Candle in the Tomb Episode 3 Recap

screenshot-65Since Ying Zi has fallen into the tunnel, Bayi and Pangzi descend the hole as well. I guess this was a convenient way to find the tomb site without having to go through too much digging. They decide to explore underground since it looks like someone before them had already dug this hole.

Pangzi tests the ground with a rope to see if there any traps, but he detects none. The group comes across a spacious room in the tunnel, made from extravagant stone. Majestic pillars and detailed statues line the walls, while an elevated platform, roughly the size of a tomb, sits in the center. For real though, I’m impressed by the room design – I wonder if they filmed this in a museum, or if they constructed the set from scratch.

Yingzi is frightened, waving a horn that is meant to ward off evil spirits. It turns out the object of her fear is simply a scary mural on the wall. Bayi points his flashlight at a corner of the mural and says the man depicted in the art must be the person buried in the tomb. The mural shows a battle scene, then of victory. Bayi hypothesizes the tomb owner to be a general.


The group walks into an adjoining room, where the owners’ possessions lay, as if they were being buried with the owner as well. The things aren’t particularly valuable, like old spears and pots. The skeleton of the man’s warrior horse also is there.

They walk back to the first room to look for the tomb. Bayi finds a suspicious protruding square in the wall. Pangzi pushes it in without hesitation, not thinking of possible consequences. But nothing happens. Pangzi then finds an identical square on another wall of the room, and pushes it in again. Omigosh he gives them basically no time to prepare for traps!


Suddenly the room begins shaking and darts of supernatural blue energy begin flying towards the group. “Get down!” Bayi shouts, and everyone flattens their bodies to the ground. Thankfully, they’re safe.

They decide to get out of the tunnel, since the operation is getting riskier. But just as they exit the room, the elevated platform opens to reveal a tomb within. Pangzi is excited and is about to open the tomb when Bayi tells him not to move. He gets out his compass and holds it in front of the tomb. He then moves where the compass points to, and lights a candle there. He says it’s a tradition for tomb diggers to light a candle before opening the tomb. If the flame goes out, it’s a sign to stop. But the flame continues to burn, so Bayi decides it’s okay to investigate the tomb now.


They open the lid and Pangzi finds two jade pieces buried with the owner. However, as he shows Bayi his discovery, the candle’s flame is extinguished. Bayi is stern and tells him to put the jade pieces back into the tomb. Pangzi is angry and refuses to do so – “You should buy better candles” lol. Finally, they reach a compromise – he has to put one jade back, and they might be able to keep the other one if Bayi lights the candle again and it doesn’t go out. Indeed, the flame stays, so they assume they’re good to go.

So they start leaving and the candle flame turns green. Just then a hand reaches out from the tomb.

Image result for scared pepe meme

The tomb lid goes flying towards the entrance of the room, sealing the only way to get above ground again. Okay, this isn’t good. A gruesome creature emerges from the tomb. Pangzi is instantly regretful of taking the jade, and pleads Bayi to tell the creature that they’re sorry. Bayi says it’s not human, how could it understand their language?

Anyway, they start attacking the giant but it is unfazed by sword, spear and gun. There’s a momentary pause when Bayi stuffs the evil-spirit-warding horn in the giant’s mouth, and they think it’s dead… but it only becomes more enraged.


A chase follows, and when the monster thrusts aside the spear Bayi aims at him, momentum causes the weapon to spring backward into the wall, revealing a secret passageway. The group wastes no time escaping through the route, bolting a heavy metal door to prevent the giant from coming in. They face a convoluted maze of rooms, but there’s a map there to conveniently help them.

Turns out they’ve happened across a Japanese underground storage space. The Japanese used this space during the war, but evacuated after they lost. The group goes to the electric room and turn on the lights. They also stock up on weapons.


Chen Qiao En finally sho– just kidding. She still has not appeared.

Fun fact: Jin Dong’s voice is not dubbed, but Chen Qiao En’s is. I guess it’s because she has a Taiwanese accent and this is a Chinese drama?


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