Candle in the Tomb Episode 5 Recap


In Which Chen Xiao En Appears.

Last episode ended on a cliffhanger with the giant about to crush Bayi. In a spur of heroic magnitude Pangzi decides to turn back from the exit and save Bayi. He attacks the monster, but his efforts are in vain — he is pushed to the ground and is about to be killed. Bayi, who is still injured from the creature’s attacks, aims his gun at the mons– oh wait no he aims it at the ceiling of the tunnel. Derp. Pieces of compact mud fall, with supernatural flames following. When the flames touch the monster, it combusts. Dang, how did Bayi learn this trick.

The group flees the tunnel to avoid the spreading flames, and they are all safe. They bury the ancient children properly. Pangzi says he wants to light a flame to commemorate the dead, reaching in his pocket. Except he pulls out a jade piece instead. Bayi is instantly angry “I WAS ABOUT TO DIE FROM THE CREATURE AND YOU STILL HAD TIME TO GET THE JADE PIECE” whoa dude, that anger though. Pangzi obviously denies the charge, and Yingzi acts as witness — he didn’t take back the jade piece that he had put back into the tomb earlier. Bayi then reaches into his pocket and lo and behold there’s another jade piece there too. LOL JOKE IS ON YOU BAYI.


Yingzi deduces that some supernatural force must have intervened and allowed them to take the treasures as reward for their kindness in burying the dead. Although I’m still a little confused — whatever happened to the ghost child they saw in the hallway? Was the ghost child connected to the children buried in the tomb?

Bayi and Pangzi say goodbye to Yingzi, although she doesn’t want them to leave without saying goodbye to grandpa first. She says that was her mission all along, but Pangzi especially is in a hurry to sell the jade. Off they go… to see Golden Tooth. When they first enter his antique shop, he’s talking to the same white dude from the other day in the restaurant. He manages to sell a china vase for 2000 yuan.


Once the guy leaves, Bayi and Pangzi present Golden Tooth with the two jade pieces, which turn out to interlock to form a venn-diagram shape. Golden Tooth says he will be honest with them; it’s worth maybe 4000 yuan at most. They are disappointed with the relatively low price (considering they risked their lives to obtain treasure) but sell the jade to him anyway. Well hey, it’s got a higher price than Pangzi’s heirloom necklace.

Pangzi asks out of curiosity how much is a pot worth. Golden Tooth is excited and says china pots are extremely valuable and foreigners often buy them at high prices. Pangzi is horrified, thinking of the thousands of dollars he smashed when he was playing around with pots in the tunnel. Bayi points out that the pots they encountered weren’t made out of the same material though. Pangzi then asks about masks that the people in tombs wear, and Golden Tooth says those are even more precious. Pangzi is really regretting his decision to only take the jade right now.


Golden Tooth tells them about a new opportunity – a government-sponsored archaeological team is heading out to the tombs soon, and they need feng-shui-understanding people. One of the leaders is a Chinese-American female who is very interested in tomb digging. Her father was also an avid tomb digger, though he disappeared after embarking on a tomb digging exhibition once.

Pangzi and Bayi eat a celebratory dinner of lamb. Omigosh all this food is making me hungry. Bayi says they ought to divide the money – one lot goes to grandpa and their relatives towards establishing a power line in the area; one lot goes to Yingzi since she helped out a lot during their journey; and one lot goes to Bayi’s dead comrades’ families. Although the military families do receive financial support from the government, Bayi says it still must be difficult. Pangzi is heartened by the words and says he will give up his lot as well and give the rest to those families. Bayi comments that he has matured a lot.


Pangzi and Bayi go to see the archaelogical team for basically an interview. The interrogation is characterized by a polarizing spectrum – one of the leaders Professor Ai Guo, is acerbic and thinks they won’t be able to cope with the harsh physical obstacles that their particular mission pose, and the other leader Professor Chen is super nice and tells Bayi he respects his military experience.

During this interview Chen Qiao En sits in an adjoint room, writing notes about the upcoming mission. Bayi appears to have a crush because he keeps looking in her direction heehee.


Bayi passes the interview with flying colors because of his extensive feng shui knowledge as it pertains to tomb digging. He says how if you know the position of the stars and use the compass, you will discover the place you had been wanting to find. Professor Chen then says that they are heading towards Xinjiang, where an ancient city lies beneath a desert. They wish to use feng shui techniques to find the position of hidden tombs.



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