Love and Life and Lie

Image result for 遇见爱情的利先生
Love + Life + Lie 遇见爱情的利先生 begins airing on January 4, 2017. The modern drama stars Chen Xiao and Zhou Dongyu.

Filming for this drama began a long time ago (March 2014), so I’m not sure why the release has been delayed this long.

Here is the plot synopsis that I translated roughly from Baidu Baike.

Liu Xintong (Zhou Dongyu) grew up in a poor household but maintains a sunny and persevering personality. Her life is originally average until in an unusual turn of events, she enters a different social group — along with her mother, they are forced to move into Ji’s house (he’s a rich businessman). Liu Xintong gets to know the headstrong daughter of the house Ji Zhizhen, the handsome and gentle son Ji Zhenyu (Jia Jinghui), and the man she is fated to love — Li Rongnan (Chen Xiao). Ji Zhizhen and Liu Xintong both develop feelings for Li Rongnan, a love triangle ensues. Through the romantic relationships as well as friendships, the main cast experience betrayal, lies, and separation, and ultimately learn from these events.


Eh. I’m not impressed with the character descriptions, but I am interested in the Chen Xiao – Zhou Dongyu pairing. I think they were even rumored to be dating at one point in real life (though tbh they probably weren’t ever a couple).

I will watch the first episode before arriving at any sort of verdict for this show, but I don’t have high expectations when the storyline is just so banal.


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