Candle in the Tomb Episode 7 Recap


apparently these two become engaged but so far they seem to hate each other

Candle in the Tomb Episode 7 Recap

The archaeological team arrives at the edge of the rupture, and in order to descend, they must use ropes to propel downwards. It actually looks really scary, but it seems like the actors really do descend the wall and do not use body doubles. Only Xiao Ye and Liu stay behind, due to physical limitations / the team needs people to stay behind just in case something goes wrong.

Pangzi is scared of heights and even slips while navigating the slopes, though he is thankfully able to regain footing. Bayi notices that Shirley seems to be alright while descending,  as if she received professional training for it. They successfully reach the ground floor, but they notice a dead body, frozen over. Shirley says the man was probably one of her father’s team members on their expedition.


The body has not deteriorated much – perhaps the cold acted as a preserving force. The dead man carries a gun, which Shirley takes and expertly checks if there are bullets inside (she must have had prior experience handling weapons). She then takes the gun.

Headquarters sends a signal to Xiao Ye and Liu. They’re so excited lol (i ship them <3) and respond happily that they have received the message. They later receive another message that a storm is approaching in three hours, the entire team needs to evacuate within that timeframe. Xiao Ye and Liu are like, oh shit, because now they have to notify the team, but they don’t know if they can traverse the gap.


the show probably won’t introduce a loveline for these two BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE

Meanwhile, the rest of the team continues walking through the rupture, which eventually leads into a cave. They reach the cave’s lake (so pretty) and there’s a moment of panic when Shirley disappears. But she calmly walks into sight a minute later, saying she went to get a good camera angle of the lake elsewhere (she’s a photographer for the National Geographic). Pangzi says to Bayi that she really seems more American than Chinese, lol why – is it because she’s so bold?

Bayi and Pangzi test the depths of the lake using a ice pick, but their attention is diverted when the team notices strange words on the cave ceiling. Professor Chen asks to see Pangzi’s jade necklace again, and confirms the writing as the same language – ghost tunnel language. Some members stay behind to record the characters in their notebooks / take pictures, while the rest attempt to cross the lake.


There’s a cut to Xiao Ye and Liu looking increasingly worried as they receive another message from headquarters that the entire team has one hour to evacuate the area.

As the team crosses the lake, Bayi tells Shirley he knows she has her own purpose of embarking on the mission with them, but please keep in mind the interest of all and stay safe. Pangzi comments how warm the water is, it’s quite pleasant, and Bayi is more worried. Since the water is so warm for them, it means other creatures will think the temperature is all right as well and thrive in the lake. Indeed, we see there is a corpse in the lake (no one in the team notices).


Passing the lake safely, the group comes across another potential obstacle — Professor Chen calls it the Nine Layer Ghost Pagoda. According to legend it is a large grave, and indeed there are supernaturally lit up corpses lining the pagoda’s floors. Bayi tells everyone to turn off their headlights and to be quiet, as not to wake up the blue fire bugs. He knows they are on the pagoda, which shines with a blue glow, but the bugs are sleeping.

The professors and their students decide to focus on the archaeological dig near the pagoda. They investigate the corpses that line the trench, trying to figure out their identities and time period they came from. Meanwhile the ever daring Shirley decides to enter the pagoda. Bayi doesn’t trust her to go alone, so he tags along.


One of the students falls and makes a big noise, waking up the blue bugs. Shit. As everyone holds their breaths, the bugs fade in color once more. Whew. Just then Pangzi happens to find Mr. Potter’s notebook in a bag – he was actually trying to find valuable treasures lol. Shirley sees this and suddenly turns really intense — “GIVE THE BAG TO ME”. Pangzi doesn’t want to, and then she points a gun at him. O.O


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