running + longer-haired megan lai in 10,000 Miles trailer

Image result for 10,000 miles taiwanese movie

Jay Chou released a music video – which also doubles as a trailer – for the theme song of 10,000 Miles, “Snail”. The movie releases on December 16 and stars Yuan Huang, Megan Lai, and Darren Wang.

Yuan Huang seems to be a relatively new actor – typing “Yuan Huang” into google doesn’t immediately redirect to any bio pages. This could be a breakout role for the newbie. Megan and Darren, on the other hand, are perhaps more known in film and dramas. Megan Lai and Baron Chen starred in the popular 2015 tdrama Bromance (watch it, their chemistry is intense). Darren also rose to fame in the mega-hit 2015 tmovie Our Times.

I kinda miss Megan’s short hair but she also looks cute with medium-length hair.


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