Castle in the Time

Image result for 时光之城

picture credit: rachel_mypark IG

Castle in the Time 时光之城 begins airing in 2017 for 40 episodes. The modern drama stars Park Min Young, Zhang Zhe Han and Xu Ke.

Here is the plot synopsis that I translated roughly from Baidu Baike.

The optimistic and hardworking Xu Zhen (Park Min Young) wants to rebuild the broken relationship between her mother and ill father, so she goes to see her mother, who is the director of a Gaia film festival. On the way she accidentally bumps into top star Gu Chijun (Zhang Zhe Han) being rejected by his ex-girlfriend once again. Gu Chijun values his pride highly and does not want this embarrassing event being exposed to the public, so he creates difficulty for Xu Zhen to get rid of her. But she doesn’t give up easily and finally wins the admiration and respect of Chijun.

Major spoilers below

He allows her to become his assistant, and she also convinces her mother to reconcile family relations. But in this process, she also gets embroiled in a crisis involving the Gaia president Lin Jinyang. Finally, with the help of Gu Chijun and Lin Jinyang’s second son Lin Yan Xiu (Xu Ke), Xu Zhen is able to expose Lin Jinyang’s actual misdoings. Xu Zhen and Gu Chijun also begin to understand their feelings for each other and at a film awards ceremony, Gu Chijun asks Xu Zhen to marry him.


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