Candle in the Tomb Episode 2 Recap

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Bayi and Pangzi ride a train to Niuxin Shan mountain where Pangzi’s relatives live (a convenient excuse for exploring tombs rumored to be hidden within the mountain). Pangzi is a dutiful student trying to learn everything he can about tombdigging on the train ride. He reads a relevant book and the guy sitting across from him asks if Bayi and Pangzi are a part of an archaeological team. Pangzi cheerfully says yes, though Bayi’s face says otherwise.


After getting off the train, Bayi and Pangzi ride a donkey-powered carriage to their relatives’ house. A truck passes by, honking and spraying road dust all over them. Pangzi complains that the men on the car do not have eyes.

Okay they finally arrive at their relatives’ place. Cue awkward greetings. Bayi gives the children a handful of candies. Then an elderly man comes out of the house to greet the two adventurers- he is Zhi Shu. Haha and just like that Bayi exits the crowd of excited relatives to shake Zhi Shu’s hand. It turns out Zhi Shu was good friends with Bayi’s father Mao Zhu Xi. Bayi explains to the grandpa that he’s here on reformation duty (presumably to create more open trade between the village and other neighbors). The old man doesn’t really understand because one of his ears has hearing problems.


Bayi also finds out that all the village’s young men are on the government’s archaeological team, tasked with investigating ruins of the mountain. They are also the same rude men earlier who honked at Bayi and Pangzi. The young men got to their present position due to some history. After the 1976 Tangshan earthquake (an actual historical event, magnitude 7.8), Niuxin Shan ruptured and revealed a palace-like array of tombs. The government was eager to investigate the ruins and decided to pay nearby villagers to help excavate the area.

Anyway, Bayi and Pangzi aren’t too happy about this news (aka they’ve got competition now).


Bayi and Pangzi gift the relatives with a television set, and they are all amazed at the technology. Unfortunately, the region does not have electricity, so it’s unlikely they would be able to use it. Also, they were hoping that grandpa would have antiques that they could sell to Golden Tooth for a lot of money. Unfortunately, they learn that they’re a step late; grandpa has already given his antiques to the government archaeological team.

Bayi wakes up early the next day to ponder what their next move should be, since their objective of trying to sell grandpa’s antiques to Golden Tooth has failed. Oh and, he’s thinking by the riverbank, because #aesthetic. It’s Dramaland. He tells Pangzi maybe they should try a different region the government archaeological team does not know of.


Bayi and Pangzi are on their way, riding horses, when suddenly a girl approaches them. She is Ying Zi (Zhang Yi Shang), sent by the grandpa to keep an eye on them and make sure they stay safe. Omg she looks so young. Turns out she’s a 96’er!! And her short hair, ahhhh so cute.

They distrust her capabilities at first because she’s so young, but it turns out she’s quite the wilderness expert and ends up directing them in the right route. At one point Pangzi goes to take a shit when a boar charges towards him. He starts running for his life and is almost attacked when Ying Zi shoots the boar and saves his life.


Bayi asks Ying Zi why the area they’re navigating is called “Savage Ditch”. She says she hasn’t seen a savage here before, and only knows the story from her father. Ying Zi then leaves temporarily (presumably to get more supplies from nature). Turns out Bayi also knows some history about this area, because he tells Pangzi about how when the moon is full and seems to reach the apex of the mountains, it creates a sort of illusion as if the two mountain peaks were two hands reaching up in offering to the moon.

Suddenly they hear a gunshot and Ying Zi is running back towards them. She inadvertently discovered a tomb site. “So you’re afraid of dead people,” Pangzi says. At the tomb site, Bayi reads a diary of one of the dead man. It mentioned something about tomb digging, so Bayi deduces that they must be nearby a site.


Pangzi starts digging a hole (lmao, just in a random place?) and eventually Bayi takes over when they spot a green shiny glass. Bayi notices this isn’t just some ordinary tomb — if one applies too much pressure on its surface, it activates an inner layer of gas and will combust. Basically, they decide to leave that tomb alone.

Meanwhile, Ying Zi screams — turns out she’s fallen into an underground ditch / tunnel and has hurt her foot. Bayi surmises that this is a hole the tomb diggers in the past dug, and they decide to all go in the tunnel.


Chen Qiao En didn’t show up in Episode 2 either.

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  1. tulipsaki

    Hello! THe first three episodes are now subbed on viki. We’re about to start recapping on POTUP. I hope you come check us out. We do gifs and comments from other recappers in text, so it takes us longer.

    Please follow @Jaeswoon or @PotUPMaster on twitter for recap updates. 🙂 ❤

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    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      I don’t know any fansubbers, sorry :/

      I did see that Stay with Me has english subtitles on youtube, released by the official channel, and since candle in the tomb is also on that channel, maybe they’ll eventually release eng subs?



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