Candle in the Tomb Episode 8 Recap


Last day of 2016, guys. It’s been quite the year. My late Christmas gift to you all is two (edit: just one sorry :P) Candle in the Tomb recaps.

Candle in the Tomb Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with the confrontation between Pangzi and Shirley. She points the gun at him, asking for the bag. And oops, sorry for the mistake last time — it wasn’t Mr. Potter’s notebook he found, it actually belongs to Shirley’s father.

Bayi intervenes, telling Shirley to lower her gun — the sound of any potential bullets could awaken a mass of blue bugs. He hands the bag to her, and she reads the notebook her father left behind. Particularly of interest is a photo of a city.


One of the team members takes a photo at this moment, flash on, oh whyyyyyyyy. He’s like “oops” and then the pagoda lights up in blue – the bugs have awaken from the intense camera light.

Bayi shouts “RUN!” and everyone takes off, dropping the more insignificant belongings to escape faster, like light sources. Maybe it’s actually a good thing that they begin exiting the tunnel now, since the snow storm is arriving soon.

Arriving to the cave lake, Shirley hesitates to go in – “The notebook can’t get wet!”. Bayi throws the bag to the other side of the lake as an easy solution, and the two jump in the lake while holding hands. Hehehe OTP in the making.


The team submerge their bodies in the cave lake, and a curious thing happens – upon touching the water surface, the blue bugs fade in color and die. Oh interesting. Similar to how fire can be extinguished by water, I suppose the fiery bugs can be as well.

Everyone is safe, except one of the soldiers that accompanied the team. His leg is injured in an attempt to protect Professor Ai Guo. Bayi examines the injury, but his attention is diverted by a peculiar shift in wind.

The water surface stirs, and an impressively animated creature emerges. Ah, so this was this was the source of the skeletons in the lake. Professor Chen recognizes the creature as something that should technically be extinct. Well lol I guess it’s not.


Bayi tells everyone to leave, and in the midst of their escape, the creature sticks out a very long tongue, which wraps around the leg of one of the other soldiers that accompanied the team (aka the non-injured one). He cries out “Leader please save me!” and Bayi, perhaps remembering the time he was unable to save his comrade, pulls the soldier out of the creature’s clutches.

He tells the non-injured soldier to quickly escape with injured soldier. Although non-injured soldier wishes to express loyalty by staying by Bayi’s side to fight the creature, his orders are stern and ultimately the soldier acquiesces to his demands.

Bayi and Pangzi stay behind to fight the creature. They shoot the creature multiple times, and when it descends into the waters, they remember that this sound will wake up the blue bugs. Uh oh.

Pangzi asks Bayi if they are in trouble, and Bayi replies with a very clever phrase “是福不是祸是祸躲不过”. A rough translation: If it is a blessing then there is no problem; if there is a problem there is no way to avoid it.


They keep shooting, but the blue bugs come in endless waves. Once their bullets run out, they run for it. Eventually they catch up to Shirley, who has been waiting for them at the edge of the ice wall, ready to climb back up to their fort.

The blue bugs come once again though, so Bayi pulls out a bomb. He holds it for a long time in his hand after activating it, since he needs it to explode in air. He then throws it, while Shirley uses expert shooting to hasten its explosion time right when it reaches the mass of bugs.

While ascending the wall, Professor Chen’s ropes are somehow loosened by the snow storm and he begins to fall. The soldier next to him (the same one saved by Bayi earlier) unhooks his own rope and hooks it onto Professor’s belt. He then falls to the bottom of the ice wall.


Just then another group of bugs swarm towards him. Oh no. The soldier has a look of determination as he tells Bayi to bring everyone to safety. He activates a bomb in his hand while the bugs fly to him. Essentially, he acted as a sacrifice 😦 Bayi and Shirley look stricken, but they continue to traverse the wall.

Shirley realizes her bag is missing so she starts to descend again. Bayi is like “What are you doing?!” but she ignores him. She finds the bag and clutches it to her chest as yet another group of blue bugs start towards her. Except strangely, they don’t attack her. They simply circle around her a while and then leave. Hm, perhaps something in the bag is bug-repellent?


She and Bayi climb up safely, and everyone besides the sacrificing soldier manages to as well. They quickly leave the area as an avalanche buries the canyon.

On the way back, Shirley discusses her plans for the desert expedition with Bayi and Pangzi. It all seems too sudden, especially after such a dangerous trip, but she is pressed for time. She says that according to the notebook, they can only uncover the ancient city when it is windy season (which is now) and she is afraid that if they delay the trip it will be too late.

Bayi says that paper knowledge is not the same as actual experience – they will need someone familiar with the sand dunes to help them navigate. She agrees. Pangzi adds that they need a lot more gunpowder, alluding to the dangerous mission they just barely passed.


They arrive at the outskirts of the desert in a small town. They are welcomed by one of the town’s officers Xiao Zhao. Bayi asks if there are any desert experts, and Shirley interrupts saying they want the best desert expert to help lead their team.

Xiao Zhao says there is one man An Li Man (in their local language it means “the living map of the desert”), but he is very difficult to find despite the town being quite small. Xiao Zhao recommends they go to the local bureau to see if they know anything about his whereabouts.

The bureau tells them that 1) since it’s windy season it’s very unsafe to go exploring in the desert, and 2) An Li Man is currently locked up in their cell because he illegally led a group of foreigners into the desert as their tour guide.


2 thoughts on “Candle in the Tomb Episode 8 Recap

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Ooooooh is that the same book that the drama “The Lost Tomb” staring Li Yifeng was based off of? Nice!

      I haven’t actually read any Chinese novels, maybe I should sometime. Any recommendations?



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