Fighter of the Destiny releases trailer


Fighter of the Destiny, starring Luhan, Guli Nazha and Wu Qian, is set to air in 2017.

Not sure how I feel about the teaser. Luhan fits the ancient costume but his face almost seems too youthful especially with the styled hair. I’m excited to see Wu Qian (My Amazing Boyfriend), though she is relegated to second female lead this time.

Below is an interview of the cast from Fighter of the Destiny.

Selected points:

  • Filming took place in hot weather, and the heavy costumes did not help.
  • Luhan said he thinks it takes a longer time to put on makeup in ancient dramas.
  • Luhan occasionally plays basketball and soccer. These questions though.
  • Also lmao it’s not exactly a “cast” interview when Luhan is speaking 90% of the time.


One thought on “Fighter of the Destiny releases trailer

  1. Shan

    It seems like a miscast to me..
    Lu Han looks like a younger brother to Guli Nazha . I feel like he is not suited to be a main lead in ancient drama ..are Lu Han and Guliner supposed to be lovers in the drama ? Lol.

    He super looks like a high school boy and more suited for the youth drama / movie. 😍😍😍



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