170211 NCT 127 iQiyi interview translation

I’ve translated most of their interview. OK WHY DID I EVEN TRANSLATE THIS IT TOOK ME SUCH A LONG TIME


All: 1, 2, 3! To the world, we are NCT! Hi everyone, we are NCT 127.

Do Young: Hi everyone, I’m Do Young. My favorite song on the album is the title song Limitless.

Yuta: I like Back 2 U. I like this song because there are more parts where I sing. (LOL) I hope everyone can listen to my voice.

Jaehyun: When I perform on stage, I really like Good Thing. Originally I liked the song, but now because of when I dance to the song, I am able to feel better, that’s why I like Good Thing.

Mark: I like Heartbreaker the most on the album. I really like it, it’s my wake-up alarm.

Johnny: (He says this part in Chinese^^) Out of our songs, my favorite is Back 2 U because it has the 90s feeling. Very good, people should listen to it. Thank you guys.

Haechan: I especially like Baby Don’t Like It. Taeyong hyung and Mark hyung’s rap is really great.

Taeyong: I still like Kenzie’s work Limitless. The lyrics are really great.

Win Win: In our album my favorite song is Limitless because this song’s style is very different, very new, and I really like this type of feeling. So I recommend people to listen to Limitless, thank you.

Taeil: I like Angel the most. Angel is about a man who falls in love at first sight, it’s a very sweet song, I hope people can like the song.

Win Win: We’re really grateful for everyone’s support that we can receive a good score, thanks to everyone’s support and faith. In the future we will work even harder to become an even better NCT 127, thank you everyone.

Do Young: In the Rough version of the MV, we tried to convey an air of freedom. In the lyrics for Limitless “Change this heavy world completely | Look at us being free”, this phrase fits the song well. We are trying our best to convey this spirit of freedom.

Jaehyun: In the performance version of the MV, where dancing is the focus, our outfits are either red or blue. [ok idk how to translate this part; too deep]

Taeyong: After Do Young and Johnny joined, our team’s spirit has become even better. Our group is more lively and more mature, and through this time’s activities we are more cohesive of a group.

Jaehyun: The most important part is that our average height in the group increased.

Q: How did Johnny and Yuta perform at ISAC? Who usually likes exercising more?

Johnny: Tbh a few days before the competition we wanted to practice, but because of the timeframe of the activity, there wasn’t time. So before the competition we just practiced the position for a running start, to find the feeling for it and practiced a bit. I wasn’t able to practice a lot.

Yuta: I think the most important thing was the fans’ response. Although the result was that I was eliminated in the first round, but this process remains in my memory. I feel very happy. From now on I will show an even better me to everyone. This time out of six people I got fourth place, next time I will try for third place, I will try hard.

Johnny: I got fifth place out of six, because one of them fell so I got fifth. Next time I’ll let everyone see my progress.

Taeyong: Tae-il hyung once told me he feels different on the days he does sit-ups vs. the days he doesn’t.

Tae-il: Yeah, for me sit-ups are life’s vitality.

Johnny: It’s not really a sport, but Taeyong and Yuta like these exercise TV activities (I’m assuming he’s referring to ISAC). I also like it.

Yuta: The whole group all like it.

Johnny: Mark also likes it.

Mark: Yes.

Yuta: Everyone in the group likes basketball.

Johnny: Taeyong doesn’t really like (soccer?)

Mark: Win Win as well.

Taeyong: I like games more than sports.

Yuta: That’s right; some of us like sports and some like games.

Do Young: I like resting.

Q: What is the origin of Taeyong’s composing spirit? Also talk about on-stage vs. real life personality.

Taeyong: The spirit of composing I haven’t really thought of before. When I feel stressed I think about a lot more things. Everyone is affected by stress, not just us, but everyone lives with stress. When I’m feeling stressed I want to see how average people try hard to find 5:47 [idk this word]

Do Young: So your ability to write good lyrics is partially because of us, right (omg) We give you a lot of stress

Johnny: When we’re walking just like this *he demonstrates* suddenly he’ll be like “Johnny-ya–”

Yuta: “Johnny-ya Yuta-ya have you guys eaten yet?” This is Taeyong’s charisma.

Johnny: Taeyong has a lot of charisma.

Q: How did Do Young’s birthday go this year? Do Johnny and Jaehyun have any birthday wishes?

Do Young: At 12am on my birthday the members came to my room with a birthday cake to celebrate, my mood was really good. Haechan and Taeyong gave me gifts, Mark too, I felt very grateful for that. I was in a good mood that day. Not long afterwards we will also celebrate a birthday meeting with the fans. I look forward to it, it will be a happy birthday.

Johnny: My birthday is February 9. I didn’t do much. I ate with the members yummy food. If I have the chance I want to meet with fans. As long as we can spend the day together that will be good, because it is a special day.

Jaehyun: My birthday is February 14

Mark: Wait what day? (lol)

Jaehyun: 14th!! On my birthday, if I can, I want to go somewhere with the members. This is my wish.

Q: Who is Mark’s favorite rapper?

Mark: I like Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. In terms of song lyrics or generally, he’s very cool. I really respect him and enjoy listening to his songs.

Q: How is Do Young’s makeup applying skills?

Do Young: I think I’m pretty good at it.

Johnny: Out of us he’s the best

Do Young: That’s a fact.

Mark: It’s really something to be proud of

Jaehyun: We think Do Young’s the best at it

Do Young: Although I’m good at it, it’s not good enough to apply makeup for the other members. That job is still better for more experienced stylists.

Johnny: When we’re on break please apply our makeup once.

Do Young: If necessary I can prepare anytime.

Q: Taeil was a MC for a show once, how did you think you did?

Taeil: They love to play around and helped me a lot so it was interesting and relaxing. It was very interesting

Mark: Because you MCed well

Haechan: An artist I respect is Michael Jackson. Recently I’ve listened to Michael Jackson’s Human Nature

Q: What Korean words has Win Win learned recently? Out of the members who has the best Chinese?

Win Win: This morning I just finished watching Goblin’s last episode. A person in Goblin said “When I saw you, you are the most important happiness in my life”

Members: 好的好的 (LOLOLOL)

Win Win: In NCT every member’s Chinese is good.

Johnny: Oh really? (Dang he really understands Chinese)

Win Win: Johnny’s Chinese is the best, but every member knows how to speak Chinese.

Interviewer: What about second?

Win Win: *doesn’t want to choose*

Win Win: All of them are pretty good …

Members: *starts speaking random Chinese*

Win Win: Jaehyun

Q: How does it feel to win so many newcomer awards in 2016? New Years wishes?

Win Win: We’re really grateful you guys helped us win these newcomer awards. Without you it would not be possible. In the future NCT 127 will have even better showings to repay you. Please continue to look forward to us.

I hope in 2017 we can meet more Chinese fans. I hope people continue to look forward to us. I hope that NCT 127 can let more people like us, know us, and we will become even better.

Taeyong: Really thankful for everyone’s support. We will bring even better music and dance and performance and work hard.


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