode 65 Chen Shen sent Xiao Nan in the forest , Xiao nan told him “you asked me whether Bi Cheng can join our troops. If you have obtained the plan, and she is willing to go to Ying An, bring her”

        In episode 66, When they are standing and mourning for Xiao nan , Chen Shen said to Bi Cheng
        “it’s time for you to make a choice. Fight together with me. I know you and “them” are different. Are you willing to go with me to Ying an?”, to which Bi Cheng answered yes.

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    • Shannymelbournian says:

      We can still hope for a happy ending..😢😢😢
      In the letter to the communist boss (that he posted to the mailbox), Chen Shen wrote that Bi Cheng is his fiancee that he loves very deeply , and he would get Bi Cheng to join their communist party .

      Plus he is always thinking about her while he hides from Zhong Liang and others. I hope he will come back to her side.

      Regardng Bi Cheng shoot Bi Zhong Liang…i reckon Er Bao is killed during the chaos at zhong liang’s house. ) so less 1 people guarding him, cause we see in trailer Bi Cheng pointing gun with “angry revenge mode” look…..(in the novel she used arsenic explosive though)..

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  7. Shannymelbournian says:

    Guys just finished ep 67 and 68
    Episode 68 : san sheng get killed.

    Also the fireworks hugging scene happen in episode 68. (Aaaaahhh the scene we thought will happen in the very last episode already happen in ep 68. We were wrong……) .

    basically Chen Shen.received news from his new information handler. He has only 10 days to get guilin plan. So on bi zhong liang’s wife bday party he will steal it. That is the last opportunity he can get.

    During the fireworks hugging scene. Chen Shen told Bi cheng he is yet to propose to her .
    Bi cheng said “you must come back safely from ur mission to steal the plan”
    Chen Shen : “i still owe you a wedding proposal , of course i will come back safely. I also have not become a dad yet”. ( hahaa you cheeky..)

    But Chen Shen mentions in his heart the following thoughts
    “i need to come back safely for two people : pi pi (my brother’s and zai xiang’s son ). And for Bi Xu Cheng (my FIANCEE that i love the most).
    In case i don’t come back safely, i will ask someone to visit Bi Cheng every 15th of the month”

    Bi Cheng packed up her luggage and left her hiding place. (I am not sure what city. Hang zhou if i hear correctly??)

    Chen Shen appeared at Bi Zhong liang’s house and ready to get the plan.

    Preview at the end of ep 68 : Chen Shen managed to grab Guilin plan and take photos of the plans. Bi Zhong liang’s sniper ready to shoot him from the house next door” ( Craaapppppppppppppppppp…..)

    Omgggg I dont think I dare to watch ep 69 and 70 and 71.. i am soooooo worried..


    • So envy.. I just refreshed tudou and epi 67 hasnt been available yet :(. Probably it will be up after I get some sleep 😦 😦


      • Shannymelbournian says:

        The episode on tudou is up around 12 – 1 midnight indo time..(i check here 4 am australia time. Ep 67 and 68 are already uploaded on tudou)
        Happy watching luna!

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    • I have watched epi 67-68 ..AARRGHH! Yeah, now I’m affraid of a sad ending (T_T) :

      – Sorry, what excuse that Zhongliang and Boss Li used against San Sheng in front of Yin Zhong(the japanese?). He didnt seem to believe them, but he couldnt say anything
      – Chen Shen’s look when stabbing San Sheng : scary. LYF’s acting was good here. He talked slowly and calmly while mentioning Xiao Nan, and his expression wad getting darker and darker. Good.

      I the preview at the end of epi 68:

      – Chen Shen wasnt just being targeted by the sniper.He was already bleeding 😀 (I believe that he was already shot? ). If his gun was empty, then someone should come and shoot him instead. If Zhongliang already suspected Chen Shen of entering his room, then he would prepare things and have the guards getting ready near them
      – one of the saddest things for me is to see Bi Tai Tai getting angry at Chen Shen 😦 😦 .
      – so, regarding him driving a car in the trailer, my guess is he should do it while he was already wounded. Then the car crashed and his head was hit. Even if he could walk out of there, I think his friend should come and help him (Pi Dan etc?). Unless if he still has the strength to go by himself.
      – so, the one helping Bicheng should be Dachun or Pi Dan(guessing)


    • coffeenlucia says:

      Thanks for the recap.

      If fireworks scene happens in episode 68… it makes me doubt whether or not our OTP will have a happy ending. Hm… especially since episode 69 will probably focus on Zhongliang’s confrontation with Chen Shen, and then 70 is perhaps when Chen Shen gets into an accident.

      That only leaves one episode as epilogue, which would be a pretty rushed ending for Chen Shen / Bicheng.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is what I’m affraid of! They’ve spent too long on the previous arcs, but only gave like 3 episodes for the final confrontation. That was too rushed! Too bad though, because this is the main big story *sigh*.

        And, yeah, I’m also affraid that there wont be a happy ending, although I’m still hoping. If there is one, then perhaps the ending only shows Chen Shen-Bicheng meet someday in the future. There’s no time for more than that.


