Wu Qian to star alongside Tao in Chinese drama

Wu Qian and Tao will lead an upcoming Chinese drama Brightest Star in the Night Sky. The show will be directed by Liu Yi Zhi.

According to a Weibo post, the plot follows Yang Zhen (Wu Qian), a girl who loves music but has limited talent in that field (I totally understand, story of my life). After she loses a music competition, she enters the entertainment industry and meets the bossy (but inwardly harboring many scars) CEO Zheng Bo Xun (Tao). At first the two disagree with each other, but eventually they fall in love, amidst family tensions. This is a story about pursuing dreams.

Lol. It’s such an average-sounding plot, but whatever. Since Wu Qian is in the show, I’m definitely watching.

I wonder if Wu Qian likes EXO a lot, lol.

I mean, her projects include the upcoming movie Catman, starring Sehun, upcoming drama Fighter of the Destiny, starring Luhan, and now upcoming drama Brightest Star in the Night Sky with Tao.

Now she just needs to collaborate with Kris.

Brightest Star in the Night Sky (夜空中最闪亮的星) begins filming in June 2017.


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2 Responses to Wu Qian to star alongside Tao in Chinese drama

  1. I am very curious about the Sehun movie and this drama. I genuinely wonder if these boys will be able to act well. I have enjoyed this actress in the past and will have to check this out whenever it comes out…


  2. I love Wu Qian! Wow I didn’t know she will be in so many dramas/movies with EXO members!


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