Sing China Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Image result for 中国新歌声2》第2期: 周杰伦科普嘻哈术语帮陈奕迅抢人 Eason客串学员演唱《十年

Why is the episode 1 hr 40 min. long…

20-year-old Zhang Mei Yi 张美仪 from Hong Kong sings 想和你去吹吹风. Is it just me or are her notes not very stable? The high notes also seem like a bit of a reach, but at least she’s got nice stage presence. None of the judges turn. Na Ying says she’s pushing her vocals from the higher portion of her body, when she will probably sound better if her vocals are produced in the lower region instead. I agree, some of her notes seemed kinda nasally.

Next are two students from Shanghai, 21-year-old Fei Lin and 17-year-old Yue Yang. This also sounds kinda meh, but it’s better than the first performance. I think the song choice was smart, and even has a rap portion that showcases their rap skills (which aren’t bad at all). None of the judges turn. Jay says it sounds pretty good and compliments their cute rap. Eason says he wished he could hear the notes a bit more clearly, but says he still encourages them.

Holy okay the next two competitors are a duet, one of them (Tang Bo Hu) is from America but speaks Chinese really well, and the other (Ju Hong Chuan) is from Xinjiang (sidenote: I am absolutely in love with Xinjiang’s cuisine). Omg they’re so cute: before their performance, they get to say a few words to the camera, and the girl says “I’m so scared” and the guy says “Don’t worry, just look at my eyes, there won’t be any problem”. They sing 我要你. Holy the guy’s voice. Omg they’re so good but how come only Liu Huan turned?? The judges compliment their vocal control. Jay asks if they’re a couple, and they say no… but then they both say they’re not dating anyone at the moment. xD

Next is 23-year-old Hu Si Mo from Hubei Wuhan. He sings 三月. AHH these performances just keep getting better and better!! His high notes are so clear, and his singing is quite emotional. At the last moment Eason and Liu Huan turn. THANK YOU because otherwise I would have been like wtf a huge talent was just passed by. The judges compliment his high vocal range. I’m predicting right now that this dude will be popular among C-netizens because he’s kind of cute lol. He chooses Liu Huan, despite Eason really trying to get him on his team HAHA.

Next is 26-year-old Yue Xiao Yue from Guangdong. She was originally a nurse. Her introduction video makes her seem like this very modest and shy girl, but lo and behold she’s actually a rapper and it’s almost like she’s a different person when she raps. “When I rap, I don’t need to say any other bullshit.” YAS QUEEN, I like her already. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of her rap flow. Eason turns. And at the last moment, Na Ying does too. Jay says “A nurse should go to the team of the doctor” (doctor sounds like ‘Eason’ in Chinese) lol. She chooses Eason as her teacher.

Next is 30-year-old Zha Xi Ping Zuo from Tibet. He is a schoolteacher, primarily teaching math, physics, and statistics. He sings 一面湖水. He has really good vocal control. Holy the middle part of the song where he sings in Tibetan is absolutely gorgeous. Wow out of nowhere he busts out this rap, which is alright. Na Ying, Jay Chou, and Liu Huan turn. Liu Huan praises how many genres his song seemed to have. Jay says he ought to sing mathematical equations for his students so that they will be able to concentrate, wow Jay. He chooses Liu Huan as his teacher.

Remember Wang Zi Rui, the acapella singer on Na Ying’s team last year? Well, now her acapella teammate has also come to compete on the show, 22-year-old Yu Zi Bei. She sings 模特. This jazzy rendition of Li Rong Hao’s song is lovely. Idk I feel like it’s just missing a bit of emotion to elevate the cover. Eason and Na Ying turn. She chooses Eason. Wow that’s unexpected; I honestly thought she’d choose Na Ying since Wang Zi Rui was on Na Ying’s team.

Next is 33-year-old Zi Zi from Vancouver, Canada, born in China. She sings Careless Whisper. Her cover is replete with emotion. She’s got nice powerhouse vocals. Liu Huan and Na Ying turn. Jay asks why Eason didn’t turn, and he said he just froze, he was so immersed in the song. Nice, Eason. Zi Zi says she’s come to this stage to come back to her roots, as she immigrated to Canada at the age of 14. She feels as if she has lost a bit of the culture after immigrating, and wants to rediscover all this. She chooses Liu Huan. Lol I feel like no one wants to choose Na Ying because Ye Xuan Qiang is on her team.

Next is 23-year-old Wang Zhen Nuo from Taipei, Taiwan. He is an advertisement model. He sings 别说没爱过. It’s a meh cover. Na Ying turns, then Liu Huan. Eh? I feel like this is just an average cover though? Na Ying says his cover is touching. He chooses Na Ying.


So far my favorites are still Dong Zi Yan and Ye Xuan Qing, both from episode 1.

Team members

New members in bold.

Team Na Ying: Wang Zhen Nuo, Ye Xuan Qing

Team Jay Chou: Zhu Wen Ting, Dong Zi Yan

Team Eason Chan: Yu Zi BeiYue Xiao Yue, Ci Ren La Ji, Zhang Ze

Team Liu Huan: Zi ZiZha Xi Ping ZuoTang Bo Hu + Ju Hong Chuan, Hu Si Mo


Watch the full episode on Youtube here.


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