new site, plz support

hi everyone~

I just made another blog except it’s not wordpress. It’s on blogger because that way I can have Disqus comments (yaaaay, boo wordpress).

It is called weibofam. The blog will focus on translations of C-netizen comments. Think of it like the Chinese entertainment version of Netizenbuzz or Pannchoa or Kkuljaem.

ofc I’m not deleting this blog (my haRD WORK) and I’ll still occasionally post news and maybe recaps, but this new site will just be more gossip-oriented


^____________^ coffeenlucia

ps i go by “justlikett” on the new site, but you can still call me coffeenlucia


8 thoughts on “new site, plz support

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Haha sorry >.<" I've been so busy with school lately… I often do these types of things on a whim (like starting recaps and then dropping series oops) lol.

      Thanks for all the support xoxo

      I will be back soon hopefully updating this blog. Probably towards the end of the week. It's midterm season for me rn 😛



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