First Japanese drama I watched

Day 2: Your first Japanese Drama?

I… can’t remember.

It might have been Hana Yori Dango, after I tried the fantastic mess that was Boys over Flowers, and then seeing overwhelming consensus in the comments that the Japanese drama was superior to the Korean version. And upon learning that the leads were possibly dating in real life.

It might have been Nodame Cantabile, because I went through the classical music phase in middle school and somehow found about the anime Nodame Cantabile (this was before my anime phase when I found out everyone who is an invested anime fan knows about this show).

Anyway: I discovered Japanese dramas after I began watching Korean dramas. I was struck by how different the shows were, in pace, substance and style. Acting was caricatured, and larger-than-life characters were either emphatically annoying or completely easy to root for. But Jdramas seem to capture my attention just as well, and in some cases, better than Kdramas are able to. They convey the element of suspense well – the shows Shotenin Michiru no Minoue Banashi or Liar Game are good examples.

Wow. I realize this is a very anti-climactic second-day challenge post, but I simply cannot remember my first Jdrama. :/

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


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