    • I rewacthed the preview of 69-70:

      – yup..I’m sure now.
      Chen Shen was already shot while the sniper was still aiming at him. The interesting thing that I just realized was Zhongliang was using an empty gun to threat Chen Shen (which then he grabbed and shot to the air. Perhaps, Zhongliang just wanted some confession from him? Luckily(?) Chen Shen didnt use it to shoot him, because it was empty anyway.
      – Anyway, ny guess is Er Bao came and shot Chen Shen. But when they were going to catch him, there was an explosion (should be coming from Pi Dan). Chen Shen was trying to run away during the chaos, while the sniper was aiming at him.

      Wahhh..I’m nervous too!

      Btw, has he found out about who the Sparrow is? Xiao Nan didnt tell anything about it, did she?


      • shannymelbournian says:

        Xiao Nan didnt mention anything about sparrow. so Chen Shen sticks with his code name 023.
        Yeah explosions is from Pi Dan and the gank..:(

        OMG Chen Shen got shot, very sad 😦 😦 😦 so heartbroken..
        sobs sobs

        But u know what? @Luna @Lucia
        I am pretty sure – After Chen Shen faked his death, Bi Cheng will truly thought he was dead , so she went to Bi Zhong Liang for revenge., that’s why the scene where Bi Cheng is pointing a gun (while she looks very furious))- I bet she is going to kill Bi Zhong Liang with a gun (not with arsenic explosions.

        What if she doesn’t get to find out Chen Shen is alive until the end? (same as the novel..?) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        Liked by 1 person

        • Shannymelbournian says:

          Btw u’re right Luna.
          Chen Shen either got shot by Er Bao or the sniper himself 😢😢 .. so frustrating. It looks like he can manage to stand and walk after the car crash even though limping..
          But he will fake his death even Bi cheng doesnn’t know he is alive.. (therefore Da Chun did not come to rescue chen shen)

          Re conversation between Boss Li , zhong liang and ying zhuo the japanese, i think they are saying San Sheng is a communist and they caught him when he participate in communist “come home” plan..

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thx for the explanation, Shanny!

            San sheng was a communist?? Ha, I bet the Japanese wouldnt believr that, but he had no choice :p . After all, it was 3 against 1. Still, I dont feel happy at all when San Sheng died. I took pity on him when the sister died.

            Yeah, Chen Shen will get shot, either by Er Bao or the sniper. Judging from his movement, I prefer to think that he was shot by Er Bao. If he was shot by the sniper, then Chen Shen would avoid the window/ hide himself from the open area.


          • Eh, Zhongliang could also shoot him, if he hid another gun. Bi Tai Tai was already gone in that scene, so something else should happen first, which resulted in Bi Tai Tai left the area and Chen Shen got shot


        • But it should be difficult to get near him, in order to be able to shoot. I’m curious because there is not much time left.

          Argh, if only they didnt spend too much time in the previous arcs.


        • Shannymelbournian says:

          U’re welcome ^^ hehe

          From what I remember from the trailer and mv ~ zhong Liang didnt shoot Chen Shen , but he asked his wife to do it.. since his wife refused, Zhong Liang end up pointing gun at his wife.. and Li Mo chun showed up outside of his house watching the fiasco.

          And yes when Chen Shen threw the lighter backwards, we could see his chest got shot (there are bloods on his coat), and he is in pain.. sobs

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  8. Thanks for the discussion thread, Lucia! Good luck on your activities!
    Ahh..a few more hours until epi 65..


    • Shannymelbournian says:

      Thanks for the thread Lucia..

      A few bits of discussions for ep 69, 70, 71 . This is just guesses , from what we can see from 6 mins trailer.

      – after Chen Shen’s car crash , He is limping out of the car (in pain) and he throws the lighter backwards (to create explosions and fake his death)
      – will Chen shen go to find Bi Cheng if he is alive? He already mentioned during fireworks scene that bi cheng is his future wife (wei fu qing)
      – Bi Cheng ran and surrounded by a group of men. Da Chun will show up with his big guns and save her??
      – Bi Zhong liang will try to kill Chen Shen (his identity as communist spy is now revealed)
      Bi Tai Tai is unable to shoot Chen Shen and cannot stand to see his two men (one her husband and the other is her little brother) kill each other so she decides to become a nun.

      Liked by 1 person

      • We only have 5 more episodes, right? I’m kinda nervous on how things will turn out. We also have :
        – Chen Shen vs San Sheng
        – Chen Shen vs Zhongliang (+ Bian Tou’s fate)
        – Chen Shen sending a letter (to the communist? I wonder how he manage to do that, when he is being heavily watched.
        – Pi Dan etc’s faith. If Chen Shen runs away from the city, then I think they should leave too..for their own safety.


      • Shannymelbournian says:

        – san sheng dead in epi 68 😉 (finally)

        – Chen Shen sending letter also happen after the fireworks hugging scene. He confirms to his boss he will do the guilin plan mission . But he said “from 023” at the end of the letter. He still used the code name 023..even Xiao nan didnt tell him who is sparrow..

