Candle in the Tomb Episode 4 Recap

screenshot-145Will the group successfully escape the tunnel? Read on to find out. 

The group stocks up on weapons like guns, bombs and ammunition in the abandoned storage room. However, they can’t be too giddy about their findings, since the giant is still knocking on the bolted door, trying to get in. They decide to continue finding a way out. Derp. Wasn’t there a map? Shouldn’t they know how to get out?

They come across a clearing, except it’s not an exit like they hoped for. Instead, there’s a hole in the ceiling that casts light into the room. Bayi is mysteriously pushed forward, and he asks who pushed him. Except, Yingzi and Pangzi are both innocent. He is reminded of when Yingzi said earlier that she saw a little kid walking in the tunnel.


Bayi smells blood and when he points a flashlight to the cave ceiling… bats cover the entire surface. The creatures swoop down and attack the group, and they shoot their guns in defense. Pangzi and Yingzi run out of bullets first, so Bayi tells them to hide in a nearby corner while he continues fighting them off. Pangzi decides to be oh so helpful and throws a bomb at the bats. While Bayi is still there. Can his character get any more unlikable? Anyway, Bayi is warned at the last second and runs to the place where Pangzi and Yingzi hide.

Thankfully the bomb is defective, saving Bayi’s life. But he thinks quick on his feet and throws his working bomb at the bats. They are safe for now, but at a great expense — most of their ammunition has been used.  Yingzi also finds a mysterious, small handprint on the back of Bayi’s coat. The group wonders if it belongs to the small kid Yingzi saw earlier. Just then, Pangzi also glimpses an apparition walking in the hallway – he is now as scared as Yingzi and believes her.


In the midst of the finding their way out, the group comes across yet another bolted room. Bayi can’t read the Japanese on the door that identifies the room, but he does have military experience and can tell that the bolts on the entrance are secured such that it must be protecting some valuable things inside. Pangzi lights up at this inference, thinking of treasures. Bayi is less optimistic, saying they ought to prioritize survival first and find an exit to the tunnel. Pangzi then says that there might be an exit inside.

Alas, Bayi agrees to the request. They enter the room, and while there aren’t monetary treasures, there’s many tombs lined in rows. Bayi wonders if this is a tomb museum. Since all the jewels appear to be stolen from the tombs, Bayi thinks the Japanese had been in a hurry to take the treasures from the ancient tombs before. Meanwhile Yingzi is practical (seriously she and Pangzi are like opposites) and says she’ll guard the door in case it closes.


One tomb is unlike the rest — it lies in the center of the hall, covered with cloth. Bayi unveils the tomb, and it is noticeably of higher class than the other tombs, with a painted mural on its sides. Pangzi says he doesn’t even care if there are treasures within this tomb or not, he wants to carry the entire box outside the tunnel since it’s probably worth a lot of money. Bayi says the person lying in the tomb was probably heavy on the warrior fighting, less so in terms of scholarly pursuits.

OH MY GOD. The next part I’m not going to screenshot because it’s actually very scary. But basically they open the tomb and at first they’re disappointed — no treasures. But Bayi continues to examine the tomb and he finds two children inside the tomb, apparently buried with the person. UM WHAT.

Yingzi (who has left her guard post at the door because she was too scared) wonders why the children are covered in mercury (poisonous liquid). Bayi explains the ancient messed up ritual where people were dunked in pots of mercury, and then after their deaths, covered in mercury powder. This was to mummify them and preserve their bodies against rotting.


They exit the room, and Pangzi is clearly affected by what he just saw. He and Bayi smoke (um, don’t you guys need to escape?) and Pangzi says they ought to bury the children. Yingzi agrees, so they wrap the mummified children in the cloth that covered the tomb and carry the cloth.

Meanwhile, the only opening the map showed is actually sealed up by fallen rock, so Bayi thinks they can only go back and fight the giant now. They restock their ammunition and weapons in the storage room. Bayi reminds Pangzi again their main objective is to escape, not to destroy the giant.


Yingzi realizes that she hasn’t heard knocking on the door for a while — where is the giant? Turns out he has already kicked one door down, and is hiding behind the other one. An action sequence ensues, basically the group running towards the original entrance of the cave, with Bayi acting as decoy to distract the giant. Pangzi is finally able to bomb the tomb lid that the giant threw which blocked the entrance, and he shouts to Bayi that they need to quickly escape. Unfortunately, the giant has just caught up to Bayi, and that’s where the episode ends.


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