Candle in the Tomb Episode 6 Recap


Candle in the Tomb Episode 6 Recap

Professor Chen formally announces Bayi as feng shui expert on the team, and everyone (except Shirley, she is nowhere to be seen) claps. Pangzi says he seems to really know his stuff. Bayi whispers to him that he only knows this much lol.

Professor Ai Guo introduces his three students who will also be going on the expedition. The guy with glasses is Sa Di Peng, an archaeology student, whose hobby is to learn about aliens. The other guy is Chu Jian, who likes to climb mountains. The girl is Xiao Ye (which means Little Leaf), who says that ancient archaeology has been her dream.


Finally, Chen Qiao En appears, and Professor Chen introduces her as the sponsor of the team, a Chinese-American called Shirley Yang. She has quite the resume, being the photographer for the National Geographic as well. Bayi extends his hand out for a handshake, saying “Hello, how are you” in English. Shirley kind of cringes and replies in Chinese that they can just converse in Chinese from now on.

Pangzi is also about to shake hands with her when Shirley says coldly (but practically) that the team does not need anyone without skills going with them. Bayi says that the desert is very dangerous, and Pangzi is good at using guns. (Er, really tho? Didn’t seem like that when they explored the tunnel in the other mountain.) Pangzi agrees, and shows his jade necklace as one of his prizes after he won a battle victory.


Shirley examines the necklace and nods, consenting to let Pangzi join. She tells Pangzi and Bayi they will each receive $1000 in US dollars as compensation. If they find the ancient city ruins, they will each receive $2000.

They say goodbye, and Professor Chen and Shirley discuss the jade necklace. Apparently, it’s pretty important. Wow what a coincidence…. The jade has writing on it that Professor surmises belonged to an ancient minority group that lived in the now buried city, he calls it “ghost tunnel language”. Shirley says decoding the writing is key to uncovering the secrets of the buried city.

The team begins the journey, and on the train Professor tells Bayi they’ve changed the plan slightly and will visit Hun Lun Bing first. This pisses Bayi off, and he refuses to go. Then he goes to the hallway to smoke.


He tells Pangzi that in the 70s, he was a soldier there and he was sent to the Hun Lun Mountain opening, along with another comrade. The path was snowy, but they traversed the mountain all right, until a blue streak of light hit the windshield. They stopped the car to see what the commotion was, and it turned out to be a glowing flying blue bug.

The comrade decides to trap the bug in a jar to show the others. They go back onto the car, but it’s unable to start. Bayi tells the soldier there’s a nearby encampment, he’ll just ask the soldiers there for help. The comrade stays by the car to guard everything. But when Bayi comes back with the other soldiers, the bug has disappeared. The comrade has been burnt into the snow, and all that remains is the outline of his body in the white landscape.

Story stops here though, because Bayi notices that Shirley has been eavesdropping on their conversation. She says that the professor would like to speak with him.


The professor, Shirley, Bayi and Pangzi convene in a train cabin, where Shirley shows Bayi a picture of a bug — it is the same one he described earlier in his memory. Shirley says it’s known as the “Beatle on Fire”.

Bayi continues his story: He saw how the beetle shot through one of the soldiers and caused him to instantly combust into a giant ball of blue. Right afterwards there was a mountain avalanche caused by them shooting at the beetle, killing all the soldiers except him. Bayi looks visibly affected by the tale, years later.

Professor Chen says the avalanche was caused by an earthquake in the region (aka it wasn’t caused by them shooting the blue beetle). The earthquake also ruptured land in the Hun Lun area. Bayi is still confused why they are rerouting there, and Professor says it’s because he had an old friend (Shirley’s father) and his team that was also planning to go to Xinjiang finding ancient city ruins, but somehow also changed plans and went to the Hun Lun rupture first. Except they then disappeared.


Professor continues that they want to find an notebook inside the Hun Lun rupture that previously belonged to British adventurer Mr. Potter.

Now the question is whether Bayi wants to go or not. He ultimately acquiesces, though Pangzi is like, are you sure? Bayi says he ought not to dodge his past anymore, as a way to respect his comrades. But he tells Pangzi not to go, it’s too dangerous. Pangzi is defiant and says he will go – he wants to stay with Bayi, aw.

They arrive at the Hun Lun mountain and begin the trek. It soon becomes clear that no one really knows what they’re doing, and they are just following Bayi’s footsteps. They get to the place where Bayi’s comrade died, and Bayi finds a pin that belonged to him. (Um, coincidence?) As he clutches the pin, he puts on his goggles to cover his tears.


Finally, they arrive at the Hun Lun rupture.


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    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      I think it probably would be a lot of money. $1000 USD is ~7000 yuan.

      In the 1970s (when this drama is set), the average annual income for an individual living in Huaxi (albeit that’s a different region…) was less than 100 yuan, according to “Rediscovering China: Dynamics and Dilemmas of Reform” by Cheng Li.

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