Nothing Gold can Stay

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Nothing Gold can Stay 那年花开月正圆 begins airing in 2017 for 40 episodes. The historical romance drama stars Sun Li and Chen Xiao.

Here is the plot synopsis that I translated roughly from Baidu Baike. Warning though, there are lots of spoilers.

In 1884, Zhou Ying (Sun Li) accompanies her father to Guan Zhong, where he loses all his money from gambling. He thus sells Zhou Ying to the Shen family to be a maid. In the process of escaping, Zhou Ying hides in a man’s rickshaw – the guy is Wu Pin (He Rundong), the young master. Zhou Ying ends up gaining favor with the Zhou family because of her business-inclined interests and intellect, and she’s allowed to stay with the Wu family. Shen Xin Yi (Chen Xiao) suspects that the Shen family’s young master was assassinated by Wu Pin, so he gets in a fight with Wu Pin. To save Wu Pin, who is now in a coma, Zhou Ying marries into the family. Alas, Wu Pin dies, and the Wu family is also embarrassed, so Zhou Ying decides to revive the Wu family’s hospital, using her business acumen.

Shen Xin Yi is described as a spoiled guy who likes to take the limelight, but changes in the process of knowing Zhou Ying. His impulses become passions, and he matures.

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