Upcoming Cdrama: An Oriental Odyssey

ASDFJKL; I was scrolling through Wu Qian’s weibo and saw these stills, and somehow I thought she was second lead again… but lo and behold she is playing the main role!!

Main. Role.

Wu Qian will play the main role in upcoming Chinese drama An Oriental Odyssey 盛唐幻夜, otherwise known as The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang.

The plot follows a magician who died and left behind a string of nine pearls, each representing a family’s magic spells. Two of his disciples Tian Shu and Tian Qiao try to seize the pearls but in the process of doing so, cause a fire in a temple, resulting in many casualties. The pearls are scattered. Tian Qiao somehow gains recognition and the status of a master, while Tian Shu is blamed for trying to steal the pearls and is branded a criminal. Nineteen years later…

Ye Yuan An (Wu Qian), the daughter of an official, loves investigating mysteries. Her biggest rival? OF COURSE HE’S A LOVE INTEREST. His name is Zhao Lan Zhi (Zhang Yu Jian), a police officer who’s cold but handsome at the same time.

BUT WAIT, she’s got another love interest. Out of pity, Yuan An buys a slave off the ghost city (? idk about this translation) who has lost his memory. He’s called Mu Le (Zheng Ye Cheng). He is really loyal to Yuan An and falls in love with her. These three investigate the pearl scenario, and meanwhile Mu Le regains his memory…

The drama started filming on March 18, according to Baidu Baike, and is set to air in 2018. The drama will be directed by Chou Hsiao Peng, who also directed Because of You, which achieved relatively high viewership ratings within China (3%).

Also she looks absolutely fantastic.


wow moonbok you’ve got competition


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Cdrama: An Oriental Odyssey

  1. kumaxell July 22, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    I was super excited for this drama because of Wu Qian and Zheng Ye Cheng. But reading that the director of Because of You is attached to it really gave me a major pause (That drama is horrid. I really don’t see the appeal.) But nonetheless, I will still watch it and pray that the writing is good.

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    • coffeenlucia July 22, 2017 / 11:44 pm

      If anything Wu Qian is really good at creating chemistry with her co-stars so even if the writing / directing for the drama is subpar, I’ll probably still watch (or fast forward) for OTP moments lol.

      What was so bad about Because of You? I’m not too familiar with the drama.


      • kumaxell July 25, 2017 / 6:19 pm

        Their whole premise: The young daughter from a prominent family was struck by a car and lost her memory. The perp, instead of leaving her where she was, took her with them while they went on the run. Years later, the daughter grew up in the perp’s family as their adoptive daughter. While her adoptive sister went on to college and work for her mother, she was shunned for lack of education by her own mother. When the adoptive sister discovered her connection to her mother, the sister did every she could to prevent them from reuniting. And this plot devise goes on and on and on. I understand this is a story about a girl who overcame many obstacles and finally found success in work, love, and family, but still, the endless supplies of backstabbing, selfish characters and their enablers turned me off.


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