        – Pi Dan and the gank will help Chen Shen to steal guilin plan at Bi Zhong Liang”s house. But yeah hopefully they all leave shang hai after the plan is obtained..
        – Chen shen and Bi zhong liang stand off will happen in ep 69 and 70 😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thx Shanny! I guess that we have to wait until the very very end, in order to discover who the Sparrow is. Perhaps after Chen Shen obtained the Guili Plan


        • Shannymelbournian says:

          There are 2 versions re who is sparrow
          Version 1 : from the 6 mins spoiler audio , lucia said sparrow is Cai Xiang and Chen Shen takes over as sparrow

          Version 2 : from what i read on Youtube commenters , sparrow is not only 1 person, but a whole group of chinese people who loves their country and fight the japanese

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  9. shannymelbournian says:

    Re Zhou Dong Yu back with the ex bf.. I am very surprised. I saw snippets of Shawn Yue kissing her cheeks on “wo men xiang ai ba season 2”. What the…….~~~~
    maybe they broke up after the show? and ZDY back with the ex?


    • coffeenlucia says:

      I don’t think they were ever together. It was probably just media play to get more people to watch the show. (Which I actually watched a few episodes of.) Zhou Dongyu doesn’t have much chemistry with Shawn, haha. She was a bit too shy always and seemed to treat him more like a respected colleague than like a lover.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. shannymelbournian says:

    btw @Lucia
    i have minor questions re ep 66.:)

    -is Ying An like the headquarters of all communists? Why Chen Shen bring Bi Cheng back to YIng An after they accomplish their mission , also the other communist have the “come home plan
    to bring the orphaned kids to Ying An?

    -Chen Shen told Bi Cheng “It is time to make a choice now . I know, you and “others” are different .”
    I am wondering who are “the others” that Chen Shen referring to? the nationalist?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I also wanted to ask about Ying An. It seemed like a safe place for Communists.

      Btw, I read somewhere that someone recommended people to watch Disguiser first before Sparrow. The reason was because Disguiser provided clearer background in the political situation at that time. Hmm..I’m getting more curious on Disguiser..


      • shannymelbournian says:

        these past two weeks – Hunan TV (that normally airs Sparrow at night), also airs Disguiser from morning to afternoon , i watch it sometimes but it is sooooooooooooo serious and much darker…I don’t quite like it. today there is a scene about Hu GE (the main actor) got tortured and his nails are all pulled off and they show it to Hu Ge’s older sister…..( sadistic)

        but yeah Viki has the drama subbed in English 🙂
        here is recaps for disguisers : (in case u’re interested ^^)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jiah .. I like darker tone, but I don’t like nail pulling *they really showed that in a TV series??? *. I prefer Sparrow who only shows the ‘preview’ of the torturing, then moves the camera away. If I watch Disguiser, then I’ll skip that part.

          Thanks for the recaps! ^_^


          • shannymelbournian says:

            they show the bloody nails to the older sister (but i didn’t watch the earlier scene so I don’t know whether they show the nail pulling action, maybe not)
            basically all the bloody nails are wrapped inside tissues but when the older sister opened it…GAAHHHHHHHH it was horrifying. 😦 😦 😦

            Disguisers are packed with actions and just tiny bit of romance (only 41 eps in total) – sparrow is much longer (71 episodes) but sparrow has more focus on romance and the love triangle (it’s on and off again and on again and so forth), which irritated me 😦 hehe


            • That was scary *lol* . The director was cruel.

              I think it’s normal for Sparrow to be less intense because it has 60-71 episodes. It seems to be a trend nowadays, because new series tend to have 60 episodes.

              Regarding the romance, I wasnt too invested with it actually. I put my attention more to the guys, especially LYF *lol*. Perhaps that’s why I didnt get bothered too much by the on and off love. Still, I’m annoyed too by that. If onlh they made Xiao Nan with San Sheng instead, and San Sheng didnt torture Xiao Nan. It’s hard to root for a guy who abused a girl physically 😦


            • Shan says:

              Yeah ..Lyf is wayyy too gorgeous as Chen Shen, extremely amusing for the eyes , goshhhh he is the most gorgeous actor.(EXCEPT the part where he interviews Xiao nan , he is not handsome there)

              In disguisers there is no eye candy at all. They all look old and so

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    • coffeenlucia says:

      Let me get back to you as soon as I watch it 🙂 ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    • coffeenlucia says:

      Yan An, otherwise known as 红色圣地 (roughly translating to Red Sacred Site), was important in terms of the Chinese revolution. From 1935 to 1948 Yan An was the communist headquarters. Many important events happened there between nationalists and communists and also between Chinese and Japanese (during the Sino-Japanese war).

      Regarding your second point: I don’t think Chen Shen was referring to anyone in particular. He basically just wanted to say that Bicheng is different from other people with her capacity to bear sorrow while learning to deal with emotion better (she is able to change instead of stubbornly sticking to her ways). For instance in the Xiaonan case she didn’t actively try to save her this time because she knew consequences would not be good in the long run.


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