Korean movie Miss Granny inspires another remake, drama 20 Once Again


20 Once Again 重返20岁 is an upcoming Chinese drama starring Elvis Han (Han Dong Jun), Hu Bing Qing and Gui Ya Lei. The drama takes inspiration from popular Korean movie Miss Granny, which helped launch Shim Eum Kyung into stardom. The movie has spawned another remake before — the Chinese movie 20 Once Again.

The trailer for the Cdrama hints at possible plot deviation from the original movie — not only does Granny go back to her 20s, but so does Grandpa. More family melodrama appears to be added as well, because what else can you do when you want to make movie source material last for the whole length of a drama?

I’m not too impressed with Hu Bing Qing’s granny-but-20-years-old acting, but maybe I just have higher expectations since its predecessor movie boasted such impressive portrayal from Shim Eum Kyung.

I also think the trailer suffers from poor editing skills — or almost a lack of editing — as the clips resemble plot summary rather than as an engaging glimpse into the drama’s characters.


2 thoughts on “Korean movie Miss Granny inspires another remake, drama 20 Once Again

  1. shannymelbournian

    aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I am soooo not happy with the remake once again.
    The version with Chen Bo Lin and Lu Han was excellent . I love love love love the song in the movie..I even downloaded and listened to the songs over and over again 😦



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