Iconic Produce 101 Season 2 Quotes


“Harry Pote” – Daniel

“Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang” – Jihoon

Apparently the gesture originated from the anime Shugo Chara. I haven’t watched that anime but I’m now interested!

+ his embarassment


“I really wanna be a swaggy rapper” – Guanlin

honorable mention: his rap in Fear

Whether it’s the future or whether it’s the past / I’m gonna show you my life is never bad / I’m not a character like Mario I’m just me / I didn’t even know the ABCDEFGs / I just wanted to do it, so I came to Korea / But while living here, so much stress / At the same time / So tell me what should I / What should I do uh / I wanna be a rapper / I wanna learn poppin / I wanna eat good things / I wanna sleep in / I wanna do well on shows / I wanna listen to MGK / I wanna see my parents / But I’m so busy I gotta focus on my work / Like a real man / Always the most important time is now / Everyday’s an exam, my possibility unlimited / I’mma pay you back when I make it big, just wait

translation cr: FullMoOnPiano

“Very, daebak, real, heol” – Ong

“Oh my god” – Samuel

Also P101 S2 contestants coined some legendary moments………..

The Slate by Ong

ft. his biggest fanboy Guanlin lol

The Clap by Jisung


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