Produce 101 S2 Group Performances Ep. 6


This post will be updated as MNET uploads the rest of the group performances.

Styling is on point for Lee Dae Hwi here. At 0:40, one can witness the Ji Hoon effect — his wink is infecting the trainees. Jung Se Woon is so adorable, ahh. Everyone did individually well, but it didn’t feel like a cohesive performance. The dance inserts helped tie up the performance nicely though. Also I don’t like this remix.

Lai Guan Lin is beautiful, but his weak grasp of the Korean language is especially apparent when he’s rapping. His flow isn’t bad. Jonghyun’s rap had a lot of emotion, but I didn’t like how forced the aggressiveness of the rap sounded. Moonbok probably actually had the best flow out of them. The other dude (Taemin?) sounds like AOA’s Jimin. This performance also didn’t sound cohesive because each has such a different rapping style.

Solid performance. One of them better make the final lineup so there’s at least one main vocal in the group, lol.

I’m meh about the bandanna prop. Also this is an awful remix.

idk if it’s because the song is better than the Shape of You remix, but this group was more entertaining. Hwan Woong is the standout here. Also how many of them bboy, lol.

By far the most underwhelming performance in this episode that I’ve seen so far. Then again this song was pretty shitty in the first place so only Zico could probably make it sound decent. Also I’m sorry, but I could probably rap better than Dong Bin.


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