Guanlin moments compilation


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Random thoughts…

So for Wanna One’s new reality show Wanna Go, Guanlin and Jihoon were paired up to spend a day together. And they called themselves the “LaJi” couple (Lai Guanlin and Jihoon). Laji means trash in Chinese lmao.

Also I’m kind of confused — in the first episode of the reality show Guanlin says he wants to be roommates with Jihoon because during Produce 101 when they were roomies they didn’t have conflicts with each other. They were roomies? I thought they were never on the same team though?

Also I love that their new room consists of Guanlin, Jihoon, Woojin, Minhyun, and Jaehwan. ^________^

// wanna one

(*) inisfree

(*) teaser for debut song; “I don’t really know man, let’s pick it together”

(*) yo-hi ad

// p101 s2

(*) his dance cover of Troublemaker with Seonho

(*) audition with Seonho

(*) mystery box

(*) naruto; “I really wanna be a swaggy rapper”

(*) he tries to make a meringue

(*) his reaction to the ghost prank

(*) his family visits him

(*) he shares his mic with Dongho

(*) eye contact, “gg”

(*) arm wrestling; Dongho takes revenge for Guanlin

(*) epic dance battle

(*) jihoon kisses him + last episode moments

(*) debut speech as 7th member

(*) dolphin laugh

// p101 s2 performances

(*) fear // (*) focus

(*) never // (*) focus

(*) boy in luv // (*) focus

(*) super hot


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