Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun win at Golden Horse Awards

Update 11/29/16: The video originally embedded in this post was removed from Youtube. I’m sure you can find a similar video as long as you search “周冬雨马思纯”.

Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun were the joint winners of the title “Best Actress” at the 53rd annual Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. They won for their performances in the movie Soulmate.

Other nominated actresses include Fan Bingbing (I am not Madame Bovary), Tiffany Hsu (The Tag-Along) and Wu Kexi (The Road to Mandalay).

They are so adorable when receiving the awards. Zhou Dongyu goes on a tangent, saying how the A/C is turned on so high that she’s shaking before proceeding to thank everyone involved in the production. She also thanks Director Zhang Yimou (The Love of the Hawthorn Tree) for beginning her journey in film. Ma Sichun thanks Dongyu and says that without her, she would not be able to stand on stage today (and vice versa, lol). She also says that Dongyu’s skill pushed her to work harder as well.

I will be honest — I was not a fan of Soulmate, and thought it to be a mediocre movie at best. But I was amazed by Ma Sichun’s portray of July. I think Dongyu can still improve her acting, but for now I congratulate the two of them on winning!

(Don’t worry, Dongyu. You’re still my favorite.)

Ahh all three of them look so happy 🙂 Ariel is such an amazing actress too.


One thought on “Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun win at Golden Horse Awards

  1. Miss Attache

    There are indeed mixed reviews about the movie, but most critiques agree that the two leading actresses bring in outstanding performances. And their chemistry is off the chart. I’m the opposite of you, I really like the movie and find the ending bittersweet and poignant. Thanks for the video, can’t help get teary myself! 🙂

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