Beauty from Heart

Beauty from Heart 这个世界不看脸的 begins airing in 2017. The modern drama stars Zhang Luyi and Wu Qian.

I’ve translated the plot synopsis from Baidu Baike below:
Tao Xiao Ting and Tao Xiao Di are twin sisters who go to the big city to work. Younger sister Xiao Ting (Wu Qian) struggles to forge ahead, while older sister Xiao Di hopes to use her beauty as a shortcut. From this point on, these two similar faces go through two different lives. Genius businessman Lian Sheng (Zhang Luyi) returns to China when the Uno department store is about to be acquired by another, and he does not know Xiao Ting. Xiao Di sets a new target — Uno’s new leading figure Chou Yingshu. Lian Sheng, originally thinking of Xiao Ting as someone despicable and untrustworthy, is later attracted to her sunny disposition and persistance. Under Xiao Ting’s influence, Xiao Di realizes that the world does not value face as much as she thought, and decides to rely on her strong heart to strive towards the future.
Not sure if Wu Qian is playing both Xiao Ting and Xiao Di’s characters since they’re twin sisters, but that would be interesting to see the contrast in personalities play out.

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