A Nail Clipper Romance releases teaser

Upcoming Chinese movie A Nail Clipper Romance 指甲刀人魔 released a teaser featuring a dynamic, opposites-attract romance.

The film stars Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang and Mainland actress Zhou Dongyu as the lead couple.

The plot follows Ah Cheng (Joseph Chang), a man living in Hawaii who was originally innocent and kind, but becomes suspicious of love after his ex-girlfriend cheats on him. He develops trust issues, but at this time he meets Jia Yi (Zhou Dongyu), a lively and quirky girl. This encounter leads him to experience the good of love once again. This period of romance is short-lived, however, when Ah Cheng finds out by accident one day that Jia Yi is a nail clipper demon. (Um.) She is a special human species that can eat only nail clippers, which surprises and confuses Ah Cheng. Can he believe her? How far can trust go in a relationship?

Jason Kwan, a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Cinematography nominee for his movie Cold War 2, directs the film.

A Nail Clipper Romance premieres April 14.



5 thoughts on “A Nail Clipper Romance releases teaser

    1. coffeenlucia Post author

      Lol I know right… it’s not even the nail clippings, it’s the nail clippers that the female lead is supposedly eating o.o”


        1. coffeenlucia Post author

          lol… I’m worried for her teeth though 😛

          Though either way… who would have thought of that? Nail clippers?

          Looks like the romance is going to be quite nail-biting xD



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