First Asian drama I watched

Day 1: First Drama you watched?

Warning: Spoilers

I was probably four years old. Back then the TVs were still chunky, heavy and without HD. I remember sitting on the piano bench in front of the TV. The Chinese channel replayed an episode from Stairway to Heaven.

There was a piano on the coastline; the man played the keys gently, looking at the sea, where his wife had died. She had wanted to die in the ocean after struggling with illness.

The drama’s title always confused me: I kept picturing a long staircase reaching towards the clouds, but that scene never manifested in the series.

Anyway: For anyone confused at why Choi Ji Woo is, in some respects, viewed as a goddess in the K-ent industry, they should probably watch Stairway to Heaven. Or Winter Sonata.

Interestingly, Park Shin Hye also plays the younger counterpart of Choi Ji Woo’s character in this series.

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


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