coffeenlucia rambles: part 1

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the quarter system

Some universities divide the school year into semesters, but my university uses the quarter system. Professors teach material at a fast pace; we take midterms beginning in the fourth week and finals in the tenth week. We do not have the luxury to procrastinate much because tests take place almost every week after the fourth week, but the torture of a difficult class also ends sooner — instead of suffering an entire semester, the class is over after a quarter.

Also, the quarter system allows one to take more classes and explore obscure but interesting subjects. (I can elaborate on this once I take more interesting classes. Right now I’m mostly focused on finishing prerequisites for the biology major.)

Students typically take three or four classes a quarter. I’m taking three right now because my advisor said I should adjust to the college setting first.

a large school

More than 40,000 students attend my university. My intro courses all enroll more than 150 students, but the size does not overwhelm me. Professors provide ample resources, including office hours, TA hours and online forums to help students acclimate to what can seem an impersonal class climate. Students can ask questions during lecture. Not all front row seats fill during lecture, so it’s not like there’s no opportunity to get a more personal smaller-class feel.

Classes at my university consist of two components, lecture and discussion. Though professors speak in large lecture halls, my discussion sections have fewer than twenty students.

The enormous enrollment also contributes to a wealth of student organizations. Although one might think it is difficult to make friends or develop meaningful connections in such a large school, the student orgs provide a space to talk to other passionate people. My favorite part of college so far has been joining the student-run newspaper.

But — sometimes I miss the cozy feel of my smaller high school, and how I could refer to my classmates by name. I miss the way we sat at tables instead of in chairs and mini-desks facing the podium.

Also, registering for classes can be a painful process. You are randomly assigned a time slot to register, but courses fill up fast. I was unable to get a spot in one of the math courses I wanted to take for first quarter, and had to resort to taking the harder math class.


Literally millions of books line the shelves. But I have never seen anyone check out a book yet.

Pro-tip: When considering colleges, don’t factor in how many books a college has. If a college brags about the number of books in their collection, don’t give a shit. You’ll almost never check those books out.

I have studied at three of the libraries on campus, and I prefer the most famous and most crowded library. Let’s call it the P- library. P- library is my favorite because it opens 24 hours on weekdays – except Friday – and is closest to the dorms. The other libraries are not only farther away from central campus, but also close earlier.

Some people dislike how crowded P- can be, but the study space is still relatively quiet. A layer of humming noise from the ceiling (AC?) blocks most of the whispering conversations from distracting me. Also, I feel less embarrassed when my stomach growls from hunger, since no one can hear.


No school on Veteran’s day! My friend and I plan to visit Little Tokyo ^___^ And then after finals (ugh) I get a month-long winter break!! I’ll get to see family again :’)

Also looking forward to upcoming Kdrama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, starring Park Hyung Shik and Park Bo Young. Park Bo Young sure picks good projects.


Update 11/7/16: Just watched the first episode of Romantic Doctor Kim. The beginning scene reminded me of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. The leads already kissed – and we’re not talking the usual Kdrama kiss – but it happened almost too fast so I didn’t really feel the chemistry. The medical part doesn’t really interest me lol (and I’m a bio major whut).

Awaiting Princess Agents.

Update 11/14/16: Watching Yuri on Ice (which really should be titled Yaoi on Ice), featuring a fantastic OST and opening theme song. The show is by no means a masterpiece, but it entertains viewers with fluidly drawn figure skating. Also watching Haikyu Season 3. This is the type of show you love to watch after having a long day of school.


2 thoughts on “coffeenlucia rambles: part 1

  1. Shan

    Good luck with ur exams.. ur post reminded me of good old uni days back in 2005
    Where is little tokyo by the way? Are you living in the dorm (away from family)


    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Thanks, I have a midterm tomorrow TT hahahaha

      Little Tokyo is in LA 😀

      I am living in the dorms, away from family. I’ll get to see family during winter break though, which I’m happy about 🙂



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